"The Truth": Censored in the UK

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Clarence Mitchell
: "... the station that broadcasts it will be sued by our lawyers."

Maddie: Prosecutors break the “silence”

Public Ministry recognises that diligences are made to check out leads that continue to arrive

by Cláudia Lima da Costa and Patrícia Pires

The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, Algarve, was archived on the 21st of June 2008. Without a reply. Almost a year later, the prosecutors who hold the process admit, for the first time, to tvi24.pt that they continue to receive “diverse information” about the case, but until now none of the leads has “resulted in a fact or circumstance” that could justify “the reopening of the inquiry”.

As the date that marks two years after the disappearance of the little British girl draws closer, tvi24.pt tried to obtain further clarification from the Public Ministry’s prosecutors who hold the process, but the magistrates state that they “have nothing further to add to what is written in the final dispatch”.

Nevertheless, they recognise that they keep receiving “diverse information” and that it “has been the target of analysis and treatment whenever they reveal a minimum of consistence or verisimilitude”. That is to say, some diligences are still being carried out in the process. The Public Ministry further stresses that “from the indications that have been received until now, no fact or circumstance has been produced that could justify the reopening of the inquiry”.

Information has been arriving not only “at the Public Ministry” but also at “criminal police forces” and they are all “analysed under the adequate jurisdiction”, tvi24.pt was informed in writing, thus breaking the silence since the process had been archived.

As an example, the Public Ministry’s prosecutors add that “even the Attorney General’s Office has received many emails, coming from England”, and they assert once more that “until now, none of them has supplied any solid lead or any piece of evidence that is worth of prompting the reopening of the process”.

Sightings and mediums

A police source confirmed to tvi24.pt that, in fact, there is still a significant amount of information about the case being sent to authorities, both in Portugal and in England. But the source explains that “a major part of that are sightings all over the world, and others are “clues” sent in by mediums”.

source: IOL Diário, 30.04.2009

Translated by astro

Madeleine McCann: Betrayed by Kate, Gerry, Philomena, John, Eileen, Susan, Brian, Trish and Sandy, not to mention the Tapas 9

Pages 2533/2534 of the Process

NUIPC: 201/07.0GALGS
Date: 03.09.2007

Service information

To: Criminal Investigation Coordinator, Lic. Gonçalo Amaral

From: Ricardo Paiva, Inspector

Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

During the course of the investigation that is ongoing within the abovementioned inquiry, the signatory has carried out several personal contacts with the couple Kate and Gerald McCann, that derive from the task that I have been assigned with, of serving as the element of communication between the Police and the McCann couple.

In this context, the signatory has observed several “strange” behaviours by the couple, who gradually reacted in a very negative manner towards the increasing investigative activity that has been carried out by this police force, especially when, as a result of the use of English cadaver odour detection dogs, the possibility of the death of Madeleine McCann became more evident within the investigation.

The McCann couple has said several times that the Police should focus on the possibility of abduction, which the couple insists was the only scenario that happened, and that the Police should not forget to continue investigating suspect Robert Murat.

Strangely, Kate McCann has also requested several times, more than 3 months after the disappearance of Madeleine, that the Police carry out tests on blood, hair and fingernails from Madeleine’s twin siblings, because as she said, she remembered that on the day that Madeleine disappeared, despite all the noise and the turmoil that were caused by the authorities and other people searching for Madeleine in apartment A5 at the Ocean Club, the twins never woke up, having been carried into another apartment, always asleep, which now caused her to presume that they were under the effect of some sedative drug, which a presumed abductor would have administered to the three children, so he could abduct Madeleine, a situation that Kate referred to as possible, because she read in a criminal investigation manual that was offered to her by the English authorities, that this had been the procedure of an abductor in a real case that involved the abduction, sexual abuse and homicide of a little girl.

Today, when the signatory visited the couple’s temporary residence in order to notify them to come to the Police station to give a statement, which they may do in the company of a lawyer, Kate McCann immediately reacted negatively, producing comments like “what are my parents going to think” and “what is the press going to say when they find out” and that “the Portuguese police are under pressure from the Government to rapidly end the investigation”.

Concerning Gerald McCann, he constantly insisted on delivering to the signatory, letters and emails that he had been receiving, most of them coming from psychics and mediums, which had been selected by himself and which mostly contained information without much credibility, about the possible whereabouts of Madeleine and her presumptuous abductor.

More recently, before Kate McCann’s interrogation, during a telephone contact from Gerald McCann to the signatory, he mentioned, concerning the investigation, that he was certain that the Police had no evidence to incriminate them in the death of Madeleine McCann, and that the Police was wasting time by directing the investigation towards the parents.

This is all that I am due to inform you about, for the purpose that you may deem as convenient.

The Inspector,

(Ricardo Paiva)
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Madeleine McCann: Crime without punishment

The former case coordinator lifts new clues that “will force the reopening of the process”

Gonçalo Amaral offers a glimpse of what is coming…

“There are things that we need to clarify. It’s important to understand the role of Mr David Payne in this story. He was on holidays with Maddie’s family when the little girl disappeared, and right on the 16th of May, an English doctor told the British authorities that on another occasion, when she and her husband were on the beachside with the McCanns and their friends, that gentleman had made obscene gestures, of a sexual nature, about the girl… That doctor also told that David liked to bathe the little girls…

Now, if he was part of the group of adults that went to check on Maddie and her siblings… he was one of the last persons to see her alive. It would be important to find out how much time he spent with the little girl doing what, but information about this lady’s statements only arrived in Portugal in October, at a time when I was not even on the case anymore.

This is one of the various important things that were ignored.

Someone pretended he didn’t know about this…”

Snippet from an article on Joana Morais

"The priests also know very well what happened that night"

Gonçalo Amaral's Madeleine McCann book now available in Dutch

FMB Publishers confirm that on may 4 and 5, Gonçalo Amaral shall be visiting the Netherlands, where he will be conducting press interviews.

The Dutch translation of his book 'A Verdade da Mentira' is now available at bol.com


Many thanks to Kazlux on Joana Morais

Leicestershire Police protect McCanns by refusing FOI requests regarding Maddie

Post by 'justlistening' on the 3 Arguidos

Well I received my reply to the questions regarding the link which were as per Tony:

1. How many questions have you received to date regarding the link to the Madeleine fund

2. Whose decision is it to keep the link there

3.On what date was that decision last reveiwed.

The reply is a cracker:

They give the usual spin re a number of law enforcement agency's having a link to the fund with the excuse being, it is there for the people who do not feel comfortable contacting the police (an alternative)

They say they are unable to provide the answer to the request for the number of complaints they have received (They do not say why)

Then the usual at the heart of this tragic case is an innocent little girl who went missing in May 2007. Our focus has and always will be, to do everything we can to assist our Portuguese Colleagues who lead the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. I would hope that you will support us in this.

I am not prepared to enter into further correspondence in relation to this matter and consider it to be closed.

In short they have not answered any of the questions, they have not followed the procedure for FOI requests by stating their reasons for refusing the information and quoting the relevant clauses within the FOI act which allows them to do so.

I am stunned at their un-professional response and await the others receiving theirs.

Source: Justlistening at the 3 arguidos:
An enquiry to Leics Police's 'Corporate Communications' Dept
Reply to FOI requests regarding Madeleine Fund Link
The volume of information collected during the McCann enquiry can be compared to a Category A murder enquiry
Emails in Maddie hunt stay a secret

Top image by Himself at The McCann Gallery (I knew it would come in useful soon!)

Sheriff confronts violence in NHS

A sheriff in the south of Scotland is making a hospital visit to highlight a zero-tolerance approach to violence and aggression towards NHS staff.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond will raise the issue at the Borders General Hospital near Melrose.

He is scheduled to meet staff and discuss the issues they face when dealing with violent patients.

His visit will take him to the sections of the hospital where attacks on workers are most prevalent.

Mr Drummond has spoken previously about his commitment to tackling such behaviour.

He has regularly told people appearing in court in the Borders that aggression towards hospital workers would be dealt with "severely".

During his hospital tour he is expected to visit the accident and emergency department, an acute assessment ward and the emergency care service.

These are the departments which unscheduled patients attend most often and where violent and aggressive incidents are most common.

Source: BBC News

Is there a zero tolerance about violence, aggression or wrong-doing by NHS staff towards patients - or even members of their own staff or family?

NHS is leaving patients to die
Glasgow bomber a 'brilliant NHS doctor'
Nurse accused of murdering 4 elderly patients
Hospital worker 'sexually assaulted female patient as she lay in a coma'
66 babies in a year left to die after NHS abortions go wrong
Leicester Royal Infirmary's deadly blunders kill former member of staff
Mass murder cover up by Jersey's version of Harold Shipman
More than 100,000 operations cancelled in a year
Shock as dead body left on NHS ward for 7 hours
Baby P
NHS Death Row
NHS Postcode Lottery

Here's a novel idea for the NHS: Get your own house in order because crimes by NHS staff towards members of the public (including babies and children) are far worse.

Not much zero tolerance going on with these two

“The politicians are the same” - Maddie & Freeport

Former investigator launches criticism in Oporto

by Manuela Teixeira

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judiciary Police head of the Maddie investigation, thinks that the Freeport process is being handled at the same “power pressure” level as the disappearance of the little English girl.

‘The politicians are the same. Take this at face value’, Gonçalo Amaral said in Oporto yesterday, during the ‘Desire’ congress.

Concerning political pressures, Gonçalo Amaral stated once more that they existed in the Maddie case. ‘There was pressure from London to archive that one, now it seems there is pressure from London not to archive the Freeport process in Portugal.’

The PJ investigator, who has retired in the mean time, even launched a challenge to the Freeport process investigators’ team. ‘The prosecutor could go and have tea with Kate McCann. Maybe she’d tell her the truth. And they might as well solve the manipulation of the forensics results’, said Gonçalo Amaral.
Article and video on Joana Morais
Comments on 3 arguidos: Maddie: Former investigator launches criticism ... (merged)

Leicester Royal Infirmary doctor David Payne's paedophile suspicions were never investigated

Reconstitution that was requested by the PJ could have clarified doubts

by Tânia Laranjo

The suspicions against medic David Payne, one of the McCanns’ English friends, who was in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, when Madeleine disappeared, were never investigated. Meanwhile, the doctor moved house and doesn’t live in the same London area anymore. He was expected to return to Praia da Luz over the last few days, to record the documentary that is being prepared in England, but he ended up cancelling the trip. It is unknown if an actor will play his part in the reconstitution that is promoted by Kate and Gerry.

“On the day that Madeleine disappeared, his behaviour was very strange. He tried to sit in during the interrogations of Kate and Gerry, and he seemed very upset”, a member of staff at the Ocean Club who assisted the searches during the first few hours told CM.

David Payne was cited in the process twice, as having strange behaviour towards children. The first case took place in the initial hours that followed the child’s disappearance, when a social services worker from England, who happened to be on holidays in Lagos, stated that she recognised Payne from a situation that she had investigated and which was related to child neglect or sexual abuse.

Later, an English couple told the police that a year before they had been on holidays with the McCanns and with the Payne couple, and that back then, the doctor had had a conversation with Gerry, which they witnessed, that indicated child abuse.

Payne used to bathe the children and since that day, that English couple, both doctors as well, prevented him from getting close to their daughter.

Payne wasn’t questioned by the police because he returned to England in the meantime.

The McCann couple then refused to take part in the reconstitution of the night when Maddie disappeared, thus making it impossible for the suspicions against Payne to be proved or dismissed. At that time, Gerry and Kate were already arguidos over the concealment of the cadaver and neglect towards their children.

source: Correio da Manhã, 27.04.2009

Translated by astro
Some discussions at the 3 arguidos:

Gonçalo Amaral: "We have new clues and very serious ones"

Gonçalo Amaral continues the searches and makes revelations

“I’ve been talking to other retired policemen, from other countries, and we’ve given the case plenty of thought. There is lots of information that has been collected, and news will be out, over the coming days. We have new clues and very serious ones.”

“Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A and her body was concealed.” With this certainty, Gonçalo Amaral closes the documentary ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie’ that was broadcast by TVI on the 13th of April.

The former coordinator of the most media exposed investigation of all times believes that the English girl, who disappeared from Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, was not abducted as her parents have always defended and further advances: “Maddie is there in the Praia da Luz area! For some reason, they’re around.”

Despite having been taken off the case in October 2007, Gonçalo Amaral continued to investigate on his own and promises to make some revelations soon: “I’ve been talking to other retired policemen, from other countries, and we’ve given the case plenty of thought. There is lots of information that has been collected, and news will be out, over the coming days. We have new clues and very serious ones.”

The production from Valentim de Carvalho Filmes, which is based on the book that was launched by Gonçalo Amaral, after he was removed from the investigation, was a success. Over two million viewers saw the documentary, which was broadcast by the Queluz station, and is now the second most viewed programme of 2009.

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector already expected the programme to be a success, but never this much. “We were expecting great impact, because it’s an issue that still touches people. They want to know the truth and they want justice. But we never expected this much”, reveals Gonçalo Amaral, who doesn’t doubt that since the 13th, the Portuguese are now better informed about Maddie’s disappearance. But according to the former inspector, it seems that not everyone watched it attentively: “The Attorney General should have realised by now that he holds a very important document that proves that there is no abduction, and all he has to do is to reopen the process.”
By Astro on Joana Morais: “Madeleine is in Praia da Luz!”
Photographs of Gonçalo Amaral courtesy of Patrícia de Melo Moreira/DN © All rights reserved

A new light on the Maddie case

Next Friday, Correio da Manha will make available to its readers (at a cost of 6,95 euros + newspaper) the DVD that reconstructs the facts investigated and which reveals unpublished images.

26 April 2009 - 00h30

Maddie Case: Traders weary with the media attention.

Two years after the disappearance, residents and traders only want to get back to normal.

“We are living an anticipated crisis. Last year things were bad, this year they are even worse. We are tired with all this, we want to know the truth, the previous events with the police left us with many doubts. The parents should clear all this up”.

The crisis provoked by the Maddie case is still extensive over the OC, The resort is practically deserted and few British people go there.

The disappearance left the resort with serious financial problems.



The OC had more than 130 employees when the girl disappeared. The resort now only has 27 workers, after the collective redundancies.

Criminal action

The sacked OC workers admit to be proceeding with a civil case against the McCanns. They are demanding that they (the McCanns) prove the abduction theory that they continue to defend.

Next Friday, Correio da Manha will make available to its readers (at a cost of 6,95 euros + newspaper) the DVD that reconstructs the facts investigated and which reveals unpublished images. A new light on the Maddie case.
Source: Correio da Manhã
Discussion at the 3 arguidos here

Madeleine McCann: The phantom of the Oprah


Sunday April 26,2009

A TEARFUL Kate McCann was comforted by chatshow host Oprah Winfrey after admitting she did not recognise her missing daughter from new pictures of how she would look today.

Spearheading a new search for Madeleine, the TV chat queen has promised the little girl’s parents that she will do anything in her power to help find the missing child, with the new appeal expected to net a worldwide audience of 1.2billion in 144 countries.

Oprah hugged Kate after an emotional hour-long interview in Chicago which will form part of a one-hour special on missing Madeleine who vanished during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, just days before her fourth birthday.

Sources close to the TV host said she was impressed by the “dignity and courage” of Kate and husband Gerry. Many in the audience were in tears as they listened to Kate describe the anguish of discovering Madeleine had been snatched from her bed at their holiday villa.

Oprah’s gentle probing about their ordeal led up to the most emotional moment of the interview when a computer-genera­ted photo, created by artists at the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia, of how Mad­eleine would look aged six was screened. Kate froze, her eyes filling with tears as she admitted she did not recognise her own daughter.

Many in the American audience admitted they did not know about the McCanns as there was little coverage of the disappearance in the United States.

Gerry was insistent that Madeleine was still alive and both parents made an appeal for their daughter to be returned.Oprah asked anyone who might know of her whereabouts to contact the McCanns through their website, findmadeleine.com
Source: Sunday Express
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NoTW 26/4: What Kate McCann told Oprah Winfrey (merged)
Sun - Kate breaks down on Oprah (merged)
Following Oprah - Has the Penny Dropped?
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Timeline of staged abduction
On the phone


weissnicht of the 3 arguidos for play on words for title

The McCann Gallery for top image

Two years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, her parents are desperately trying to keep her name and image alive

Published Date: 26 April 2009

By Jeremy Watson

THE beach is not busy, but it is healthily populated with spring sun-seekers lazing on the golden sands before the summer rush. The promenade-front bars and cafes hum with business as diners bask in the warmth of a late Algarve morning. The pretty fishing village of Praia da Luz is occupied with doing what it does best – providing holidaymakers from across Europe with a lazy vacation on one of the continent's most stunning coastlines.

Only inside the picturesque white-painted Catholic church of Nossa Senhora Da Luz, now so familiar from thousands of TV news bulletins and newspaper photographs, is there any sign that two years ago next Sunday the small community, residents and visitors alike, were hit by a cataclysmic event from which it has not yet fully recovered.

At the side of the altar is a poolside picture of Madeleine McCann, taken in the happy days before she disappeared from her resort bedroom on the evening of May 3. Lit by the reflected light flame of candles, it says simply: "Pray For Me."

On Sunday, as he did last year on the first anniversary of her disappearance, Father Haynes Q Hubbard, senior chaplain of the church where Madeleine's doctor parents Kate and Gerry McCann came to seek solace in the long weeks after their daughter went missing just 10 days before her fourth birthday, will hold a second "service of hope" in both Portuguese and English.

Haynes, understandably weary of fielding questions from journalists around the world, said last week it is the only thing he feels he can do: "We are doing it because nothing here has changed. It is two years on and Madeleine is still missing. But we should keep her memory alive."

More than 700 days since Madeleine disappeared from an apartment at the Ocean Club and from beside her sleeping younger brother and sister while her parents ate with friends in a Tapas bar just yards away, an answer to the mystery is yet to be uncovered.

This is despite one of the biggest searches for a missing child in history, involving hundreds of police and private detectives and an army of media from around the globe. No one involved in the case seems to be any wiser about what happened to Madeleine than they were in the minutes after she vanished, allegedly spirited away by an unknown abductor.

This weekend, the couple are in the US to record a one-hour special interview with Oprah Winfrey to be broadcast on May 3. Kate and Gerry will be quizzed by the US TV star in front of a live audience as part of their global campaign to keep Madeleine's name and image alive and to persuade police forces around the world to adopt more streamlined methods for issuing alerts when a young child goes missing.

Then, on May 7, Channel Four will broadcast a filmed reconstruction of the events of two years ago, in which 15 actors have been hired to play the parts of the principal characters. The crew and actors were given full access to the Mark Warner-run Ocean Club to make the film. A computer-enhanced image of what Madeleine could look like at age six has also been produced by forensic computer specialists used by the FBI to coincide with the broadcast. The angelic innocence remains along with the distinctive pigmentation stripe in her right eye that may, unfortunately, fade with age.

So, in the past two years has the McCanns' campaign on improving child safety achieved any results? And how long can such a campaign be sustained in the face of dwindling cash reserves?

In Praia da Luz, there is little open hostility to the McCanns, but feelings nevertheless run high among both the large expatriate community and local Portuguese residents who depend on tourism for a living. They feel that the media spotlight should be turned away from their village.

One English bar owner who helped in the initial search for the three-year-old girl, but did not want his name used, said: "We have to move on. Of course, everyone still has sympathy for the family; no-one is indifferent to what happened. How could you be? But we don't want Praia to be evermore associated with what happened. This was a nice and safe place before she went missing and it is a nice, safe place now.

"We all lost some business in the year after it happened and we did well to get through it. Our main problem now is the strength of the euro, so we don't really need any more negative publicity."

Images of missing Madeleine are now hard to find in the town. "There are a couple of billboards out at the moment linked with the TV reconstruction, but that's about it."

One sited on the main road into the village was defaced just one day after being erected. Paint was splattered across the poster and the Find Madeleine campaign number was obscured. When Gerry McCann visited earlier this month, along with Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield, two members of the 'Tapas Seven', to advise on the reconstruction, it was reported that Madeleine's father was heckled by former Ocean Club employees who had lost their jobs due to a downturn in trade.

Concerns over money are also besetting the Find Madeleine campaign. On his first return visit to Praia da Luz since his and his wife's official "arguido" suspect status was lifted last year, Gerry McCann revealed that the fund was running out. Earlier this year, newspaper reports said the fund had dipped to £600,000.

"There's still money in it," McCann said. "It won't dry up in the next few months, but probably by the end of the year at the rate we are running."

The published accounts from last year detail where the money, swelled by a £550,000 libel payment from a group of British newspapers found to have defamed the couple and a £375,000 award to the Tapas Seven, has gone. In the first year, it includes £250,000 spent on private investigators, including the Madrid-based Metodo 3 agency, whose head claimed he would find Madeleine within three months.

Another £133,000 went on campaign management at a time when the couple were being besieged by the world's media, largely spent on public relations advisers. Legal fees swallowed up £120,000, £88,000 went on posters and television and newspaper advertising. There were also the costs of the couple's travels to publicise their campaign for an improved child alerts system.

What the couple want is for the Amber Alert system used widely in the United States to be introduced across Europe. Their supporters have been critical of the 12 hours it took for Portuguese police to alert Spanish border officials located just two hours away by road that Madeleine was missing.

The system was introduced in the mid-1990s after the horrific capture and murder of a young Texan girl. Once police are alerted that a child has vanished, the details of the child are sent immediately to broadcasters and flashed up on motorway signs. It has been credited with saving the lives of around 400 children.

The McCanns lobbied the European parliament to introduce Amber Alert in Europe. Although the EU failed to order a union-wide system, it recommended member states to set up their own systems. France, Greece and, earlier this month, Ireland, have agreed to set up national Amber Alert systems, but, in the UK, the decision has been left to individual police forces.

For the McCanns, the EU recommendation was at least step forward in the absence of any information about Madeleine herself. Spokesman Clarence Mitchell, putting the best gloss he could on the EU decision, said: "Whether it is a centralised system or individual national alerts, all Kate and Gerry want to see is better and quicker cooperation between countries.

"When a child goes missing, every minute counts. Kate and Gerry will continue to push for the best possible alert system for children. How that happens is something for ministers to agree on."

Next weekend, the McCanns are expected to mark the anniversary at home in Rothley, Leicestershire, in private with their now four-year-old twins Sean and Amelie. Back in Praia da Luz, in the church where prayers have been said for centuries for missing fishermen, Father Hubbard is expected to once again read out Kate's message of hope that one day her daughter will be found. At 9.15pm, a new candle will be lit at the time her parents believe she vanished. "We continue to hope because there is nothing to the contrary," he said. "The only thing we can do is hold hands, weep and pray."

Where are they now?

Robert Murat

Employed by the Portuguese police at the scene as a translator, this property consultant who lived close with his mother to the Ocean Club was given "arguido" – official suspect – status by investigators. The status was revoked and Murat, 35, sued newspapers for £600,000 libel damages.

Goncalo Amaral

Amaral was the senior investigating officer but was turfed off the case after alleging Madeleine's parents were involved. Last year, he brought out his version of events in a book, The Truth Of The Lie, which was not published in English but has reportedly sold thousands of copies on the continent. He claims Madeleine died in a "tragic accident" in the apartment.

Jane Tanner

One of the 'Tapas Seven' whose testimony supports the theory that Madeleine was abducted. Tanner travelled to Praia da Luz this month to help with the reconstruction as she says she saw a barefoot girl being carried from the apartment but did not regard it as unusual at the time. Last year, she said: "I wake up to that image every day. I see him there, striding away, carrying Madeleine and I try desperately to remember more detail."

Source: Scotsman

Inside the mind of Kate McCann

Kate McCann: The Collection

Concerning the child's personality, she is extrovert, very active, talkative, smart and relates to other children with great ease. But she would never go with a stranger.
Kate McCann in a statement to the Policia Judiciaria 4/5/07

"Please continue to pray for Madeleine. She is lovely."
Kate McCann, Daily Express 7/5/07

Q: Tell me about Madeleine. I know her picture, we all know her picture so well and she's a gorgeous, little, smiling image but she is, to us, an image; to you she's a real little girl. Tell us about Madeleine.
KM: Well, she's got bags of character, that's for sure. Errm... She's very loving, caring, she's very funny, very chatty, very engaging. Errm... She has her moments, like all children do, errm... but I do think she's pretty special.
KM: She's loud.
Kate McCann, ITN interview, 25/5/07

Mrs McCann said, smiling: “She likes talking, she really likes role play.”
Mr McCann joined in saying: “She’s very good at that actually for someone so young, she really can talk...considering that she was not even four.
“She likes activity and sport, she’s very active, even at home when we are going for a jog she says ’Can I come jogging with you mummy’?”
The couple looked relaxed as they spoke about Madeleine’s love of swimming, going swimming on Saturdays and of her favourite television programme - Dr Who as well as films such as Shrek and Finding Nemo.
Gerry and Kate McCann, Daily Express 26/5/07

"Madeleine has the first three Harry Potter books and first three DVDs. Like most other children the world over, she loves the stories."
Kate McCann, BBC News 16/7/07

Kate reveals Madeleine had been practising a dance at the club which she was looking forward to showing her mum the following day - "but I never got to see it".
(..) Kate now wears a silver locket round her neck with a picture of Madeleine inside and the words "Tower of Strength" engraved on it. She says a friend gave it to her because "that's what Madeleine was to us, a tower of strength".
(..) Conscious to speak of her in the present tense, she adds: "Despite her small size she just has this huge presence. She brings a lot of joy."
Kate McCann, Sunday Mirror, 5/8/07

She revealed that as she tucked Madeleine into bed that night, the little girl said: "Mummy, I've had the best day ever. I'm having lots and lots of fun."
Kate McCann, Daily Express 5/8/07

In her interview Mrs McCann paints a vivid picture of her daughter as a sociable and funny child.
She said: "She has a lot of personality and her name actually means 'tower of strength'. But she hated it when we called her Maddie - she'd say, 'My name is Madeleine', with an indignant look on her face. I bet she's giving whoever she's with her tuppence worth."
Kate McCann, Daily Express 13/8/07, quoting from the ‘Woman’s hour interview.

K- We had a super week. We came with a group of friends who themselves have children. Ours had more small friends. There was this club for children with lots of activities. They spent there great moments.
G.- Madeleine, in particular, has a lot of fun. One day, she even did sailing with the club.
K- She played tennis.
G- In the evening, adults stood together and the children were on their side. It was fun sometimes to hide and they were pursuing us.
P.M- How was Madeleine during these holidays?
K- She is very intelligent, very sociable and engaging. She loves to talk, she is funny, she has a lot of energy.
G- She is still very active, she loves to organize everything, she is very good in the role-playing. At the day nursery of the hotel, she loved to organize things… For her age, her vocabulary is very good, better than mine! She understands a lot of stuff, she twigs quickly, she is very perspicacious.
Kate and Gerry McCann, Paris Match, September 2007

Kate McCann complains frequently that her children are "hysterical" and says that Madeleine is a hyperactive child who tires her out to the point of despair.
First Post, quoting Correio de Manha 14/9/07

Missing Madeleine would run around 'screaming...shouting for my attention', the mother-of-three said.
In an interview given to a Portuguese magazine before she was named as a suspect in the case of the four-year-old's disappearance, Kate also said the first six months of Madeleine's life were "very difficult" and that the girl had suffered from colic.
Speaking about Madeleine's upbringing, Kate, a 39-year-old GP, told Portugal's Flash! magazine: "She cried practically for 18 hours a day. I had to permanently carry her around."
This period explained "the strong bond between mother and daughter", she said.
Although the arrival of the twins Sean and Amelie shook up Madeleine's life, she accepted them very well, said Kate.
"She managed to deal perfectly with this new reality, although she herself at the time was still a baby.
"The worst thing is that she started to demand lots of attention, especially when I was breast-feeding them.
"She would run up and down screaming in the background, shouting for my attention”.
Kate McCann, Daily Mail 17/9/07, quoting Portugese magazine Flash

“As Madeleine’s mummy I feel in my heart that she is there. I don’t know how anyone could harm anyone as beautiful as Madeleine. I don’t mean her appearance. I mean as a beautiful person.”
The mother of three, who has spoken of her desire to be involved in childcare, became emotional towards the end of the questioning, recorded yesterday, as she talked personally about her eldest child.
“I feel sad and I feel lonely and our life is not as happy without Madeleine,” she said, adding: “I feel anxious she is not with us.”
Asked about the last time she saw Madeleine, she said: “She was very happy and very loving and I know Madeleine was very happy with her life. She is special.”
Kate McCann, Daily Express 24/10/07, quoting from the Antena 3 interview.

And Kate tells movingly how the little blonde girl was more like a best friend than a daughter - and reveals how she tortures herself by trying to imagine how Madeleine looks now she is approaching her fifth birthday.
Kate McCann, the Mirror, 30/4/08

Always referring to Maddie, who is five in May, in the present tense, she describes her as "very loving. She’s a very bright little girl.
"I had days when I’d go to a cafe with Madeleine and we’d go shopping together and she’d say, ‘Oh mummy, I like that top,’ or ‘Oh, I love your earrings, mummy’.
"She’s good company, she’s like my — you know, she’s like a little buddy to me."
"She was great with Sean and Amelie. "Even when they were born, you know she just stepped into the role really well, considering she was only 20 months when they were born, and she wanted to be involved and help. As they got a little bit older, because the age difference was so close, they just played so well together."
Kate McCann, ITV1 documentary 30/4/08

She recalls: “She just very casually really said ‘Where were you last night when me and Sean cried?’ And we immediately looked and said, you know ‘When was this Madeleine, was this when you were going to sleep?’ and she didn’t answer. “And then she just carried on playing, totally undistressed.”
Kate McCann quoting Madeleine in the Liverpool Echo, 30/4/08

Quotes by Kate McCann taken from an article "All about Madeleine" by Kazlux on Joana Morais
Kate's Diary - day by day

Kate McCanns diary

Cuddlecat photoshoot

The Pearls of Kate McCann:

Madeleine was everything to us.


Cuddle Cat was very special to Madeleine.


I know the situation we were in that night,


It cannot be considered a crime. Someone committed one, but not us.


I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances.


I was sure immediately that she didn't walk out of that room.


Haven't I suffered enough without all these new lies coming out?


At worst we were naive.


We're good parents, not suspects.


It was really just like being in your back garden.


We'll do everything we can to find Madeleine; she deserves that.


There's not a day that goes by that I think to myself why did I think that was okay? Was I wrong in thinking that was okay? All I can think to myself is I know how much I love my children, and I know I am a responsible parent.


I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would slow down time. I would get a really good look around and have a really good think. And I'd think: Where are you? Who are you? Who is secretly watching my family? Because someone was watching my family very, very carefully. And taking notes.


This is my job now. I can see this becoming my full-time career, with this whole issue of child welfare and opposing paedophiles.


I think that is a very small minority of people that are criticising us.


Video and Pearls of Kate McCann from The McCann Gallery

Gonçalo Amaral: Freedom and Children's Rights

In a time of carnations and odes to freedom, we can not forget how much is still left to do, namely in the protection of children.

by Gonçalo Amaral

The criminal law does not protect children, they are being left to sleep alone, while the parents get drunk at social gatherings, falling from windows and balconies like ripe fruit, or drying inside vehicles without the according penal sanction occurring.

When the main source of risk and danger is inside the home or the family, the law seems to forget a fundamental right of the child: security.

The UN Declaration on Children's Rights [see below*] is clear: "The child should grow supported by parents and under their responsibility, in an environment of affection and security."

The crime of abandonment or exposure is inadequate*, one should criminalize the mere negligence in custody in order to recognize and safeguard the children's right to safety.

Then, there would be no more doubts about the scope of the application of the criminal law, thus preventing relaxed tourists from abandoning our country, without any consequences, after neglecting the custody of their children, night after night, and now walking freely around the media stages.

Source: Correio da Manhã

* in Declaration of the Rights of the Child Principle 6

The child, for the full and harmonious development of his personality, needs love and understanding. He shall, wherever possible, grow up in the care and under the responsibility of his parents, and, in any case, in an atmosphere of affection and of moral and material security; a child of tender years shall not, save in exceptional circumstances, be separated from his mother. Society and the public authorities shall have the duty to extend particular care to children without a family and to those without adequate means of support. Payment of State and other assistance towards the maintenance of children of large families is desirable.

* Gonçalo Amaral refers to Article 138 of the Portuguese Penal Code, which covers the crimes of exposure or abandonment. Portuguese law only punishes exposure or abandonment if intent exists, i.e. it has to be proved that the caretaker was aware of the danger that the person under his/her vigilance was subject to. In practical terms, this annihilates any possibility of a criminal accusation when ‘simple’ neglect takes place.

Translated by Joana Morais


Discussion at the 3 arguidos:

Britain's got talent on Oprah: How soon the McCanns forget about wanting privacy

Emotional Kate McCann

Kate breaks down on Oprah


Published: Today

KATE McCann wept last night as she told TV’s Oprah Winfrey she did not recognise photos of how missing daughter Maddie would look now.

But Kate insisted she WOULD know Maddie — who will be six next month — if she saw her in the street.

Kate, 41, and husband Gerry, 40, appeared on the US chat queen’s show to mark two years since Maddie vanished on holiday in Portugal — just days before her fourth birthday.

Computer-generated images of Maddie aged six in a blue dress flashed on to a giant screen as the show was recorded in front of a studio audience in Chicago.

The pictures were created by experts at Virginia’s National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Audience member Chris Myers, 43, said: “Kate told Oprah she felt Madeleine was still alive.

“Oprah and Kate were very emotional. Kate broke down on two occasions.

"Oprah had to wipe tears away from her eyes at least three times. The atmosphere inside the studio was very sad.”

Fellow audience member Amy Mundwiler, 33, added: “Everyone watching them felt their pain.”

Oprah will also spend a day in Britain with Gerry and Kate, from Rothley, Leics, and their twins Sean and Amelie, four.

The show — to be screened in 144 countries — goes out in the US on May 4, a day after the anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance.

Gerry McCann pre-recorded interview with Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman.


Jeremy Paxman : But then you had this entire media circus ....

Gerry McCann : It really was a circus.

Jeremy Paxman : .... camped out, around you, but you collaborated with them when it was convenient to you, didn't you? And you would announce photocalls and whether or not you'd be speaking that day - or maybe tomorrow or the day after. D'you .... d'you think to some degree you .... you reaped a whirlwind?


Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Sun - Kate breaks down on Oprah

Gerry McCann Oral Evidence: The Transcript

Following Oprah - Has the Penny Dropped?

A shocking reality: All about Madeleine

Here's a few snippets from a post by Kazlux on Joana Morais' blog. Kazlux has clearly gone to great lengths to research various sources to put this compilation of quotes together:

This quote, for instance, was taken from Times Online Beyond the smears:

They were first to the table at the restaurant at 8.35 and spent some minutes talking to a couple from Hertfordshire – two more tennis players – at the next table, who were eating with their young children. As they chatted, Gerry thought how lucky he was, his children asleep nearby, he and Kate free to come and enjoy some adult time at the restaurant and not have to sit with their children, as this couple were.

Full article of quite shocking quotes by Kazlux can be read here: About Madeleine

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: 24 April 2009 About Madeleine ...Joana Morais.

Eileen McCann: "If someone lifted her out of bed Madeleine would have screamed the place down. That girl could throw a tantrum if she wanted to and she and the twins were quite shy about meeting new people.”
Eileen McCann, Sunday Mail, 27/4/08

"Mm, err Madeleine’s err a very striking err beautiful child, I’d almost if I want a better phrase call her doll-like, you know she was very, you know I think, you know very unique looking child err, she’d got very pretty, you know blonde hair err in a bob, she was quite a petite err child and you know she was very bubbly, very err you know she was a very good child to, to interact with. She was very bright, you could have a lot of fun with Madeleine err and you know she, she was, you know Kate and Gerry’s, you know pride and joy. They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving, you know with IVF and everything and you know Madeleine was their miracle. She was obviously very unique with the fact that she’d got the, you know the iris defect err but you know she was certainly a happy go lucky child you know she was, she would interact with the other children very well, as I said on the other, earlier recording, you know she played very happily with L*** and you know indeed the other children. She was, you know, very, she is a very beautiful child and good fun.”
(..)"You know I, you know a fact I’ve come across already you know she was a, she’s a very bright child you know, she wouldn’t be the kind of mischievous child who you know and just try and get out of the flat and you know get up to mischief and that, you know, there’s fun in all children but she certainly wasn’t that kind of child. She was very bright.”
David Payne a statement to the Leicestershire Police, 10/4/08

Another lie revealed: Maddie images are not from the FBI

The two images showing Madeleine McCann as she would look today, that were presented by the British media, are not the work of the FBI, agent Ross Rice from the Chicago delegation of that North American organization confirmed.

Confronted with the last article that was published by the Sunday Express in England, Ross confirmed that he knows about the existence of artist Jovey Mae Hayes, but refused any connection between her and the FBI whatsoever.

The subtitle that had been given by the paper, “How the FBI created this picture”, is incorrect, agent Ross said, adding that the article states that Mrs. Hayes has previously worked on criminal cases for the FBI, which does not match the truth.

Source: Duarte Levy
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Carter Ruck: The McCanns libel lawyers "rapacious, greedy, unscrupulous, ambulance-chasers"

"They [Carter-Ruck and Schillings] are rapacious and greedy and unscrupulous in the methods they use, and I would be astonished if they were not ambulance-chasing and going to celebrities and saying 'You see that picture, we think we could do something for you',"

Paul Dacre, the Daily Mail editor, today attacked "greedy libel law firms" Schillings and Carter Ruck, while conceding newspapers had made mistakes in reporting Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

Dacre told MPs on the House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee that law firms specialising in libel acted like ambulance chasers in pursuit of cases.

"They [Carter-Ruck and Schillings] are rapacious and greedy and unscrupulous in the methods they use, and I would be astonished if they were not ambulance-chasing and going to celebrities and saying 'You see that picture, we think we could do something for you'," he said.

Regarding coverage of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, Dacre said it had been a unique case, which prompted massive interest from readers and boosted newspaper sales when it was put on the front page.

He added that some newspapers had overstepped the line in some reports about Madeleine's disappearance, but denied a collective failure on the part of the industry.

"Lessons have been learned how very considerable interest in stories still meant the boundaries of correct newspaper journalism should be observed and those boundaries were transgressed by some newspapers in the industry," Dacre said.

He added that a combination of the Human Rights Act and conditional fee arrangements – the so-called "no win, no fee" payment system – was having a chilling effect on the UK newspaper industry.

Dacre, who is also editor-in-chief of Associated Newspapers, which publishes the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, highlighted a recent case that the Sunday paper lost in which it had to pay £5,000 in damages, and yet the total legal cost for the paper came to £520,000. He called for reform of both the Human Rights Act and CFAs.

"Together they present a lethal weapon crushing press freedom," said Dacre, giving evidence to the select committee's review of press standards, privacy and libel.

Dacre told MPs that economic conditions in the newspaper industry were the toughest he had experienced.

"I have been a journalist for 40 years and I have never known such a chilling time for newspapers. The industry is in a parlous state," he said.

• To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email editor@mediaguardian.co.uk or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000.
Source: The Guardian
Carter Ruck: Kate and Gerry McCann Secure “Unprecedented” Libel Success
Comments on the 3 arguidos: Daily Mail's Paul Dacre attacks 'greedy libel law firms

Paulo Reis: The “Niggle” and Strange Tale of Robert Murat

Was it a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice?

"But the subject will be pursued and all the relevant reports and papers will be handed over – soon... - to the head of the Public Prosecutors Office with a formal request to re-open the investigation based on new evidence which will be presented. So please be patient."

PJ Reis and Associates

"Basically, I'm just an ordinary, straightforward guy who's the victim of the biggest f***-up on this planet - if you'll excuse the language."

Robert Murat talking to David Jones, Daily Mail, 02 June 2008


One thing that is obvious from the CD of evidence released by the Portuguese authorities in July 2008, in what was an inexplicably selective disclosure, is the identification by Miss Jane Tanner of Mr Robert Murat as Madeleine McCann’s “abductor”. She picked him out in a surveillance exercise on Sunday 13th May 2007 and persisted in her allegation against him and did not withdraw it until her interviews with the Leicestershire Police in April 2008. You have to dig deep into the CD and other sources to pull everything together, but here is what happened and it is incredible.

Full article here
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Paulo Reis: The “Niggle” and Strange Tale of Robert Murat

Just in time for the second anniversary: Not only a new suspect, but now a new sighting of Maddie McCann

Just as the McCanns hotfoot it to the USA, Maddie is spotted in Malta


by Antonella Lazzeri

A BRITISH couple claim to have seen Madeleine McCann playing in a square in Malta just WEEKS ago.

The tourists were so sure she was the missing girl they tailed her — but lost her in a maze of streets.

Brian White, 72, said yesterday: “I can’t stop tormenting myself I didn’t do enough.”

It is the latest in a spate of reported sightings of Maddie in Malta.

The pensioner and wife Glenice noticed the girl in capital Valletta on March 14.

Brian, of Sudbury, Derbys, said: “She stood out because she was so blonde and fair skinned while the couple she was with were very dark.”

He said the pair “grabbed the girl and hurried off” when they saw they were being watched.

Brian called local cops.

British officers are also investigating. BUT!!!

Call in info to the Find Maddie Hotline on 0845 838 4699. Not the cops!!

source: The Sun, 23.04.2009
A strange feeling of déjà-vu

Online Bingo Gala: Portuguese Police have not been cooperative in neglected Maddie McCann 'missing angel' case

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3rd 2007, her picture is posted in every subway, underground and train station across the five continents and in most public meeting points, in hope that someone will come across her face and submit the useful information needed to find the missing girl.

If you use the subway or the underground you have surely come across her face on the billboards with missing people. She has been missing for two years and there is a joint effort from across the five continents to come across some kind of lead which will help finding Madeleine.

Madeleine was 4 years old when she went missing which makes her 6 years old today. The child went missing from the holiday apartment of the McCann Family in Portugal. There is one primary suspect for the kidnapping of the child which is said to be seen starring at the holiday house on several occasions but he is NOT believed to be the same man that Jane Tanner, one of the so-called Tapas 7, saw carrying a child on the night Madelein disappeared.

Madeleine McCann’s parents will be hosted on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, May 4 they will be presenting pictures that have been prepared by experts with how Madeleine looks today.

The Oprah Winfrey show is forecasted to be viewed by 100,000,000 million people live plus its additional views on YouTube and its online exposure. This effort will help make the investigation easier as it will rise the percentage of the awareness and will refresh people’s memory of the incident and how Madeleine looks.

Since the report of the incident two years ago there have been several unconfirmed leads which have for one or the other reason not lead to finding her. The investigation is a joint effort from authorities across the world including Interpol. Madeleine’s parents Gerry and Kate have put in months of effort sparking up the Portuguese Police force in finding there daughter.

The local authorities seem releuctant to put in the appropriate effort as there have been reports by the parents and media that they have not taken the incident seriously and that there neutral attitude lead the investigation to a labyrinth.

Note that both parents have been included in the list of the suspects from the Police which brings up questions if there were trying to throw dust in the eyes of the Parents. They have actively been seeking for their missing angel for 2 years now and the Portuguese police have not been cooperative.

If you have any information about Madeleine immediately contact:

Investigations Line +44 845 838 4699 (International)
Log on to http://www.findmadeleine.com for more information

Chris Kkelski
Chief Editor
Source: Online Bingo Gala
The 3 arguidos: Clarry+Oprah go to the BINGO GALA
The McCanns on Oprah, by Textusa
We have a right to be heard
Oprah's not dumb...

Kate McCann flies to the USA for a chat with Oprah despite recently being too traumatised to fly to Portugal for the filming of the Channel 4 documentary about her missing angel.

Gonçalo Amaral: Determined to speak about what happened to Maddie McCann

Amaral is determined to speak about what happened to Maddie two years ago. He regrets not having been invited and doesn’t believe there will be a reply to his email

by Ana Maia

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector, wants to go to Oprah’s show – which will be broadcast on the 3rd of May – to tell his version of what happened to Maddie, who was 3 years old when she disappeared from Praia da Luz, in the Algarve. Amaral has even sent an email to the programme, which is broadcast into 144 countries, but he doesn’t believe he’ll receive a reply.

“I sent an email in English to Oprah yesterday [the day before yesterday]. This is a very well planned and negotiated show. Oprah won’t call me. I received no reply whatsoever and I have no doubts that there is no interest in calling me”, Gonçalo Amaral told 24horas.

But if there was a reply, and a positive one, the former inspector wouldn’t hesitate. “I’d go there at my own expense. But they won’t invite anyone”, said Amaral, who has always been under great criticism from Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, during the entire process.

About other similar actions, Gonçalo Amaral immediately replied: “The action is worldwide. There’s lots of people calling there”.
Source: 24horas, 22.04.2009
Translated by Joana Morais
Discussions at the 3 arguidos: Gonçalo Amaral wants to go to Oprah (joana morais blog)
Breaking News from America
Gonçalo Amaral documentary

Just in time for second anniversary: New suspect in Maddie case


Published: Today

A MYSTERY new suspect is being hunted over Madeleine McCann’s abduction.

The search comes ahead of the second anniversary of her disappearance on May 3, 2007.

The man was “acting suspiciously” in the days before she vanished on a family holiday in Portugal.

Witnesses saw him loitering alone on a road near the flat where Maddie’s family were staying in Praia da Luz.

He will feature in a TV reconstruction of her abduction to be screened by Channel 4 on May 7.

Her parents Gerry and Kate have spent months combing the Portuguese police files on the case and believe the man could be vital to finding Maddie — who vanished just days before her fourth birthday.

He is said to be of Mediterranean appearance and in his late 20s or early 30s.

He is NOT believed to be the same man that Jane Tanner, one of the so-called Tapas 7, saw carrying a child on the night of Maddie’s disappearance.

A TV source said: “Information about this man was buried away in the files.

“It seems virtually no effort was made to find him by police.

“Witnesses said he was staring in the direction of the apartment.”

Gerry took part in the reconstruction — filmed at the resort last month — but Kate felt she would find it too traumatic.

The couple, from Leicester, are due to fly to the US today to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

They will unveil images of how Maddie may look now.
Source: The Sun
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The Irish Print Media Are At It Now...

Timeline of the McCanns staged abduction

21 April 2009

21H20, Executive Chef A. E. G. F. P. heard some clamour, which made him leave toward the restaurant, a few meters away, and was then informed that a child had disappeared.
at around 21:40, he left the restaurant passing through the same esplanade where moments before, he had seen the same table occupied by the three couples, empty, who had left in the meanwhile various items, principally clothing. He was told by his colleagues that the child who had disappeared was a child of one of those couples;

Property manager B. J. J. W. heard about the news being investigated on the evening of 3rd May at about 21.30 – 21.40 from P.B., a Dutchman and owner of the Atlántico restaurant, who passed by the witness near the Baptista supermarket, in P da L and who asked for his help in searching for Madeleine. He then went to the place where the events occurred which was at about 21.45 – 21.50. At this time various local people and MW staff were present. When questioned he said that the police had not yet arrived and that about 5 minutes had passed.

Dinner finished at around 21H45 and some minutes passed where waiter R. A.E D. L. O. looked towards the table but saw no one—his colleague told him that all the guests of that table left rapidly and abruptly. He remembers having heard shouts in the direction of the McCann apartment;

Between 21.30 and 22: Fitness instructor/Waiter J. R. S. went over to the table and joked with (Diane Webster): “They’ve left you alone?” She responded more of less with these words: “No, they went to see if the little girl was there.” I responded that I hoped they would find her somewhere in the apartment. At saying this, I saw the man. Who I knew later to be Madeleine’s father, running to the pool and to the children’s play area in the Tapas zone as if looking for someone. It immediately hit me that after talking to the older woman, that the little girl had not been found. I offered to alert the workers at the Milenium Restaurant and the man agreed. He then left again running to continue searching. I believe that this was between 21H30 and 22H00 but do not remember with certainty.

approx. 21.55 pm The Smith Family, (4 adults and 5 children) are returning from 'Kelly's Bar', heading north, all spread out along the street and they pass a man walking down the middle of the street, carrying a child, with the head against his left shoulder and the arms hanging down alongside the body, in light colored or pink pyjamas, bare feet, pale skin typical of British and blond, shoulder-length hair; the girl is about 3-4 years old, about 1 metre tall. - The man is not dressed like a tourist; he's wearing cream or beige trousers, classic cut, of linen or cotton. He is white, 30-35 yrs, 1.70-1.80 meters tall, average build, physically fit, short, brown hair, with a face that looks tanned. (GA)

M. M. M. d. S. declares that on the night 03-05-07, she left the apartment at around 21H58—she remembers the exact time because she asked her friend the time and she responded after checking this on the telephone in the lounge;
. They left the building and the deponent and her boyfriend took the Opel Frontera, previously indicated, which was parked out front of the apartment, in the private parking area of Block 6 where her friend’s apartment was located;
. She declares that the night was good with a breeze, and that it was dark;
. After leaving Block 6, they turned right and after left, passing in front of the block occupied by the McCanns. She states that she saw no movement of people, and that in the immediate areas of the blocks she saw no vehicle with the exception of a small car, that appeared to her grey in colour, parked close to the window of the McCann apartment;
She declares further that she mentioned this fact to her boyfriend and that it wasn’t yet summer given the movement on the roads, and at that hour movement was nill;
. States that she looked at the exit of the apartment and that from the flat above the McCanns, she saw light, and also in from of the apartment, but she could not define, concretely, where she saw the light when she passed the McCann apartment;
. Next to the tree, she did not detect any movement of people or vehicles, and nothing struck her as abnormal in that zone that would have raised her suspicions;

Receptionist Ocean Club H. J. S. L. was on duty and was contacted by a member of staff from the Tapas Restaurant between 21.30 and 22.00 who informed him that the daughter of some guests who were dining there had disappeared. He immediately contacted the GNR in Lagos, shortly after this the child’s father and John Hill arrived at the reception and he phoned the GNR again.

Bar chef M. J. d. S. R. heard about it on that night at about 22.00 when an English tourist arrived at the Millenium restaurant to ask whether anyone had seen a lost little girl.

After 22:00 R. R. S. B. and his wife were still sitting on the veranda in the B. family apartment. They heard noises downstairs and afterwards found out that a child had disappeared. Gerald was seen and spoken to by N.B. and R.R.S.B. They heard him calling for Madeleine when they were sitting on N.B.’s balcony, not far from the McCann’s apartment. They both went down to talk to Gerald and helped in the search.

Between 22H00 and 22H30, waiter J. J. M. B. was in the kitchen, and was alerted, by a colleague, to the fact that a guest entered the restaurant screaming, and at this point, the entire group left in a panic; his colleague proceeded to tell him that the (screaming) individual indicated that a child had gone missing.

about 22.15 Owner of “Duque de Holanda” Bar J. O. W. was working in her bar when some employee who she cannot identify (but whom she knows works for Mark Warner) informed them that a girl had disappeared from the OC.

At about 22.17 Hotel manager E. L. K. received a call from L.J., the Crèche Manager, informing her that the girl had gone missing. She met L.J. and the Service Manager, A.T., near to the Tapas Bar and they initiated the “Mark Warner procedures for the search of a missing child”.

Tennis coach D. J. S. knew about the disappearance of little MBM that same night, about 22h20, because he was contacted by a resort worker having attended and partcipated in the searches.

Tennis coach G.L.J. knew about the disappearance of little MBM that same night, about 22h20, because she lives in the same house as another OC worker and (s)he told her.

22.28 Manager J.H. gets a phone call from L.J., head of the child care service, who told him about a female child staying at the resort who had disappeared. This phone call was made to his mobile phone at about 22.28 on 03-05-2007. About 5 minutes later J.H presented himself at the resort. Upon arriving at the scene he saw about 100 people, employees, guests and residents searching the grounds, the beach and adjoining areas calling out the child’s name.

Head of Maintenance J. C. S. B. was informed about 22.30 by phone by the OC administrator, who had contacted his wife, S.B..

Manager G. R. C. arrived at 22H25 and there found J.H. and other functionaries, S.B., J.B., the former who is employee manager and the latter maintenance; when he arrived at the Ocean Club, he went to the entry of the pool and the restaurant (Tapas) areas of said establishment, having there come across various individuals in the local, all of which were participating in the search for the lost child, and was made up of guests and other people;

At around 22h30, after having left the apartment where she is living, close to the establishment mentioned, together with two more colleagues, also residents there, whose name are Leanne and Sarah, nanny K. M. found her colleague Amy. That during their discussion she was informed that Madeleine McCann had disappeared and that they were looking for her. For this reason, together with her colleagues, they also began searching for Madeleine McCann.

Millennium waitress A. N. d. . heard about the events on the same day at about 22.30 when she was at the restaurant bar where she works, relaxing with her mother and sister. At that moment, a British individual, a tennis instructor entered the restaurant, and told them what had happened, and headed towards the interior of the space where the pool are, looking for the girl. She says that because she had had some alcoholic drinks, she was not in a condition to participate in the searches. However, her sister did take part in the searches, together with her boyfriend.

Just after 22.30 upstairs neighbor Mrs. F. heard the hysterical shouts from a female person, calling out “we have let her down” which she repeated several times, quite upset. Mrs Fenn then saw that it was the mother of little Madeleine who was shouting furiously. Upon leaning over the terrace, after having seen the mother, Mrs. F. asked the father, Gerry, what was happening to which he replied that a small girl had been abducted. When asked, she replied that she did not leave her apartment, just spoke to Gerry from her balcony, which had a view over the terrace of the floor below. She found it strange that Gerry when said that a girl had been abducted, he did not mention that it was his daughter and that he did not mention any other scenarios. At that moment she offered Gerry help, saying that he could use her phone to contact the authorities, to which he replied that this had already been done. It was just after 22.30.

Millinnium restaurant employee D. J. A. V. d. S. stated that an individual, tall and of British nationality, appeared in the restaurant at about 22.30/22.45, who asked him whether he had seen a little girl who had disappeared, describing her as blonde and three years old and that she was probably wearing pyjamas. The witness and his colleague, M.d.F., replied that they hadn’t, upon which the individual ran out.

Millennium waiter G. C. C. C. says that when the events occurred he was working in the restaurant and heard about the disappearance at about 22.30 – 23.00 from a Mark Warner employee (he doesn’t know his name, but he is of English nationality) who, at that moment asked to use a telephone in the bar to make a call as he had received information about the disappearance of the girl on his mobile. He does not know the concrete terms of the conversation but he is clear that something had happened. The employee then left the bar/restaurant. When his shift ended he joined in the searched with his colleague Nelson. He searched until 03.00 AM.

Around 22H45, nanny S. B. O. was in the bar known as ‘Mirage’ together with her colleagues, whose names are Emma, Shinead, Najoua, Hayley and Stacy, which is situated close to the perimeter of the aforementioned resort. After returning from the bathroom, she was informed by her colleague Hayley that a child, of about 3 years of age, and whom was staying at the Ocean Club, had disappeared; she immediately, together with her colleagues, went to the area of a restaurant (Milenium) in the establishment in question near to the bar they were at and began searching for the missing child; during the search, she realised, together with her colleagues of the Ocean Club, others (tourists/owners) were also participating in the search;

22.45/22.50 Manager J. H. went to the apartment being used by the McCanns, where he saw that both members of the couple were in a panic and were shouting that the child had been taken. He always saw the McCanns together in the apartment they were occupying at the time, with the exception of an episode when Gerry went to the main 24 hour reception, with the purpose of speaking to a GNR officer

22.50 pm - First call to GNR Lagos precinct (Guarda Nacional Republicana, rural police); The first call to Police Precinct of GNR (Portuguese Rural Police) in Lagos, reporting a missing child and asking for Police help was made at 10.50pm and a patrol was sent, arriving at Ocean Club 12/15 minutes later, according to Lieutenant-Colonel Costa Cabral, Head of Public Relations of GNR.

About 22.55/23.00 manager E. L. K. went to the McCann’s apartment to obtain the girl’s description and of the clothes she was wearing when she disappeared. When she arrived at the apartment, there was a lady on the terrace, whom she now know to be Kate McCann, accompanied by the wife of one of her friends, David Payne. Kate could not say a word, looked very upset and about to cry. It was Mrs Payne who provided her with the details that she needed.

Head of Maintenance J. C. S. B. arrived at about 23.00 and immediately began to search the resort and the beach area, searching in all the places where the child might be. The searches were carried out by employees from the Tapas and the restaurant who had just finished their shifts and by some local people.

Accountant J. D. N. d. O. N. notes that on May 03, 2007, (Thursday), at around 23H00, at home, in Ramalhete, Casa ***, Praia da Luz, Luz, Lagos, situated close to the OC resort, he noticed “much movement and traffic that was out of the ordinary,” outside (vehicles and individuals passing by frequently) for that time of night. For this reason, he went to look out of his window. Whilst this was happening, he noticed a colleague, J.C.B. (Head of Maintenance at the resort) standing next to his house, who told him what had happened. J.C.B. told him that a child staying at the tourist complex had disappeared.

about 23.00 hrs, OC guest G. McK. approached the McCann’s apartment from the bushes at the rear of the apartment. He was searching the gardens. He did not know it was the McCann’s apartment. He saw Mr Gerry McCann standing alone in the doorway at the rear of the apartment talking on his mobile telephone. Mr McCann was looking our over the swimming pool and did not see Mr McKenzie. Mr McCann was absolutely distraught telling the person receiving the call that he feared “she (Madeleine McCann) had been taken by paedophiles”. He does not know who the person receiving the calls was but presumes it to be a family member: “I worked my way around the area, eventually coming around the back of the tennis courts and up towards what I now know to be the McCanns apartment a couple of hours later. I was looking in the little gardens on the poolside of that block, I was in the end garden when I heard a male voice, he sounded distraught his voice cracking with emotion. I looked to see who I now know to be Gerry McCann stood above me on the balcony/patio about 3 metres away speaking on a mobile phone. I cannot recall his exact words but I got the impression that he was speaking to perhaps a family member or someone he was very close to due to the nature of his conversation. He said something along the lines of there being Paedophile gangs in Portugal and that they had abducted Madeleine. I was so shocked by this, having originally thought that she had just wandered off.”

After she arrived about 23.00 S.B. went immediately to the apartment A5 where she found several people inside the apartment and outside of it. She entered in the flat but soon left without having spoken with anyone, because she was informed that elements of the GNR were in the principal reception. She went there to meet them.
When she came close to the elements of the GNR she found that behind her was
Gerry, Madeleine's father, accompanied by another man whose identity she doesn't remember. Then Gerry kneeled down, hit the floor with both hands, positioning himself as if he were a praying Arab, and screamed twice of anger, what he said being impossible to understand. Then Gerry stand up and accompanied her (the witness) and the other man in the car of the GNR to the apartment A5. S.B. walked Gerry to the GNR car, so he could deliver the requested documents. She states that she carried out these diligences, and other diligences, at the request of the GNR Commander as they used the deponent’s knowledge of the English language to translate the questions that were asked from the missing person’s family members, and the answers that were given. She remembers that Gerry gave the GNR Commander several photographs of the missing person. These were postcard-type photographs, taking their size and shape into account. They were actually photographs of the size and shape of a postcard, and they seemed to be all similar to her.

23.00/23.05 pm - A GNR patrol arrives at Ocean Club (two men); When they arrived they saw the girl’s father, a friend whom GNR Officer N. F. P. d. C. describes as tall and blond, an OC employee and a translator who was also an OC employee, named S.B.. He found it notable that when they were still at the main reception, the father kneeled down, laying his head on the ground and crying, at the same time as making an expression which GNR Officer N. F. P. d. C. did not understand.

Estimated time around 23.10 pm Both David Payne and Matthew Oldfield were seen by E.L.K. when she was on her way to the beach, the search area to which she was assigned by L. J. (child care director and search coordinator).

23:14 Gerry calls Kate (8 seconds)

23:17 Gerry calls Kate (31 seconds)

Estimated time 23.15 - After hearing about the circumstances of the disappearance (from the father with the help of translation) GNR Officer N. F. P. d. C. does not remember whether the word abduction was mentioned, and he went in his police car, to the apartment, accompanied by the father, the friend and the translator.

After hearing about the circumstances of the disappearance (from the father with the help of translation) at a determined moment GNR Officer J. M. B. R. thinks it was the father who told the translator that it was an abduction, at least this is how it was translated. He then went to the apartment, accompanied by his colleague, the father and friend as well as the translator. When he arrived at the apartment he saw the mother there, who opened the wooden door, now referred to as the main door. When he entered, apart from the mother, there were three individuals, one female and two male, whom he cannot identify.

After the search, GNR Officer J. M. B. R. noticed a situation that seemed unusual to him, when at a determined moment, the girl’s parents kneeled down on the floor of their bedroom and placed their heads on the bed, crying. He did not notice any comments or expression from them, just crying. He says that at the main reception the father also knelt down, placing his head on the floor and crying. He did not hear the father say anything.

After the search of the interior, GNR Officer J. M. B. R. went to check the area around the apartments and the Tapas Bar, while GNR Officer N. F. P. d. C. remained next the apartment, just outside it. At that moment a female individual, he does not know whether she was a member of the group of friends, who was in the neighbouring apartment, said that she saw an individual carrying a child, running, and that because of the pyjamas she was wearing it could have been Madeleine. It was in these circumstances that abduction began to be talked about. He made a report about this situation and sent it to the police. This sighting did not seem to him to be very credible, because when he asked her about the physical characteristics of the individual, she said it was very dark, however she saw the pyjamas clearly.

S.B. translated the deposition from one of the ladies that belonged to the group of English people, namely one that she indicates as being a brunette. This lady told the GNR officers, and S.B. translated, that she had seen a man crossing the road, possibly carrying a child. S.B. found that situation strange because she was convinced that when she saw this man, the lady was positioned in a spot that has no viewing angle to the location where she had seen the man. She doesn’t know exactly where the lady was positioned when she saw the man passing by, but she knows that she indicated that she saw him passing on the street that lies in front of the window to the bedroom where Madeleine was, walking into the direction of the street that leads to the Baptista supermarket.

GNR Officer J. M. B. R. found the parents to be nervous and anxious, he did not see any tears from either of them although they produced noises identical to crying. He did not feel that this was an abduction, although this was the line indicated by the father.

S.B. also realised that from the very first moment on, both Gerry and the rest of the group members insisted in stating that Madeleine had been abducted, all of them using the word “abducted” instead of missing, and they all showed great interest in informing the press about the situation.

S.B. further recalls that she entered the room where Madeleine had been sleeping. She now remembers that the door was closed. The inside of the room was dark. The shutters were down, and light entered only through its holes. The windows were closed and the curtains slightly open. Gerry, who accompanied S.B. during this visit, with the GNR officers also present, said that it had been him who had closed the window because the babies were still sleeping inside, which S.B. could verify as true. Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.

S.B. recalls that the cots that were used by the babies were placed in the middle of the room and aligned, and therefore she found it strange that someone could have taken Madeleine from the bed where she was sleeping up to the window, because there was no space to get through. S.B. opened the bedroom’s wardrobe to check if eventually Madeleine was hiding inside. Then they all left the room, and someone closed its door again. The deponent remained in the living room for a while, with the GNR officers, Gerry and the other group members that were there in a frenzy, going in and out and speaking on their mobile phones. She noticed that none of the group members, including the child’s mother and father, were busy looking for her. The mother was sitting on the master bedroom’s bed, the father accompanied S.B. and the GNR officers and the other group members walked in and out and spoke on the phone, apparently concerned about informing the press about the event.

She thought that the child’s mother was downbeat with the situation, the father showed his concern and also asked both for the press to be alerted and for dogs to be brought in for the search. Concerning the others, she can only recall that Fiona and her husband, Payne, were hysterical about the situation.

At about 23.30 a white fair haired man aged about 30, one of the friends of the McCann group was seen by V. K. and her family when he asked them if they had seen Madeleine. They were near to the chapel.

23.20/23.30 Manager J.H. asked hotel manager E. L. K. to go to the apartment the girl had disappeared from and, on behalf of Mark Warner, provide all the help the family might need. She went to the McCann’s apartment, entered by the patio doors and introduced herself to Kate and Mrs Payne. She entered the apartment living room and Kate and Mrs Payne stayed in the main bedroom, from where she could hear them both crying.
The twins were still asleep in the children’s bedroom and the door was half open.
A short while later, Gerry returned to the apartment accompanied by Russell. They also entered by the patio doors. She doesn’t remember the exact sequence of events at this time, but she does remember that she phoned John, who informed her that the police were on their way.

23.30/23.40 A CID team leaves from Portimão to Praia da Luz.

John McCann stated on MSNBC that at ‘twenty to twelve’ 23.40 pm Gerry calls his brother John: "I've got crying for help from my brother and I'm stuck couple of thousand miles away from him. I can't do anything concrete. And then eventually he just said, "I don't know what to think. I think some paedophile or some other swine has taken Madeleine".

23.40 Gerry calls Trish Cameron (11.13 minutes)
"It was my younger brother Gerry distraught on the phone, breaking his heart. He said: 'Madeleine is abducted, she's been abducted'. 'They kept going back to check the kids every half hour. The restaurant was only 40 yards away. He went back at 9 o’clock to check the children. They were all sound asleep, windows shut, shutters shut'.
Kate then went over to the two-bedroom ground-floor apartment and 'came out screaming', said Mrs. Cameron. 'The door was lying open, the window in the bedroom and the shutters had been jimmied open'. "They think someone must have come in the window and gone out of the front door with Madeleine." (timesonline 6 may)
Sandy Cameron statement: “On the night of Thursday, May 3, 2007, Patricia received a telephone call from Gerry informing us of the disappearance of Madeleine. Gerry manifested all those emotions one expects from a father who has lost a child in the circumstances. He was distraught and spoke at the same time he cried. He seemed frustrated with the slowness of the searches in Portugal, with the fact that the borders had not been closed, and with the fact that sniffer dogs were not being used. Patricia and I contacted the British Embassy to try and help in this regard.”

Hotel owner P. R. W. arrived at the scene of the events at about 23.45, there were already many people and police officers.

23.52 Gerry calls Brian and Janet Kennedy (2.30 minutes)

Barman Millennium Restaurant L. M. d. S. B. was dining with his wife, son and friends in a restaurant in P da L, before 24.00 he received a call to his mobile from the fixed network phone in the Millenium restaurant, informing him about the disappearance. It was his colleague Nelson who contacted. He was not asked anything in particular, just informed, however he felt that he should go to the resort, which he did immediately, making himself available for whatever was needed. He remembered that there was great panic amongst all the people looking for Madeleine. He helped search, remaining at the OC until 05.00, searching the entire resort. They did not find anything to help locate the child.

at about 24.00, A. T. was at her desk at the Tapas bar, inside the resort, when at a certain time, one of the friends of the McCann couple, Russell, asked for a USB memory stick reader, in order to print photographs of Madeleine. Immediately the deponent replied that she did not have an USB reader, but that she had a printer with this hardware, which could read from memory sticks. She went to her room and returned to the Tapas with the printer where she printed out 20 to 30 photographs of the girl, using her own paper, in 10x15 format mentioned previously. The memory stick containing the photos belonged to the McCann couple, and came from their camera.

between 00.00 and 00.30, the police arrived, entered by the main door and went to the kitchen with Gerry. Hotel manager E. L. K. went to the bedroom where Kate and Mrs Payne were. Kate was still upset, crying and calling Madeleine’s name, shouting “where is she?” She also banged on the headboard. At that moment Hotel manager E. L. K. went to check on the twins in their room and they were ok. She remembers being in the main bedroom with Kate, Mrs Payne, Gerry, Russell and David who were sitting on the bed and she sat on the floor. At that moment David suggested that the press should be contacted. Russell disagreed, saying they should keep calm and let the police take care of the situation.
At that moment Kate appeared to lose control, crying and constantly asking “where is she?” whilst banging on the bed.
Gerry remained calm throughout. On one occasion Kate and Gerry both went to the main bedroom and Hotel manager E. L. K. could hear both of them crying.

0.00.27 am Kate calls Sue and Brian Healy (128 seconds)

0.05.00 am Gerry calls Brian and Janet Kennedy (3 seconds)

0.05.45 am Gerry calls Trish Cameron (3 seconds)

0.06.15 am Gerry calls Brian and Janet Kennedy (2.47 minutes)

0.13.14 am Gerry calls Trish Cameron (3 seconds)

0.13.50 am Kate calls Sue and Brian Healy (407 seconds)

0.21.36 am Gerry calls Trish Cameron (23 seconds)

0.23.12 am Gerry calls …. (3.55 minutes)

0.27.07 am Trish Cameron calls Gerry (2.28 minutes)

0.29.37 am Angela Morado at UK Consulate calls Gerry (4.53 minutes)

0.36.21 am Kate calls … (31 seconds)

0.37.05 am voicemail calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

0.38.40 am … calls Gerry (6.40 minutes)

0.39.58 am Kate calls voicemail (34 seconds)

0.40.50 am voicemail calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

0.45.15 am Brian and Janet Kennedy call Gerry (1.18 minutes)

0.45.49 am Kate calls voicemail (31 seconds)

0.47.23 am … calls Kate (2.39 minutes)

0.47.41 am Angela Morado at UK Consulate calls Gerry (2.15 minutes)

0.53.08 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

PJ Officer V. M. M. arrived on the scene at about 00.40/00.50.
At the scene, there were already some elements from the GNR and some people walking around the OC grounds, searching for the child.
In the apartment where the family was staying, there were different persons, including the friends of the girl’s parents, who were immediately invited to leave the apartment, in order to preserve the scene.
Inside the room that was indicated as being that of the missing girl, there were two children, babies, who appeared to sleeping in two cots placed in the middle of the room.
A request was made to the OC services director for the family to be re-allocated and accordingly the babies were taken out of the room, so that the site could be searched.
The OC services manager introduced him to the missing girl’s parents, who looked quite tired and anguished, particularly the mother who appeared more upset and was therefore less receptive to conversation, which led the witness to converse only with the girl’s father.
After the site had been isolated, he proceeded to make an inspection, together with the inspection and photographic report carried out by Deputy Specialist J.B..

Deputy Specialist J. B. arrived about 00.40/00.50.
When they arrived at the scene, which they immediately identified due to the presence of GNR officers, as well as quite a lot of people who were walking around the street searching for the child, they immediately went to the apartment in question, where they found several people, including some GNR officers, as well as the head of the Lagos GNR station.
He states that the people inside the apartment and close to it, entered and left the building and circulated in the whole apartment, completely freely, in other words, without there being any restriction or care in preserving the scene. .
He said that these people were the friends of the parents of the missing girl and a lady responsible for the resort called S.B..
He was shown the room the child had disappeared from, having noticed that people also entered and left that room without any care in the sense of preserving traces. Inside this room there were two children, babies, sleeping in two cots placed in the middle of the room.
It was requested that the babies were moved, which was done accordingly, the witness having subsequently put his gloves on to begin the on-site inspection.
At that moment one of the GNR officers told the witness that they had already searched for the girl in the wardrobes and other places in the apartment without having taken any care as to leaving their own traces or for destroying or adulterating any traces that might be of interest to the investigation. The witness states that, at a given moment, the father of the missing girl led him to understand that he had already contacted the Sky News TV station and informed them of the situation.
As much the father as the girl’s mother looked quite worried with the situation and he can even confirm that the mother was very agitated and out of control, crying a lot and shouting in an uncontrolled manner, saying in English “They have taken her”. He remembers that he remained on the scene until about 04.00.

Estimated time between 0.30 and 1.00 am Two timelines written by Russel O’Brien on the covers ripped off Madeleine’s stickerbook are provided to the GNR officers.

Sometime between 0.30 and 1 a.m Kate calls her parents: "I had a phone call from Kate asking me to contact Father P.S. He’s a friend of Kate and Gerry’s. Paul married Kate and Gerry and baptised Madeleine and she needed to speak to him".

Sometime between 0.30 and 1 am, A.G., the owner of a bar at the marina in Vilamoura got a phonecall from an old customer: P.P., the human resources director from a public English organism. She calls him, upset: "She told me the daughter of British friends of her, who were vacationing close to Lagos, had disappeared over 3 hours ago, that they were completely alone and that nobody was helping them to search for her". P.P. confirms she was at Kate's parents house at the time.

At about 01.00 Matthew Oldfield was with J. H. (resort manager) when they knocked on Jeremy Wilkins’s door to ask if he had seen anything. It was them who told what had happened. Jez did not take part in any searches. He offered his help but was told it was not necessary.

1.02.08 am … calls Kate (2.23 minutes)

1.16.11 am Gerry calls A. M. UK Consulate(1.57 minutes)

1.29.58 am Phil McCann calls Gerry (3.36 minutes)

At about 1.30 that morning Kate called Father P. S. in a state of great agitation. He tried to calm her as well as he could saying that Madeleine could have had a bout of sleepwalking and that she would be all right. He remembesr that Kate was worried by the fact that Madeleine was wearing short sleeved pyjamas and that she could catch a cold. He felt that only a mother could think like that and say such a thing. He could perceive the trauma that Kate was experiencing from her voice. He led with prayers and other situations in his role as priest.
Gerry phoned him on the same night and he also seemed to me to be quite traumatised and at the same time very upset and angry. His Scottish accent, which was normally very slight, became so heavy that his sentences were almost incomprehensible

1.43.55 am … calls Gerry (3.29 minutes)

Estimated time: between 1.30 and 2.00 am Hotel manager E. L. K. remembers the police asking everyone to leave the apartment. She received a call from John informing her that he had arranged for another apartment for the McCanns. She went to reception and helped Lyndsey to move the two cots to the new apartment
The McCanns went to the new apartment and she remembers seeing Kate and Mrs Payne seated on the sofa, each holding one of the twins.

S. B. states that right after the PJ’s elements arrived, the child’s parents removed the twins from the cots where they still slept, and took them into the apartment on the first floor. At Kate’s request, the deponent removed the soft toys and a blanket from the cots, and also took them to the first floor. The babies’ cots were left only with the mattresses.

2.07.03 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

2.18.29 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

2.20.03 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

2.21.12 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

2.23.27 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

2.27.28 am Kate calls … (27 seconds)

Before 2.30 am (the time he left the scene) GNR Officer J. M. B. R. refers to a situation when he was searching outside, near the pool, that someone from the OC whom he cannot identify, passed him a mobile phone, as a British Consulate employee who spoke in Portuguese, wanted to talk to the authorities. Upon speaking to him, he told him that the investigation and subsequent actions were under the responsibility of the PJ.

about 02.00/02.30, as the child had not been found, PJ Inspector M. J. P. d. L. Q. decided to contact SEF at Faro airport with the aim of alerting them in case anyone would board accompanied by some child, whoever she was and those accompanying her should be duly identified, however the various calls made were not attended. In the face of this situation he contacted the Faro Station from the police and told them what was going on and asked them to alert the SEF.
He also decided to alert the GNR in Lagos so that they would send out a warning so that the car and foot patrols that were out on the ground would pay attention and identify cars with people out driving at that time who were accompanied by a child (children).

2.38.58 am Lynda and Mark call Kate (9.45 minutes)
“On the morning of 4 May 2007 the mother of Kate telephoned my mother who, in turn, telephoned me. My mother told me that something terrible had happened, that somebody had taken Madeleine. I later sent a text message to Kate that same night and
I spoke with her on the telephone. She was hysterical, saying only that she wanted to be able to hug Madeleine. She was worried by the fact that there were only two police officers in the place and thought that the police were not helping her with anything. She continued to speak about Madeleine, of the cold that she could feel since she was dressed only in pyjamas and continued to look at the situation from the perspective of Madeleine. She told me that Gerry was outside to find the girl and during the following day we spoke on the telephone and we frequently sent messages [to each other].”

2.53.49 am Kate calls Michelle and Jon (16 seconds)

GNR Officer N. F. P. d. C. refers to a situation at about 02 or 03.00, that the parents asked for a priest and his colleague had tried to contact one on his mobile, but did not manage to find one.
Hotel Manager E. L. K. remembers that on the night Madeleine disappeared, Kate wanted to contact the local priest, but it was not possible to reach him by phone.
S. B. mentions that at around 3 a.m. Madeleine’s parents asked for the presence of a priest on location. They didn’t explain the reason why they wanted a priest, but the deponent found the fact strange as there were no indications that the little girl was dead, and that’s the circumstance under which usually the presence of a priest is requested.

3.05.03 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

3.06.17 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

3.06.54 am Kate calls Michelle and Jon (5 seconds)

3.07.38 am Kate calls Jon Corner (3 seconds)

3.07.57 am Kate calls Michelle’s cellphone (3 seconds)

3.08.33 am Kate calls Michelle and Jon (3 seconds)

3.09.05 am Kate calls Michelle and Jon (4 seconds)

3.10.29 am Kate calls … (10 seconds)

3.20.21 am Kate calls Michelle and Jon (14 seconds)

3.23.28 am Jon Corner calls Kate (184 seconds)

3.28.46 am Jon Corner calls Kate (416 seconds)
Michelle Thompson statement: “Kate must have tried Jon’s mobile once as we stirred when it rang at about 03h20. Jon spoke briefly with Kate and then called her around 03h30. I knew that Kate and Gerry were on holidays in Portugal. Kate was very anguished and on the telephone and told me that she had checked on the children every half-hour. It was around 22h00, and when she went to check on the children she found that someone had entered the apartment and taken Madeleine from where she slept; that Madeleine had been abducted. The person must have entered, passed by the twins and taken her.
Kate continued that when she entered the apartment via the patio doors, a breeze hit her in the face as if a door or window was open. When she entered the children’s room, the window was open, the blind had been forced and Madeleine had disappeared. Kate urged me to call all the close family and to ask them to pray for Madeleine. My family is catholic and Kate knew this. Even though I am catholic, I have to admit that Kate has more faith than I. I did not speak to Gerry that night.”

3.31.13 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

3.55.21 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

3.55.56 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

4.03.44 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

4.05.40 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

4.12.33 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

4.14.41 am Gerry calls … (01 seconds) SMS

4.15.23 am Gerry calls … (01 seconds) SMS

4.15.43 am Gerry calls … (01 seconds) SMS

4.19.02 am Sue and Brian Healy call Gerry (01 seconds) SMS

4.20.34 am John McCann calls Gerry (01 seconds) SMS

4.22.12 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

Hotel manager E. L. K. left the new apartment at 04.30 in the morning after instructions from J.H. She was the last to leave, the police had already left, but she left her number saying that she was available for anything that might be needed.

4.31.30 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

4.31.41 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

4.36.30 am … calls Kate (17.27 minutes)

4.52.16 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

4.55.54 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

During the early morning in question PJ Inspector M. J. P. d. L. Q. received some telephone calls from people whom, with the exception of one, expressed themselves in Portuguese to ask whether an English girl had really disappeared in Lagos and about what was being done with relation to this and he informed them that this was true and that inquiries were being made in order to find her. One of these calls, from the person who did not express themselves in Portuguese but in English and which was received between 04.30 and 05.30, was made by someone who identified themselves as being from the Sky News TV chain and who requested the same information mentioned earlier.

6.02.08 am Mum mob calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.04.11 am Kate calls Mum mob (0 seconds) SMS

6.05.29 am Kate calls Amanda home (7.02 minutes)

6.08.17 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.18.17 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

6.34.53 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.35.23 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

6.39.38 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

6.47.42 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.47.54 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.48.05 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.59.12 am Jon Corner calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

6.59.44 am Kate calls Jon Corner (0 seconds) SMS

07.00 am GNR Officer P. J. F. N. saw the McCann couple at about 07.00 alone in the street next to the site where they were stationed.

7.06.06 am Sue and Brian Healy call Gerry (01 seconds) SMS

7.09.04 am John McCann calls Gerry (3.26 minutes)

7.15.19 am Gerry calls Angela Morado UK Consulate (4.51 minutes)

7.23.20 am … calls Gerry (5.53 minutes)

7.41.14 am Jill mob calls Kate (3.30 minutes)

7.44.48 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

7.46.36 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

7.48.12 am … calls Kate (373 seconds)

7.51.14 am … calls Kate (1.26 minutes)

8.06.14 am mum mob calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

8.07.52 am Kate calls mum mob (0 seconds) SMS

8.11.35 am Jill mob calls Kate (1.56 minutes)

8.21.21 am Jill mob calls Kate (153 seconds)

8.27.26 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

8.28.30 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

8.29.56 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

8.31.00 am Kate calls Michelle mob (3 seconds)

8.31.21 am Jill mob calls Kate (2.33 minutes)

8.34.09 am Kate calls … (32 seconds)

8.34.19 am Kate calls Jon Corner (61 seconds)

8.34.59 am voicemail calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

8.35.15 am Gerry calls Angela Morado, UK consulate (1.43 minutes)

8.35.21 am Kate calls voicemail (20 seconds)

8.36.03 am Kate calls voicemail (37 seconds)

8.45.20 am Kate calls … (136 seconds)

8.50.27 am Gerry calls Angela Morado, UK consulate (4.47 minutes)

8.51.42 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

8.52.41 am Kate calls Jon Corner (73 seconds)

8.56.15 am Kate calls Nuala (47 seconds)

8.57.17 am Jill mob calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.01.55 am … calls Gerry (1.46 minutes)

9.04.16 am … calls Gerry (1.28 minutes)

9.05.38 am anonymous number calls Gerry (2.12 minutes)

9.09.32 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.09.44 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.09.56 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.10.39 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

9.12.04 am Geteesha mob calls Kate (262 seconds)

9.14.28 am UK consulate in Portugal calls Gerry (3.58 minutes)

9.16.07 am … calls Gerry (1 second)

9.25.51 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.26.03 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.29.18 am Jill mob calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.33.11 am Michelle & Jon call Kate (5.35 minutes)

9.34.42 am Voicemail calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.45.21 am Fiona & Richard call Kate (1.45 minutes)

Estimated time 9.45 am Social worker Y. M. met the McCann couple next to the apartment from where the child had disappeared, accompanied by a third person, a male, who seemed quite familiar to her.
- This third person of the group appeared to be an intimate (friend) of the family as he was the one who, when the media arrived, began to explain what was happening and answering questions, thereby saving the couple from this upset. Afterwards, she further confirmed his closeness to the family when she saw him taking care of the couple’s twins, also small children.
- She identified herself and presented her credentials and immediately began talking to the mother of the missing child as she was visibly upset with the situation.
- During the conversation the mother told her that she did not understand why a couple had abducted her daughter.
Because she found it strange that Kate told her that her daughter had been taken by a couple, she tried to separate her from the other two individuals so that she could speak to her with more privacy, suggesting to Kate that they (Y and K) should enter the apartment, Kate aggressively rejected this idea and told her that they could speak on the street.
The witness then asked whether anyone from the Medical Centre had been with Kate as she was very agitated and needed some support, she was told they hadn’t.
At this point, Kate told her that her daughter had disappeared 13 hours ago. It was about 10 in the morning.
- However, the third individual overheard this conversation and interrupted Ms. Martin and took the McCann couple away from her.
- This same individual came shortly afterwards to tell her that the couple did not want to talk to her any further and did not require her help—an action that appeared quite strange to her.
- Meanwhile, she heard comments next to the complex reception that the British Consul was coming to the site and she decided to wait for this person in order to offer her help.
- During this time, she saw the third individual two more times. Firstly, when he was accompanying an older woman and the McCann twins, demonstrating in this way, the trust that the couple had in him by letting him take care of their two children. On the second occasion, he accompanied what appeared to her to be plain clothed police officers.
--YVONNE describes the third individual as follows:
Aged about 35 years
Of about 1,80 metres in height
Of normal physical appearance
Having short, dark hair
Using graduated glasses of small dimensions with rectangular lenses
Having a round face
Presenting a scar above his eyebrow and on his left cheek
Speaking with a Southern English accent
Wearing light trousers, cream or beige coloured, and a dark polo shirt.
– When she was back home, following the case on English television, she saw the same individual and this time, her initial doubt faded and she concluded that she had seen the face in the course of her professional activity in child protection, not being able to discern if he was a suspect/arguido or witness
- She clarifies that she is capable of making a photographic identification of the individual, and emphasises that with the identified photo it is possible to access the database of the British Police and ascertain whether the individual is related to any crimes involving children

9.46.24 am Jill mob calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.47.48 am Kate calls voicemail (58 seconds).

9.49.50 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.50.23 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.50.38 am Kate calls … (0 seconds) SMS

9.58.53 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.59.20 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

9.59.31 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

10.01.06 am … calls Kate (0 seconds) SMS

10.00 am, 12 hours after the disappearance, the British Consul from Portimão arrives. PJ tell him all that is going on. He is not satisfied and is heard talking on the phone saying the "PJ are doing nothing. " (GA)


on 4 May, the parents authorized the police to look at their cellphones to check for calls made and received:

Kate's phone: no calls made from 27April to 4 May; she received no calls from 11h22 on 2 May until 23h17 on 3 May

Gerry's phone: nothing prior to 00h15 on 4 May

However, inside Kate's phone there is a record of a call received from Gerry at 11h17, 3 May. But no record of the call on Gerry's phone. It had been erased. (GA).


by Kazlux

Thank Kazlux Joana & astro.


by Kazlux Thank Kazlux Joana & astro.http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: 21 April 2009 Timeline .by Kazlux ( Joana Morais)

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