3 Arguidos member gets a result from a complaint!

By 'viv'

I wish to complain about the above article.

As a BBC licence payer I think I am entitled to see the BBC behave in a responsible and honest manner promoting law, order, respect for missing children and above all the work of the police. I am one of what I know are thousands of members of the public who find the conduct of Kate and Gerry McCann to be clearly indicative that they are responsible for the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. I do not think it is reasonable that you should allow them to, on the one hand go to a Select Committee and bitterly complain about press coverage of their case and then on the other just allow the BBC to be used by them whenever they wish to start another stunt suggesting they are trying to find Madeleine.

I have an enduring image of the McCanns on Madeleine's 4th birthday in PDL, Gerry McCann in particular laughing like it was some huge joke, just nine days after he had lost her and showing the most incredible conduct on her birthday of all days. I also have an enduring image of having read the contradictory statements they have given to the police and the rest of their child neglecting friends. The BBC should not be promoting these people as reasonable and law abiding parents who care for their children. Why do the McCanns only want to make appeals at Christmas and Anniversaries, this is just sickening sentimentality. Any normal parent would draw no such distinction, they would always be physically looking for their child and properly spending the money they public/press etc gave in doing so. We have seen how they squandered money in the published accounts with more going to lawyers, media monitoring etc than to any search. Such supposed search as there was by a criminal outfit Metodo 3 under investigation and one of them Jimenez their so called lead investigator languishing in prison for attempting to steal millions of pounds worth of cocaine. This lunatic bunch told us Maddie would be home Christmas 2007.

How does the BBC expect any rational person to have faith in Kate and Gerry McCann, or how they have chosen to squander public money so generously donated? The end of the article you quote suggesting people anon contact their investigators without so much as a number to even do so is disgraceful. Any missing child deserves to have investigations conducted by the police not some anon and utterly criminal and hopeless investigators who work for parents who are so clearly culpable in Madeleine's demise. How on earth can you justify telling the public to do this, rather than behaving lawfully and for Madeleine, by contacting the Police. It is an absolute disgrace!

Response from BBC:

Thanks for your e-mail. There's no doubt that there is a huge amount of
public interest in this story, and while many people may share your
views, others do not. We are often criticised for not following up on
stories, and we feel that there are many readers who will want to know
what is happening as far as Madeleine is concerned. Whatever one's
opinion on the case, it is the story of missing child, after all.

However, I'm not sure we should be appearing to endorse a private
investigation by asking people to submit anonymous information and that
paragraph has now been removed.

Kind regards,

Ian Jolly
News website
Thursday, 26 March 2009 16:38:00 o'clock GMT


Source: 'viv' at the 3 arguidos:
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