MPs who have received '60 Reasons' from The Madeleine Foundation

A Yard-High Pile of '60 Reasons' Booklets for MPs, thanks to the generosity of 3As members

Photo (15 March 2009) shows Tony Bennett at home writing a letter to another MP; behind him is a yard-high pile of envelopes (check the ruler next to the envelopes) containing over 100 booklets ready to be sent to MPs. Donations from 3As members look likely to total over £1,000 - enough to cover the cost of reaching all the U.K.'s 646 MPs with a booklet, plus a covering letter urging them to call for a public inquiry or inquest, in the U.K. or in Portugal, into all the circumstances surrounding Madeleine McCann's 'disappearance'

The complete list of MP's who have received a copy of "60 Reasons" can be found here