Team McCann in the dock

By thentherewere4

It's not often that we the mere posters and complainers get to see the discomfort first hand that our march for truth and reason sometimes causes.

Gerry appeared before a parlimentary committee the other day, and although not alot happened there was a small amount of comfort to be had in the disruption caused to the MccTeam by the presence of just one man. That man was Tony Bennett.

I felt duty bound to download the entire 150 Mbs (that's 1 hr 32mins) of Gerrys whinny Glasweigan voice, and his words, will in due course be published here as a transcript.

There are no highlights or directors cuts. Gerry simply sits there and lies like there no tomorrow, portraying himself to be the victim of whatever it is he is the victim of today.

This is all very well for Gerry Mccann, and whilst the truth about what the papers did or didn't say might not be his real concern, to us our only concern is the whereabouts of his daughter, and not his bruised feelings.
Gerry Mccann really should be more cautious. One day these words may come back to bite him.

There was one sequence of events which demonstrates the very real threat that Tony Bennett and the 3A's Team presents to Gerry Mccann and his partners in crime Adam Tudor and Clarence Mitchell.

I have posted as a title to each still the times of the grabs for those who would rather watch the original. As a reference point members of the public enter the room from the left of your screen and then seat themselves in the room, usually out of sight under or behind the camera position.

Click here to see the rest of the stills and the excellent observations.

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