Paulo Reis: Why haven't the McCanns sued any Portuguese newspapers?

The McCann couple may return to Portugal in May.

After insulting the country, the people, the institutions, the legal system and the police, these careless parents think that Portuguese people just forget all of those insults.

I hope Gerry and Kate go to Praia da Luz. I'm sure local population will prepare a nice welcome for them.

By the way, does anyone know why didn't Mr. Gerry McCann filed a complaint against the daily newspaper that wrote, on it's front page, that he was not the biological father of Madeleine McCann?

And why the McCann decide not to prosecute any Portuguese newspaper?

By Paulo Reis

Or Gonçalo Amaral for that matter:

"There were gestures and words indicating the existence of a child molester within that group of people"

The Maddie Affair: The parents did it

"If the McCanns admit that their daughter is dead, they can no longer collect money from the Maddie fund, and that's a lot of money, over one million pounds. That's why they say that the girl was abducted."

“Madeleine is dead; where she is buried, I do not know"