Inquest for Madeleine McCann: "You may well have a case"

By Tony Bennett, The Madeleine Foundation

A civil servant who has asked not to be named has spoken to us at The Madeleine Foundation.

She has pointed out that the Attorney-General's Department has a limited remit and role in terms of the holding of Inquests.

In discussing our case that a British girl and British citizen who may be assumed dead as the result of an abduction or other incident abroad should be entitled to an Inquest (or otjher judical enquiry) in the country where she may have died, rather than in the U.K., she conceded: "You may well have a case".

She advised that letters be sent to both the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Justice, setting out our case for the Portuguese authorities to be formally approached by the relevant British authorities to ensure that - if a criminal charge is not going to be brought against anyone in respect of Madeleine's disappearance - there should nevertherless be an Inquest or other judical enquiry into the circumstances of Madeleine's assumed/presumed death.

So we will now make that approach to both the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Justice.

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