Paulo Sargento: "Fibs, Mister Mitchell, Fibs!"

by Paulo Sargento

Those who have been following the ‘Maddie’ phenomenon with some attention, verified that the month of January, particularly its second week, was fecund in events that I have already focused on, in a previous post. But the month of March, with the preambles and eclosion of Spring, has brought us some very interesting data.

On the first day of this month of spring, British newspaper ‘The Independent’ published an article about Clarence Mitchell that bore the title: “I am a decent human being. If I can help them, I will”. This article announced a conference by Mitchell at the Oxford Union “following in the footsteps of Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and [picture this] Kermit the Frog”. Don’t laugh, because I’m not making irony here. This sentence is from ‘The Independent’ on the 1st of March. Concerning the Muppet Show, I’ve always preferred the madness of ‘Animal’, the drummer, or the luxurious seduction of Miss Piggy (now, you can have a laugh!).

What was the purpose of these ‘news’?

a) To prepare the announcement of the extinction of the biggest source of income for the McCanns, for Mitchell and for Método 3 – Brian Kennedy;

b) To initiate a campaign to clear the image of Clarence Mitchell, preparing the ground for ‘other waters’;

c) To clear the path for Gerry McCann’s appearance in Parliament;

d) To prepare public opinion for the “circus to come to town”, or more exactly, to the village of Luz;

e) Because there were approximately two months to go for the – unfortunate – second anniversary of Maddie’s death.

f) And as such, a few surprises are expected!

Full article translated by astro: Maddie case: cleaning with dirty water or “the circus is back to the village”?

source: Paulo Sargento: Câmara de Comuns, 29.03.2009
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