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27 Mar 2009

Letter from Rothley resident to Madeleine Foundation

Rothley scarred by the McCanns

By Tony Bennett

This letter arrived at The Madeleine Foundation yesterday from someone who lives in a village very close to Rothley, Leicestershire, and who has just read '60 Reasons'.

Dear Tony,

Well, since its arrival I have read your booklet from beginning to end. It was a real page turner.

I have to declare from the onset that I have always had my doubts about Madeleine and her 'disappearance' and the bullet points in this booklet have done nothing but re-inforce my opinion.

That little girl died that evening, either in the apartment or outside at the bottom on the steps leading up to it. I always wondered if she awoke and went to look for her Mummy and Daddy and fell in the process and one of the 'diners' found her and decided to make it look like an abduction and hence their complete and devastating silence.

Or of course she could have had a genuine accident inside the apartment which led to her death and they panicked and hatched this plan. Either way I have always felt that sadly she was dead.

There are many things that have never been analysed and one of them is the constant and devastating effect the British Government at its highest level have had on the investigation.

I said at the time that if it had been a single mother on holiday with her children and she had left them home alone and this had genuinely happened she would have been arrested the next day and been imprisoned and the remaining children taken into care.

Why did the McCanns being middle class Doctors make this 'so right' to leave three little children home alone in the dark for hours at a time evening after evening so they could wine and dine with friends?

It smells so strongly over a complete cover up in high places.

Why has no one so far been brave enough to fight this litigious pair and ask the questions me and many people I know are asking?

It will all start again very soon on the second anniversary of her disappearance i.e. 3rd May.

We will have to endure the media parked on our doorsteps again, being very intrusive to the life of a small and until recently very quiet village with no particular claim to fame and we certainly did not want this type of fame.

You are correct that in Rothley and the many surrounding villages people are completely divided on this subject and it is not welcomed if anyone has an opinion either way.

It is a strange situation in a country where we have 'free speech' - or do we?

May I ask you where you hope this will go? Do you hope for further enquiries to be made or do you fear like me that the powers-that-be will close down any suggestions for this to take place?

Nothing would be more joyful than Madeleine being found alive and well, but I fear this day will never dawn and many people know exactly what happened on that night in Portugal and it only takes one person to be a little more forthcoming and who knows where it could lead?

Best regards,

[name withheld]
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