Campaign to find the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann


By 'Good for you'

Let’s face it, the McCanns have been treated like royalty by the British Establishment.

They had special treatment from Day One by the media - "We all do it!“ "The beast who took Madeleine!“ "Madeleine who was abducted!" “Up yours Senor!” "The bumbling PJ" "The disgraced Amaral"- a thousand stories protecting the McCanns and smearing others - and yet the tabloids then PAID them and their Tapas friends.

Then we have the police who gave Gerry McCann a standing ovation in July 2007 and politicians who have interfered in this case, putting unprecedented pressure on the Portuguese to change the outcome of the investigation.

There are questions that need answers - by the McCanns and by those who have stuck their noses in, when the Portuguese police and the Portuguese prosecutor should have been left to get on with their job with the full co-operation of the British authorities.

Can you believe that the negligent McCanns, who admitted leaving their children alone for the evening several nights in a row, were given the red carpet treatment by MEPs to act as ambassadors for child protection at the European Parliament, as arranged by the wife of the head of the Press Complaints Commission?

Can you believe that our elected Members of Parliament would listen to Gerry McCann (accompanied by former Blair and Brown spin doctor Clarence Mitchell) to help them to decide how to regulate the media? Two people who have manipulated the media most - Gerry McCann and Clarence Mitchell - are now set to influence government policy on controlling free speech.

Don't any of those politicians see any irony?

I got thinking - what if those MPs at that Select Committee, listening to Gerry McCann, had actually read Tony Bennett’s '60 Reasons' book? Or if they had even just got their secretaries to skim through and give a them a summary? How much do most of our MPs actually know about this case? The very people who should know, need to be informed. If just one MP looked at this case seriously and asked the right questions about why there has been so much political interference, we could achieve real progress in finding justice for Madeleine.

We need to inform our MPs. They are there to work for us. They need to be informed, then we are in a position to demand answers from them.

So I am proposing that we join forces in a campaign to get the message out there to every single MP in Britain. I have contacted Mr Bennett and told him that I planned to create a thread that would become the basis of a campaign to for us to buy a book for all our MPs. Even if you live outside the UK, a contribution could help in the quest for truth and a book can be sent on your behalf to an MP in Britain.

Mr Bennett has agreed that The Madeleine Foundation will discount the books and give way some books free to MPs. I will also donate books. Discounts will be offered for multiple purchases for books to several MPs (more information below).

Just to be clear, I am not part of The Madeleine Foundation and never directly contacted Mr Bennett until I consulted him about this idea. I am doing this because I believe his book needs to get out there to our elected representatives and I asked for his support.

I am therefore asking all readers of this post if you can help make this campaign a success, because just one MP determined to get at the truth could make all the difference. Obviously we should appreciate that for this campaign to work, the members of The Madeleine Foundation involved will be putting in a lot of hours enveloping, labelling and posting books and processing payments. They will not be making any profit and will give up their time to get the message out. Please show your support.

Even if you’ve never posted on the3Arguidos, your help could make a difference.

To those who are new to The3Arguidos or are unfamiliar with Mr Bennett’s book, you can learn more at the link given below. Whatever theory you might believe in regarding this case, it is without doubt that there are many questions that need answers, not only about the behaviour of the McCanns but about the behaviour of the British government. This is not about party politics. Politicians of all three main British parties have involved themselves in this case in ways that could influence the course of justice.