Robert Murat's FIRST speech - to be recorded by ITN

By Tony Bennett, The Madeleine Foundation

Information received from a source in Cambridge University.

The Madeleine Foundation does not plan to attend; is anyone else on this Forum able to go? [Cambridge Union members only allowed - same rules as Oxford Union]:


The Cambridge Union invites you to join us in what is Robert Murat's first-ever public speech, and what should be an extremely lively debate, to be covered by ITN.

DEBATE: This house believes that tabloids do more harm than good

Speakers include:


Robert Murat - successful litigant against British newspapers after being falsely accused of being involved in the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Speaking with...

Louis Charalambous, lawyer at Simons Muirhead and Burton.

Michael White - Assistant Editor and columnist, The Guardian

Lembit Opik - Liberal Democrat MP and tabloid staple. Complains to the PCC every time a newspaper says that he dumped Sian Lloyd (she dumped him).


Murray Morse - Editor in Chief, Sport Newspapers

Peter Bazalgette - former Chief Creative Officer of Endemol, who brought Big Brother and Deal or No Deal to the UK. Said to be the man who has 'done more to debase television' than anyone. Former President, Cambridge Union Society.

[NOTE: Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of 'The Sun', was originally billed to appear for the opposition but his name does not appear on the latest Cambridge Union inforamtion sheet]
Source: Tony Bennett at the 3 arguidos: Robert Murat's FIRST speech - to be recorded by ITN
Joana Morais: Robert Murat, former arguido in the Maddie Case joins tabloid press debate