The conduct of Stephen Dorrell regarding Maddie McCann is completely unacceptable

By 'Goodforyou' on the 3 arguidos

Stephen Dorrell is the MP for Madeleine McCann. He is the one MP we would expect to stand up for Madeleine. The one MP we would expect to be asking the right questions. The one MP we should expect to demand an inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is what he had to say about the letter asking for an inquest and the 60 Reasons book:

"I think this is a matter for the mccann family and that the book potentially libels them. That's something that must be taken up between the family and the publishers.

"The book makes a series of assertions that shouldn't be made about anyone without proof.

"I think it would have been a lot better if this had not been done."

What we learn from these quotes.

Stephen Dorrell has tried to dismiss and discredit everything that is in both the letter and the booklet sent by Tony Bennett


He will not consider one single reason to doubt the McCann story.

He will not entertain the idea of the British government interference.

He will not entertain the idea that there should be an inquest to inquire about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine

He has dismissed the book as potentially libellous - without giving a single example of anything in it he disagrees with and he has obviously decided an inquiry is not required.

Remember this is the very man who demanded an inquiry into leaks about the statement that suggested Madeleine had asked why her parents did not come home when she was crying.

He decided to imply to the media that the Portuguese were responsible for the leaks.

Stephen Dorrell spoke direct to the media and demanded that an "investigation of the Portuguese government" takes place.

"I think this is an official investigation of the Portuguese Government and this is a very sensitive case. I think clearly these are official records that have been leaked.

"It's an issue that should be taken up with the Portuguese authorities by the Foreign Office.

"I intend to take it to the Foreign Office myself."

This is Leicestershire (12th April 2008)

The PJ subsequently released a statement saying that the suggestion they leaked the statement was "completely false."

His statements to the media were just part of an orchestrated stategy by the McCanns to smear the Portuguese investigation

The alleged leaks themselves were dismissed by the McCann spin machine as "smears." It would be the first time in history that somebody has been smeared by having their own words repeated. All Stephen Dorrell was concerned about was smearing the Portuguese in public and protecting the McCanns.

Stephen Dorrell is the very man who should represent Madeleine McCann.

He wanted an inquiry about the Portuguese Government.

But discredits the idea that there should be an inquiry for Madeleine.


His priorities are clear

He will protect the McCanns. He will do so in the media. He will smear the PJ and the Portuguese government in the media. He will attempt to discredit Mr Bennett's book.

But what will he do about allegations about the British government?


But what will he do for Madeleine?

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