Kate and Gerry McCann want to return to television

With little over a month to go for the second anniversary of the disappearance of Maddie, the little English girl that went missing in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, are once again negotiating a television interview, during which they expect to launch a new public appeal, according to a source close to the couple.

According to the same source, the McCann couple’s interview would be recorded in England, but equally broadcast in our country, as there are contacts with a Portuguese television channel which, as usual, would be prepared to make a financial contribution to the fund that was created after Madeleine’s alleged abduction.

Kate and Gerry McCann – as 24Horas had already reported – are equally considering the possibility of travelling into our country, to the Algarve, to mark the second anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance and to reinforce the campaign that is presently being carried out in the area of Praia da Luz and its surroundings.

The announcement of a television interview with the couple has even surprised the British professionals in the sector, as earlier this month, Madeleine’s father had issued violent criticism against the work of English and Portuguese journalists, in front of a parliamentary commission.

After refusing to cooperate with the PJ in the official inquest into their daughter’s disappearance, Kate and Gerry, already as arguidos, abandoned Portugal with the assistance of diplomatic representatives of the United Kingdom in our country. An escape that was recorded and broadcast live by various television channels.

The McCanns stopped being arguidos when the Public Ministry decided to archive the process, which currently awaits better evidence, after Gonçalo Amaral left and the process was handed over to Paulo Rebelo, who did nothing to pursue the line of inquiry that had been opened in the first months of the investigation, as the PJ’s final report proves.

Several diligences remained to be carried out, including the reconstitution of the gestures and movements of the nine English adults who accompanied Maddie in Praia da Luz and who, according to their own statements to Portuguese and British authorities, were always very contradictory. Several Spanish, English and Irish witnesses were never heard in the process.

Duarte Levy

Kate and Gerry escape Portugal

Paulo Sargento: "Fibs, Mister Mitchell, Fibs!"

by Paulo Sargento

Those who have been following the ‘Maddie’ phenomenon with some attention, verified that the month of January, particularly its second week, was fecund in events that I have already focused on, in a previous post. But the month of March, with the preambles and eclosion of Spring, has brought us some very interesting data.

On the first day of this month of spring, British newspaper ‘The Independent’ published an article about Clarence Mitchell that bore the title: “I am a decent human being. If I can help them, I will”. This article announced a conference by Mitchell at the Oxford Union “following in the footsteps of Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and [picture this] Kermit the Frog”. Don’t laugh, because I’m not making irony here. This sentence is from ‘The Independent’ on the 1st of March. Concerning the Muppet Show, I’ve always preferred the madness of ‘Animal’, the drummer, or the luxurious seduction of Miss Piggy (now, you can have a laugh!).

What was the purpose of these ‘news’?

a) To prepare the announcement of the extinction of the biggest source of income for the McCanns, for Mitchell and for Método 3 – Brian Kennedy;

b) To initiate a campaign to clear the image of Clarence Mitchell, preparing the ground for ‘other waters’;

c) To clear the path for Gerry McCann’s appearance in Parliament;

d) To prepare public opinion for the “circus to come to town”, or more exactly, to the village of Luz;

e) Because there were approximately two months to go for the – unfortunate – second anniversary of Maddie’s death.

f) And as such, a few surprises are expected!

Full article translated by astro: Maddie case: cleaning with dirty water or “the circus is back to the village”?

source: Paulo Sargento: Câmara de Comuns, 29.03.2009
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Paulo Sargento article

North Yorkshire Police advise public not to donate to missing chef appeal

A website set up in the name of missing chef Claudia Lawrence which asks for public donations is being investigated by police.

The 35-year-old was last seen on 18 March after leaving the University of York's Goodricke College, where she worked as a chef.

North Yorkshire Police said neither they nor Miss Lawrence's family had any connection to the site.

The public are being advised not to make donations.

Full story on BBC News
Meanwhile, Leicestershire Police continue to encourage members of the public to donate to the McCanns Fraudulent Fund, even after they were declared official suspects when evidence suggested that Madeleine had not been abducted but had died in their holiday apartment and her body was concealed.

The McCann Million Dollar Challenge
contact the police

The Leicestershire police force in England should be made aware of the statement by the McCanns. Time is of the essence as all the time spent looking for a man with no connection to the case falsely labeled as the "probable" abductor, more time is wasted that could be used to find the very people who were involved in what really happened to Madeleine.

We must exert increasing pressure to correct any false statements that could divert from finding out what really happened. The Leicestershire Police Force endorse the McCann website by linking it to their website. They need to be held to account and questions need to be asked of them.

1/ Do the Leicestershire police agree with the McCann website that a man seen by a Mrs. G. Cooper probably abducted Madeleine?

2/ Is there any information that any particular man was "Madeleine's probable abductor?"

3/ If so, why has this information never been released to the public?

4/ If not, how can they be helping the search for Madeleine by referring the public to a dishonest website that makes that claim?

5/ Are the Leicestershire police going to continue to aid a deception or are they either going to remove the website link or insist the McCanns remove the false statement?

Please help get the answers we need by contacting the Leicestershire police:

Email: professional.standards@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

Telephone: 0116 222 2222. From outside United Kindom 44 116 222 2222

Write: Leicestershire Constabulary, Force Headquarters, St Johns, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 2BX, UK

Paulo Reis: Why haven't the McCanns sued any Portuguese newspapers?

The McCann couple may return to Portugal in May.

After insulting the country, the people, the institutions, the legal system and the police, these careless parents think that Portuguese people just forget all of those insults.

I hope Gerry and Kate go to Praia da Luz. I'm sure local population will prepare a nice welcome for them.

By the way, does anyone know why didn't Mr. Gerry McCann filed a complaint against the daily newspaper that wrote, on it's front page, that he was not the biological father of Madeleine McCann?

And why the McCann decide not to prosecute any Portuguese newspaper?

By Paulo Reis

Or Gonçalo Amaral for that matter:

"There were gestures and words indicating the existence of a child molester within that group of people"

The Maddie Affair: The parents did it

"If the McCanns admit that their daughter is dead, they can no longer collect money from the Maddie fund, and that's a lot of money, over one million pounds. That's why they say that the girl was abducted."

“Madeleine is dead; where she is buried, I do not know"

Kerry Needham talks about the lack of government assistance in finding Ben

By Melanie McFadyean

"Gordon Brown was reported to have intervened when the McCanns were frustrated by lack of progress in the investigation. Encouraged by this, Kerry wrote to Gordon Brown. It took him three months to respond and his reply, when it came, gave her no hope."

When Madeleine McCann went missing, in May 2007, from the bedroom of her parents' holiday villa in Portugal while they had dinner nearby, it started one of the biggest international media stories of recent years. The same photograph of Madeleine, a pretty blonde three-year-old with a distinctive black mark in the iris of one eye, was published day after day, as were pictures of her parents, Kate McCann, a GP, and Gerry McCann, a heart specialist, from Leicester, always close together, with Kate holding Cuddle Cat, Madeleine's favourite toy.

Around the world people watched as they were flown from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz, in the jet owned by billionaire retailer Sir Philip Green, to meet Pope Benedict XVI in Rome; as wealthy benefactors, Sir Richard Branson among them, donated time and money to their cause. They spoke directly to Gordon Brown on the phone. Diplomats supported them. Clarence Mitchell, a former BBC journalist, left his job in the government's Central Office of Information's Media Monitoring Unit to run "team McCann" and act as gatekeeper to the huge press onslaught. The children's author JK Rowling, the footballer Wayne Rooney and pop entrepreneur Simon Cowell contributed to the £2.5m reward.

When Ben Needham disappeared from a farmhouse on the Greek island of Kos, in July 1991, while being looked after by his grandparents, the reaction was very different. He was 21 months old, as blond and photogenic as Madeleine McCann, but this was before mobile phones, the internet, the instant transmission of news; before Princess Diana's death legitimised the public emotion that accompanies so many catastrophes. And Kerry Needham and Simon Ward, an unmarried couple from a Sheffield housing estate, didn't have the same appeal as the professional, middle-class McCanns.

Full article here: The Observer
The 3 arguidos: Observer Magazine 29/03/09 (merged)

WENDY MURPHY: Dead little girls + drugs = suspicion of child porn

The Patriot Ledger
Posted Mar 28, 2009 @ 05:00 AM

When children die – and parents are potential suspects – we often talk about abuse and neglect.

But when sedatives are found in a child’s body or at a crime scene, we need to talk about something else, too.

Child pornography.

The FBI has long taught about the use of sedative drugs in the making of child porn. Benzodiazepines such as Valium and Klonopin – and cheap alternatives such as chloroform – are commonly used to keep kids calm. Many of these drugs also cause short-term amnesia such that the victim has little or no memory of the event when the drugs wear off.

It’s scary to think that ANYONE would do such a thing to a child, but get this: According to the U.S. Attorney General, child porn is a multi-billion dollar industry and the people most likely to be making it are the victims’ parents.

This sick “industry” not only destroys innocent souls – it is a life-threatening “business” because the build-up of sedatives in kids’ bodies can cause deadly seizures.

If we’re going to protect children from this scourge, we have to talk more openly about it, especially during high profile cases when millions of people are watching.

Take the following stories, for example, though it should be emphasized that we have not heard from law enforcement whether there is any correlation between the deaths of these little girls and child porn.

JonBenet Ramsey was a beautiful dyed-blonde 6-year-old when she was found dead in the basement of her home. The day her body was found, her parents hired criminal attorneys and refused to submit to separate police interviews. Three search warrants were issued for child porn, and while police said none was found in the home, we really don’t know the details of what if anything was found elsewhere – or why they were looking for child porn – because the files in the case are being withheld from public view. We DO know that undigested pineapple was found in the child’s stomach and we know that a bowl of pineapple found on the kitchen table was taken as evidence, presumably tested for the presence of drugs. But we don’t know the results because, again, the file is being hidden. We also know that the child had “chronic” vaginal injuries including an “eroded” hymen, which many experts say is evidence of prior ongoing sexual abuse. When the parents eventually agreed to be interviewed by police, they were asked at length about sedatives in the home, such as Xanax and Klonopin.

Caylee Anthony was a sweet little 2-year-old when she “went missing” from her home in Florida. Her body was later found and her mother stands charged with her murder, in part because she failed to report Caylee missing for more than a month, and then lied about the circumstances of her disappearance. Human decomposition was found in the trunk of her mother’s car – along with Caylee’s hair and traces of chloroform. Law enforcement officials said that photographs of Caylee had recently been deleted from her mother’s computer.

Maddie McCann was an adorable 4-year-old who “went missing” from her hotel room in Portugal while on vacation with her British parents. The child’s hair and human decomposition were reportedly found in the trunk of her parents’ rental car. Early news reports indicated Maddie had been sedated by her parents to keep her asleep in the hotel room while they socialized nearby. The parents hired criminal attorneys and, after Maddie’s mom was named a suspect, she refused to answer police questions.

I don’t know if these cases are related to child porn. But I’m certain of three things. 1. Sedating victims is common. 2. The most valuable child porn depicts young, cute kids. 3. All three cases involve sedatives and young, cute kids.

According to the federal government, demand for child porn has skyrocketed because of the Internet, and will continue to rise unless we do a better job recognizing and talking about the problem when we see it.

It won’t be easy – in part because this stuff happens in secret, but also because we resist thinking about things that don’t feel good – and let’s face it – it doesn’t feel very good to believe parents sell their children for sex and porn.

But what’s more important? Children – or the comfort of our denial?

Wendy Murphy is a leading victims rights advocate and nationally recognized television legal analyst. She is an adjunct professor at New England Law in Boston and radio talk show host. She can be reached at wmurphy@nesl.edu


Source: Wendy Murphy: Patriot Ledger


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Team McCircus gearing up for new Anniversary Waltz into Praia da Luz

Sunday March 29,2009

By Tracey Kandohla and James Murray

THE parents of Madeleine McCann are planning to give a rare television interview to make a fresh appeal for information which they hope could lead to her being found.

Kate and Gerry McCann are also considering flying out to Portugal in the coming weeks to boost their renewed efforts there for a breakthrough in the run-up to the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance on May 3.

A source close to the couple said: “Discussions are taking place now to work out what to do for the anniversary. One idea is for a television appeal from one or both of them.”

As part of the new drive, 10,000 leaflets will be handed out to people who live on the Algarve in the coming weeks and large posters have also been put up.

Kate and Gerry have also updated their website with a new heartfelt message. They said: “Can you imagine a little girl or boy out there, hoping and waiting to be found but for people then to write them off, forget about them, just because there’s been no ‘news’?

“We urge you to remember Madeleine as a real, living and fundable findable little girl. In spite of all the investigative work done, there is still absolutely nothing to suggest harm to Madeleine and therefore, a very real likelihood that Madeleine is alive and well. It is vital that we never, ever give up on Madeleine.”

Their missing daughter was very much in their thoughts when the couple celebrated Mother’s Day with their other children, twins Amelie and Sean, both three, at a church service last weekend near their home in Rothley, Leicestershire. Amelie, who bares a striking resemblance to Madeleine, clapsed her sister’s favourite Cuddle Cat toy tightly in her hand throughout the service.

For Kate, who looked happy and relaxed, it was her second Mother’s Day without Madeleine, now five. Web-users around the world still pay tribute to Madeleine who vanished from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz while her parents dined nearby.

They continue to post their own messages on YouTube with pictures of Madeleine. The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “What goes on the internet has not been sanctioned by Kate and Gerry. We just hope that anything about Madeleine is supportive and genuine.”
Source: Sunday Express

Have your say IS available from the 3 Arguidos because Clarence Mitchell doesn't control it yet:

"All of this, of course, presupposes that Madeleine won't be found prior to the anniversary of her disappearance.

Why publicize these actions more than a month ahead of the event?


They land themselves in it every time."
"Perhaps this whole poster debacle is a cover for a trip they must make? You know after Gerry's visit. Instead of them both trying to sneak in and out without being spotted."
"well we won't hold our breathe on the visit..which leads to the question ..Then why not do a reconstruction???"
This is shocking if true. They are now using Amelie 'clutching cuddlecat' with that stinky death smell. Ewww!

Portugal News Online: Fresh appeal to find Madeleine focuses on Algarve

Pearls of Kate, Gerry and Clarence
"Britain is suffering a shortage of home grown clowns"


Government response to child neglect petition

By Tony Bennett

Here's the official government response to the petition I launched on 11 February 2008 (closed 10 Februay 2009) calling for it to be made a criminal offence to leave children under 12 home alone, without reasonable excuse:

Friday 27 March 2009

No-to-neglect - epetition response

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring in a new law to make it a criminal offence to leave children aged under 12 on their own.”

Details of Petition:

“More and more children aged under 12 are being left on their own at home by their parents without proper supervision. The law on this point is totally unclear and appears to be covered only by the 1933 Children and Young Persons Act. The topic of young children being left on their own has been in the news in the past year and it is submitted that now is a good time to review existing laws. The dangers to young children of being left on their own are numerous and potentially very serious. The law should deter people with children under 12 from even thinking about leaving them on their own.”

· Read the petition
· Petitions homepage

Read the Government’s response

Government does not bring up children - parents do, and it is parents who are best placed to decide when their child or children may be left alone. Parents should consider not just the age of their children but wider issues of development, resilience and maturity.

There is no statute that sets out a minimum age below which a child may be left alone. If anyone has concerns about the welfare of a child who is left alone, irrespective of their age, they should follow the standard procedures set out in Working Together to Safeguarding Children for making a referral to either the Local Authority children’s social care services or the police. These statutory agencies will then follow their normal processes for assessing whether the child is a child in need or at risk of suffering harm and deciding what action should be taken to safeguard the child’s welfare.
3 arguidos: Official govt. response to 'children home alone' petition

Baby P died of horrific injuries despite being referred to Social Services, the NHS, and the police

Letter from Rothley resident to Madeleine Foundation

Rothley scarred by the McCanns

By Tony Bennett

This letter arrived at The Madeleine Foundation yesterday from someone who lives in a village very close to Rothley, Leicestershire, and who has just read '60 Reasons'.

Dear Tony,

Well, since its arrival I have read your booklet from beginning to end. It was a real page turner.

I have to declare from the onset that I have always had my doubts about Madeleine and her 'disappearance' and the bullet points in this booklet have done nothing but re-inforce my opinion.

That little girl died that evening, either in the apartment or outside at the bottom on the steps leading up to it. I always wondered if she awoke and went to look for her Mummy and Daddy and fell in the process and one of the 'diners' found her and decided to make it look like an abduction and hence their complete and devastating silence.

Or of course she could have had a genuine accident inside the apartment which led to her death and they panicked and hatched this plan. Either way I have always felt that sadly she was dead.

There are many things that have never been analysed and one of them is the constant and devastating effect the British Government at its highest level have had on the investigation.

I said at the time that if it had been a single mother on holiday with her children and she had left them home alone and this had genuinely happened she would have been arrested the next day and been imprisoned and the remaining children taken into care.

Why did the McCanns being middle class Doctors make this 'so right' to leave three little children home alone in the dark for hours at a time evening after evening so they could wine and dine with friends?

It smells so strongly over a complete cover up in high places.

Why has no one so far been brave enough to fight this litigious pair and ask the questions me and many people I know are asking?

It will all start again very soon on the second anniversary of her disappearance i.e. 3rd May.

We will have to endure the media parked on our doorsteps again, being very intrusive to the life of a small and until recently very quiet village with no particular claim to fame and we certainly did not want this type of fame.

You are correct that in Rothley and the many surrounding villages people are completely divided on this subject and it is not welcomed if anyone has an opinion either way.

It is a strange situation in a country where we have 'free speech' - or do we?

May I ask you where you hope this will go? Do you hope for further enquiries to be made or do you fear like me that the powers-that-be will close down any suggestions for this to take place?

Nothing would be more joyful than Madeleine being found alive and well, but I fear this day will never dawn and many people know exactly what happened on that night in Portugal and it only takes one person to be a little more forthcoming and who knows where it could lead?

Best regards,

[name withheld]
Discussion: 3 Arguidos: A letter from a village near Rothley, Leicestershire

Praia da Luz scarred by the McCanns

Torn Maddie Posters versus Torn Maddie Book

Maddie's book torn to save their own skins
Madeleine's book

Madeleine's parents ripped off both covers, the front and the back, from a book belonging to Madeleine, in order to write on the inside the timing for each person. Russell O'Brien was involved with the drawing up of the timing. The book was seized by the GNR on the night of the disappearance. It is to be noted that the writing down of the timing on the inside of the book covers was done before the police arrived on the spot. These covers would be attached to the case file, as elements of the investigation, on September 7th 2007, although seized during the night of 3rd to 4th May. Here are the terms on which the seizure document was based.

Terms of seizure:

At this time, it is considered of interest to the investigation to attach to the present deed, two covers of a child's book, on the inside covers of which is a schedule for supervision, hand-written by one of the McCann couple's group of friends and participant in this deed by name of Russell O'Brien.
Source: mccannfiles

Posters torn in protest

Conference : Journalists to talk about “Maddie”

By Duarte Levy

“The other side of the medal of the Maddie case”, is the theme of the conference organised in Lisbon on 2nd May by a group of journalists, investigators and experts who have accompanied the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann.

The participation of the public is reserved to the number of places available and by invitation only. On the opening of the conference videos and unpublished documents will be presented.

You can already request your pre-inscription on this blog by leaving a comment indicating the language of your choice (French – Portuguese – Spanish – English) and the number of places required.

Don’t forget to fill in your email contact details (which will be hidden to public view) where we have to send all correspondence regarding your possible participation. The choice of participants is under the responsibility of the organisation. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

Clarence Mitchell’s outrage with the Cortés family

Team McCann have no respect

Months after Madeleine went missing, another child, Mari Luz Cortés, went missing, though in very different circumstances [in a different Country as matter of fact]. Sadly she has since been found dead. The McCanns printed posters of Madeleine together with Mari Luz - without gaining the parents’ prior permission. Her parents were very upset, and complained.

Clarence Mitchell’s outrage with the Cortés family:

“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

The [ab]use of Mari Luz Cortés Family Tragedy

Source: Joana Morais
Parents of missing Mari Luz are against her image being used in a Madeleine McCann poster campaign
McCann Gallery: For the record

Comment by Joana Morais:

Mari Luz, was dead apparently just a few days later after disappearing from the street near her family house.

Let's assume she wasn't dead at the time the McCanns hijacked Mari Luz image and her family, to serve their own purpose in the McCann's machiavelic media campaign.

The world wide dissemination of Mari Luz picture along Madeleine's would probably represent Mari Luz death sentence - this according to experts.

The McCann team (Media Machine)abuse of this little girl's tragedy is just one example of the selfish, manipulative, irresponsible attitude of the McCann couple and of Clarence Mitchell.

Again they, the McCanns and subsequently the manipulated and obliging British media, attempted to pervert the course of justice, that is, the investigation done by the Spanish authorities to Mari Luz Cortés disappearance.

It could have been Mari Luz death sentence. Similarly, if we assume Madeleine's abduction as an hypothesis it could have been Madeleine's death sentence as well- at the hands of her own parents.

Zimbabwe Star: Madeleine McCann appeal re-ignites

Missing British girl Madeleine McCann has become the subject of a new appeal.

Focusing on the area where she went missing, thousand of leaflets have been handed out and posted through letterboxes in southern Portugal.

The campaign is being supplemented with billboards and bus advertising.

Responding to questions about the leaflet drop, the official Find Madeleine Fund has said: 'At the time of Madeleine's disappearance the emphasis was placed on international appeals. It has been recognised that the local Portuguese residents of Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas have never been properly asked about information they may have to give.'

Four year old Madeleine McCann went missing from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3 2007.
Source: ZimbabweStar

3 Arguidos member gets a result from a complaint!

By 'viv'

I wish to complain about the above article.

As a BBC licence payer I think I am entitled to see the BBC behave in a responsible and honest manner promoting law, order, respect for missing children and above all the work of the police. I am one of what I know are thousands of members of the public who find the conduct of Kate and Gerry McCann to be clearly indicative that they are responsible for the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. I do not think it is reasonable that you should allow them to, on the one hand go to a Select Committee and bitterly complain about press coverage of their case and then on the other just allow the BBC to be used by them whenever they wish to start another stunt suggesting they are trying to find Madeleine.

I have an enduring image of the McCanns on Madeleine's 4th birthday in PDL, Gerry McCann in particular laughing like it was some huge joke, just nine days after he had lost her and showing the most incredible conduct on her birthday of all days. I also have an enduring image of having read the contradictory statements they have given to the police and the rest of their child neglecting friends. The BBC should not be promoting these people as reasonable and law abiding parents who care for their children. Why do the McCanns only want to make appeals at Christmas and Anniversaries, this is just sickening sentimentality. Any normal parent would draw no such distinction, they would always be physically looking for their child and properly spending the money they public/press etc gave in doing so. We have seen how they squandered money in the published accounts with more going to lawyers, media monitoring etc than to any search. Such supposed search as there was by a criminal outfit Metodo 3 under investigation and one of them Jimenez their so called lead investigator languishing in prison for attempting to steal millions of pounds worth of cocaine. This lunatic bunch told us Maddie would be home Christmas 2007.

How does the BBC expect any rational person to have faith in Kate and Gerry McCann, or how they have chosen to squander public money so generously donated? The end of the article you quote suggesting people anon contact their investigators without so much as a number to even do so is disgraceful. Any missing child deserves to have investigations conducted by the police not some anon and utterly criminal and hopeless investigators who work for parents who are so clearly culpable in Madeleine's demise. How on earth can you justify telling the public to do this, rather than behaving lawfully and for Madeleine, by contacting the Police. It is an absolute disgrace!

Response from BBC:

Thanks for your e-mail. There's no doubt that there is a huge amount of
public interest in this story, and while many people may share your
views, others do not. We are often criticised for not following up on
stories, and we feel that there are many readers who will want to know
what is happening as far as Madeleine is concerned. Whatever one's
opinion on the case, it is the story of missing child, after all.

However, I'm not sure we should be appearing to endorse a private
investigation by asking people to submit anonymous information and that
paragraph has now been removed.

Kind regards,

Ian Jolly
News website
Thursday, 26 March 2009 16:38:00 o'clock GMT


Source: 'viv' at the 3 arguidos:
BBC advocates contacting McCann Private Investigators UPDATE

Madeleine McCann posters are ripped off walls in Algarve

VANDALS have torn down Madeleine McCann posters put up as part of a new appeal for clues in the Algarve resort where she disappeared.

The attacks have been blamed on locals who have voiced criticism of the McCanns' new campaign for information on their daughter's whereabouts.

The fresh appeal is focused on the area where Madeleine, then three, went missing on 3 May 2007 during a family holiday.

About 10,000 leaflets are being handed out and posted through letterboxes in Praia da Luz and the nearby towns of Lagos and Burgau.

Resident Maria Afonso said: "It's stupid to think this campaign will bring Madeleine back two years after she disappeared. It's just sullying the reputation of the Algarve."
Source: Evening Standard
Telegraph: Vandals target Madeleine McCann posters
Torn posters and shredded lives

Portuguese citizens speak about the torn Maddie posters

By Astro

Earlier today, 'Correio da Manhã' reported on the alleged removal of posters belonging to the most recent campaign that the McCanns have launched in the greater Luz/Lagos area; posters that apparently were torn off by less than cooperative residents of Praia da Luz. A few hours later, the ‘Evening Standard’ was reporting this situation as acts of vandalism, and discussions about the subject on message boards have been lively and intense.

I personally find the subject sad, yet interesting at the same time, but it really would take a very long post to fully paint the picture of what Luz has been going through, since that fateful evening of the 3rd of May 2007.

The fact that there are people who actually trace ANY sort of connection/comparison between the locals' worry about their only source of income - tourism - and respect or consideration for Madeleine, is offensive, to say the least. Are these people supposed to sacrifice the survival of their entire families, in the name of some sort of curse that befell the village, on the 3rd of May 2007? Are these people expected to lay down their lives, because it would look indecorous to try to preserve one’s salary?

These people have done EVERYTHING that they could do, without anyone even asking them to do it; they took time off work, they gave their best efforts, their money, their hearts and souls to help find Madeleine. Anyone who thinks otherwise has either been fed a lot of misinformation by certain media, or is simply cruel beyond comprehension. People walked their feet until they were sore, searching a radius of 15 kms around the village. Those who couldn't physically help, offered food and drink to those who could, and to the policemen and fire fighters who were on location, day and night. Policemen slept in cars, when they slept at all; some were offered a few hours of sleep on a sofa in the locals' homes. The people in Luz cried, prayed and worried themselves sick over a little girl that they didn’t even know, as if it was their own daughter, niece or granddaughter.

Meanwhile, all over the country, people despaired. During those first days, there was criticism of the parents, it would be false to deny it, but the general sentiment was 'we have to find the little girl before anything else'. Finding Madeleine was the only thing that was on everyone's mind, not only in Luz, but all over the Algarve - all over Portugal, really, as many of the early 'sightings' across the country attest.

I think most of you are aware that I live in Portimão, some 30 kms away from Luz. I remember the helicopters flying over our house, on their way to Luz or returning from a day of searches. I remember the posters that were put up on every shop window, every bus stop, every train station, hospital waiting room, supermarket entrance… Thankfully, we never had to endure what Luz suffered, with the invasion of journalists from all over the world, in search for yet another ‘human angle’ story, for that special scope. We didn’t have to endure their raucous parties night after night, either – but that’s another story entirely.

But even 30 kms away from Luz, the worry was palpable, omnipresent, inescapable. Madeleine was the subject of every conversation, everywhere, at all times. This may seem somewhat surreal now, with the benefit of time distancing us from those times, even a bit exaggerated. But in May 2007, it seemed there was nothing that we weren’t prepared to do, even if that implied behaving in an exaggerated manner.

It was precisely this enormous nationwide effort, this extraordinarily intense commitment of people all over the country - an effort that had never been made for 'our' (fortunately few) missing children... – that made what followed that much harder to swallow.

It’s easy to blame the shift in people’s perspective about the case, on the leaks from the PJ, that were only too happily published by the Portuguese media. It’s easy to blame the McCanns’ fall from grace on Mr Amaral and his team (a team that included British policemen and British experts), or on human nature, because the ‘populace’ was envious of the McCanns’ money, fame, good looks.

But look again, please.

You will see a very different picture.

You will see the supposedly devastated, desperate parents, jogging, playing tennis, entertaining guests, posing for photographs, jetting all over Europe. You will see them smiling at the locals when the cameras were rolling – and not even saying ‘good morning’ when the employee from the Batista supermarket delivered their shopping at their apartment. You will see the British media, under the command of the McCanns’ spokespeople, ridiculing, insulting and humiliating the very same people who cried their eyes out for Madeleine.

And when the going got tough, instead of answering the police’s questions, they left Luz without a word. They turned their backs on those who had treated them like family, who had offered everything that they had, and then more.

Some will say that nobody asked the locals to do what they did. Others will say that the McCanns owed these people nothing, that they had to think about their missing daughter, about their remaining children. The McCanns had to protect their family.

Fair enough. God knows I’d protect my family with my life, if necessary; anyone can relate to such arguments.

But there cannot be two different standards just because it suits us.

The people of Luz are protecting their families as well. They have to earn a living, they have no fund to pay their mortgage when times are tough. They have no wealthy supporters, no famous sponsors. All that they have is their arms and legs to do their work, day in and day out, and that work just happens to be, for the vast majority at least, the tourist trade.

Even if for a moment, they put aside the insult, the arrogance, the humiliation that they suffered, they’d still be left with a very basic choice: a campaign of highly dubious success – or the need to restore the shattered image of their village as a safe, family friendly holiday destination.

Finally, just a thought about the proclaimed purpose of this campaign: the McCanns announce that they want to enlist the help of the people of Luz, to jog their memories, to collect any information they may have about the little girl, and the night that she disappeared – in the belief that a member of the population of Luz could have deliberately held information back from the police.

I think in English this is called 'adding to the insult'.

I’m sorry if this offends anyone, I definitely don’t condone the shredding of posters in this case; but if I ever come across one, I’ll quietly, calmly remove it and place it in the paper recycling bin. I don’t need posters to remind me of a little missing girl that didn’t deserve the destiny that befell her.

And neither do the people of Luz."

Reply about posters from Astro and MCXLIII

Tony Bennett, Talk Radio Europe - Maurice Boland Show - Tonight 7.15pm GMT

Hi Tony

We are Spain ’s largest English speaking radio station broadcasting to approximately half a million listeners. Maurice Boland – a biog of Maurice and the program can be found on our website www.talkradioeurope.com – wondered if you would be available to take a call from him for a telephone interview next Thursday 26th March at 7.15pm u.k. time to talk about your book. That slot is our main interview of the program so please could you get back to me as soon as you can to let me know if you will be available.

Thanks and best wishes


[See the attached file]

Talk Radio Europe S.L.

Centro Comercial La Colonia

San Pedro de Alcantara

29670 Malaga - Espana

Tel: 952 79 99 53

Fax: 952 79 96 20



Discussion at the 3 arguidos: TB on Euro radio now



Truth for Madeleine Campaign: Madeleine McCann May 3rd Reconstruction

Click link to take you the Campaign site

To assist the Portuguese Police with their investigation, we can collectively finance the Tapas group to return to Portugal or in lieu of this a team of professional actors could be used to recreate the events of May 3, 2007. Financing this trip would remove any valid reasons for non compliance by the original Tapas 9. The money will be used to pay for all expenses connected with such a venture including things such as flights, hotels, incidental travel, meals, childcare, lost wages etc. The goal is to assist the PJ by leaving no stones unturned in helping them in their investigation which was twarted by non-compliance of the original witnesses requested to attend there in April 2008. We will enlist the Media and TV to help make the reconstruction into a professional documentary. Parties interested in assisting in the organisation of this venture please contact pledge@truthformadeleine.com

Organizer: Truth for Madeleine
Texan millionaire million dollar challenge to McCanns
The cancelled re-enactment - shocking emails from Tapas 7

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Madeleine McCann May 3rd Reconstruction

Clarence Mitchell: "Kate and Gerry and their friends cannot see the point of all the disruption it would cause to their busy work schedules and families if, as they believe, it will do absolutely nothing to help find Madeleine. Kate and Gerry and their friends remain committed to doing anything to help find Madeleine. I don’t want to comment on what they have told police but, if they do not return to Portugal, it is because they feel it offers no value and no assistance in finding Madeleine.”

No need to comment on what they told police, Clarence, because here's one of the emails refusing to take part:

Transcript of Fiona Payne's statement outside High Court

16 October 2008

"Good morning.

I'm Fiona Payne and I'm speaking on behalf of the group.

'The abduction of Madeleine McCann, the daughter of our friends Kate and Gerry, on May 3rd 2007, changed all our lives in an instant.

But for no-one more so than Madeleine.

The defamatory stories written about us were not only extremely damaging on a personal level but we strongly feel were detrimental to the search for Madeleine.

This aspect has been particularly heartbreaking to witness.

Although we are very pleased with today's result it changes little when Madeleine's plight remains ongoing: She is still missing and her abductor still free.

Our only aim is to see her safely recovered and reunited with the family who so adore her.

All the damages received today are being paid directly into the Find Madeleine Fund to continue this ongoing search and investigation into her disappearance.

We believe that Madeleine is still alive and can be found.

We ask anyone who has any information, however small or seemingly unimportant, please come forward.

Contact details can be found on the Find Madeleine website.

And finally, we thank wholeheartedly all those who have already helped in the search for Madeleine.'

Thank you."
Source: mccannfiles

McCanns consider returning to Portugal

Maddie’s parents have launched a new campaign in the Algarve and are thinking about travelling to Portugal to speak about their daughter. But Kate is reticent towards the idea

by Duarte Levy

Kate and Gerry McCann are considering a return to Portugal even before the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, a source close to the couple has told 24Horas.

“I know that some contacts have been made with the lawyers in Portugal, as well as with some of the couple’s friends in the region, but nothing has been confirmed yet”, the same source said, stressing that among the couple “Kate is more reticent towards a possible return.”

Kate and Gerry McCann abandoned Portugal in September 2007, after two days of questioning at the PJ that culminated with the couple being made arguidos, under suspicion of being involved in Maddie’s disappearance. They would both travel back to the United Kingdom, from where only Gerry would later return to Portugal.

The announcement of the couple’s possible return to our country is not seen with pleasure by part of the Algarve’s population, which can’t forgive the couple for their comments about a country that has done everything to search the world’s most famous missing girl: “That’s like the campaign that they’re doing now. It’s useless and only mocks the Algarve”, 24Horas heard from António Martins, a resident in Praia da Luz, who added that “saying that the Portuguese didn’t help them or that we didn’t give all the information, is ridiculous!”.

“They might as well start by replying to the PJ’s questions and doing the reconstitution, then we’ll see what the police thinks”, he said. Maria Afonso, a local resident, has a different opinion: “This campaign won’t bring the little girl back. Two years later, it’s stupid to think that way. This is only going to soil the Algarve’s name, and our streets. Who is going to sweep away the papers that they’re going to distribute?”

Cost of the campaign not revealed

It’s not known exactly how much the new campaign that the McCanns launched in the Algarve is going to cost , given the fact that the heads of the financial fund that was created by the couple nine days after Maddie’s disappearance, refused to publicise any amount, admitting that “we’re going to spend what is possible and necessary to find Maddie.”

This is an attitude that differs from the one that could be read from the Find Madeleine fund’s provisory accounts, which revealed that only 13% of the almost 3 million euros that entered the coffers were used to search for Maddie, as 24Horas reported.

The campaign, which is foreseen to last two weeks, was commissioned from an Anglo-Portuguese firm that is based in Boliqueime, ‘Atelier do Sul’, directed by Fred Phillips and Suzi Steinhofel, and renowned as one of the best and most expensive firms in the area.

Coincidentally, ‘Atelier do Sul’ was one of the few firms that were visited by the same consul that accompanied Kate and Gerry McCann’s questioning in Portimão.

Just like her predecessor, Bill Henderson, Celia Edwards abandoned our country after the McCann case.


Maddie posters torn off
The Portuguese answer to the 'new' McCann Campaign
Gerry and Kate McCann ask for the Algarvians’ cooperation

Portuguese citizens fight back against Kate and Gerry's new insulting Maddie campaign

People of Luz tear off Maddie posters

Residents point at the little girl’s parents and say they are fed up with a situation they are alien to and that has been damaging tourism

by Ana Palma

Of the big campaign about Maddie’s disappearance that was launched by the McCanns in the area of Luz, Lagos, there was little left, yesterday afternoon, apart from half a dozen posters that had been affixed on bus stops and outdoors. The local population has torn off and shredded the rest of them, throwing them into the garbage.

“They put up a poster on my shop window but I took it off right away”, CM was told by Luís Mamede, the owner of an optics store in Luz, who sees this campaign as “another massacre” for the people in Luz. “It’s enough!”, he said, stressing that “Luz is being hurt by a situation that is alien to it: The child’s parents are to blame but it’s the people who live and work here that have been hurt. Tourists with children are afraid of coming here. That’s unfair, because Luz has always been safe”.

Tiredness and indignation were, in fact, the emotions shown to CM by the locals. For Ana Santos, this campaign by the McCanns “is a clown circus. It’s normal that people remove the posters, because they have nothing to do with what happened and they’ve been seriously hit”. Emílio Caracol says he’s “fed up”. And he adds: “I don’t know the McCanns. I’ve had two children and I’ve guarded them, and I guard my four grandchildren as well.”

The “uselessness” of this campaign was recognised by English citizens Steven Gray and Alan Fox, who were taking a walk around Luz yesterday: “If Maddie is alive, she’s not here.” Concerning the removal of the posters, they consider that “people want to forget and the case is bad for tourism”.

source: Correio da Manhã, 26.03.2009

Translated by astro

Senator Stuart Syvret: Blogging censorship continues

Source: Voice for Jersey

Senator Stuart Syvret

Maddie: The face of the new campaign

Despite the fact that all the posters and images on outdoors and buses display Maddie’s face, the true face that hides behind this new campaign remains undisclosed and Clarence Mitchell himself was evasive in explaining if the initiative came from the fund that was created by the McCann couple nine days after the child was allegedly abducted from Praia da Luz. According to the couple’s spokesman, the campaign is organised by “volunteers”.

According to a source close to “Find Madeleine”, after the publication of the provisory accounting of the expenses with the search for Madeleine, which were estimated at a mere 13% of the amount that the fund collected, the purpose now is not to spare expenses. A campaign that essentially targets the improvement of the couple’s image, which was damaged by the publication of the accounts, but also by the recent “confrontations” with the media.

In practical terms, the graphic execution of the new campaign was commissioned to a local firm, “Atelier do Sul”, with a new internet site www.ajude-me.eu where the answer is now given in Portuguese.

With the arrival of the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, it is thus to the Algarve that the attentions of the national and the international press converge, with special focus on the English, which are still affected by the accusations that Gerry McCann made in front of the Culture Media and Sports Committee.

The new campaign, which is to be focused on the villages surrounding Praia da Luz, may even count on the presence of Kate and Gerry McCann in Portugal, as a source close to the couple confirmed that the possibility is being pondered: “but nothing is confirmed yet”, the same source said.

Duarte Levy

McCann case: The English Foreign Office refused to hand over information

The English Foreign Office refused to hand over information about the communications that were made by John Buck, then British Ambassador to Portugal, arguing that it could affect the relationship between both governments.

The request to access those documents was made by British citizens and journalists under the “Freedom of Information Act 2000”, a law that regulates the public’s free access to information about the work of the government and public institutions in general, namely the police.

Despite the fact that the English Government’s reply mentions communications between its representatives and the Portuguese police, the 13 emails that are at the core of the matter have been sent or received by the ambassador, the consulate in Portimão, and the representatives of the British Foreign Office in Portugal and in London, between the 9th of May and the 21st of June 2007.

According to a source at the Foreign Office itself, some of the emails that were exchanged between the ambassador and the ministry “contain obvious evidence of the interference of the diplomat with the PJ’s hierarchy and that fact has conditioned the investigation”.

In the same document, the English government further confirms that “a [McCann] family member had made clear to FCO staff that all comments made by that individual to FCO had been made in strict confidence and were not intended for disclosure to third parties”.

At the consulate’s door

The face of Madeleine McCann has also found a place at the new offices of the British consulate in Portimão. The space’s inauguration took place on Friday, and at that time, the little girl’s photograph was already affixed at the main entrance. The ambassador and the consul, as well as inspectors of the Polícia Judiciária, visited.

No news is good news

Kate and Gerry say they continue to believe that their daughter is alive. On the website “findmadeleine.com”, they refer a positive aspect from the absence of news, “nothing suggests that anyone has harmed Madeleine”. And they recall recent media-exposed cases like those of “Elizabeth Smart, Shawn Hornbeck and Natasha Kampusch”.

Translated by astro

Algarve invaded by 10 thousand photos of Maddie in time for tourist season

McCanns launch a new campaign to find their daughter

Tens of outdoors and approximately 10 thousand leaflets with images of Maddie are being affixed and distributed in Praia da Luz. The idea is to ask the village’s residents for help

by Duarte Levy and Miguel Ferreira

Madeleine McCann’s parents have launched a new campaign in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve, in order to try to find their daughter, who disppeared in that village almost two years ago. Tens of new posters have been affixed on walls, bus stops and public transportation, where images of Maddie are visible.

The idea beneath this initiative is to prevent the population of Vila da Luz from forgetting the face of the little girl that disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007, as a representative of Kate and Gerry McCann explained to 24Horas.

According to information from the couple’s spokesman, the child’s parents believe that she is still alive and admit that, in a way, they didn’t care properly for contacts with the locals, who will now receive 10 thousand leaflets in their post boxes, asking for help and possible information about what happened on the night that Maddie disappeared.

Residents have been forgotten in the investigation

According to information that has now been made available by the couple, on the days that followed Maddie’s disappearance “the local Portuguese residents of Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas have never been properly asked about information they may have to give”, as “the emphasis was placed more on international appeals”.

The announcement of this campaign, which surprised the vast majority of Algarve’s residents, is seen with mistrust. “I can’t believe these people now come out to say they need our help after having insulted the Portuguese”, Rute Fernandes told 24Horas, adding that “this is a pure waste of time as there is not a single person in the Algarve who doesn’t know the case and who doesn’t know who the little girl was”.

For months, until Gonçalo Amaral left, the Polícia Judiciária investigated countless leads in the Algarve and abroad, but always ended up returning to the group on nine English people that accompanied Madeleine, including her own parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. The couple itself had Spanish private detectives and British henchmen in the Algarve, but all the allegedly obtained information revealed to be false or without any interest for the case, which even ended up thickening the suspicions against the couple.

“Experience shows that the crucial answers are in the immediate vicinity, someone in the area could almost certainly have the vital information that could help Madeleine’s return to her family”, the McCanns now argue, through their spokesman, further suggesting that now, after two years, someone may have received information that leads to the solution of the mystery, and that this information may be delivered anonymously by phone, text message, email or mail.
(Surely any relevant information should be given directly to the Portuguese police so that the case can be re-opened?)

Who is carrying out the campaign?

At the origin of the initiative, which was embraced by Kate and Gerry McCann, stands the “Find Madeleine” fund, without names or faces being associated to it. The graphic execution of the campaign was commissioned from “Atelier do Sul”, according to a source at the firm, because it’s “bilingual and based in the Algarve”.

From there on, the press note that was directed to journalists ended up being published on the “findmadeleine.com” website. Nevertheless, there is still no reference to persons in Portugal who may explain what is going to happen. One can read that “local Portuguese residents” are asked “for information to help to find Madeleine”. And the text continues, “experience also shows that people almost always confide in someone else, (…) her family hope and believe that local residents can be a very real help”. It’s further clarified that the campaign will last for two weeks.

Contacted by 24Horas, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ advisor, attributed the campaign to “voluntaries” and during the morning was still unaware about times and places where actions will be carried out, like distributing leaflets at the markets of Luz and Lagos.

More here on Joana Morais

Just when the residents of Praia da Luz thought they could rebuild their shattered town after the McCann circus whirlwind flattened it, they are understandably angry about this new farce of a campaign, as shown in this heartfelt comment left on Joana's blog:

"This is simply outrageous.

Words are not enough to describe the disgust that people in Luz feel at being used, abused and spat upon, two years later.

Let Madeleine rest in peace, and leave the good people of Luz alone to restore their lives and their reputation.

Gawd help you, Kate and Gerry, when your fraudulent, fantasy world comes a-tumbling down because you won't get any sympathy from anywhere at this rate. You just don't know when to quit do you?

Gerry McCann: Wanted for taking the piss

Message from Gerry and Kate McCann

March 23 2009

As the second anniversary of Madeleine's abduction approaches, there is much still to be done. We continue to remain focussed on our aim - to find Madeleine and bring her back home safely. As Madeleine's parents we cannot and will not ever stop doing all we can to find her.

The search for Madeleine continues with the same strength and determination, and thankfully, there are many people who are continuing to help in a variety of ways. The reduction in media reporting does not signify a lack of effort - far from it! If anything, the search for Madeleine goes on with renewed vigour and great experience. We have quietly and persistently been working very hard - exploring all possible avenues in order to get that key piece of information. Someone somewhere knows where Madeleine is.

It is impossible for us to ignore the day to day heartache of missing Madeleine but there is however, a very important and positive fact that remains.... In spite of all the investigative work done, there is still absolutely nothing to suggest harm to Madeleine and therefore, a very real likelihood that Madeleine is alive and well. You only have to recall the cases of Elizabeth Smart, Shawn Hornbeck and Natascha Kampusch to appreciate that children can seem to disappear 'off the radar' for very long periods of time. The return of these children to their families not only gives us great hope but also starkly emphasises that perseverance is essential, and surely what every such child deserves.

Since Madeleine's abduction, we have learned a lot about missing children and child exploitation. The scale of the problem is massive and worldwide. Although finding Madeleine will always remain our priority, we feel it is our duty to highlight these problems as well as areas where legislation can be improved, in order to make the world a little safer for all children. To achieve these aims we are working closely with the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Centre for Child Exploitation and Online Protection and other non-governmental agencies throughout Europe ( Investigation page). The Find Madeleine Campaign launched a new YouTube channel for missing children in August 2007 called 'Don't You Forget About Me' in conjunction with ICMEC and Google.

It is vital that we never, ever give up on Madeleine.

Can you imagine a little girl or boy out there, hoping and waiting to be found but for people then to 'write them off', forget about them, just because there's been no 'news'? For that child never to be reunited with their family because everyone had given up on them? Just imagine............................

And so, we will never, ever give up.

We urge you to remember Madeleine as a real, living and findable little girl.

Our most sincere thanks go everyone who is helping us in our efforts. You know why we must keep going.

Please don't give up on Madeleine


Discussion at 3As: gerrys blog

McCanns launch new campaign in the Algarve

by Duarte Levy

With little over a month to go until the second anniversary of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, and alleging that they didn’t care properly for the contacts with the locals, Kate and Gerry McCann now announce the launch of a new campaign that targets the inhabitants of Lagos and Burgau, the areas closest to the tourist resort in Praia da Luz where their daughter allegedly disappeared from.

According to information from the couple’s spokesman, Kate and Gerry now believe that their daughter is still alive and that they didn’t properly care for contacts with the locals, who will therefore receive 10 thousand leaflets in their post boxes asking for help, while several posters will be affixed throughout the region.
source: Duarte Levy
Discussion at the 3As: New campaign from McCann in Algarve
McCanns Press Release pdf
Sky News
gerrys blog

Comment from a Portuguese citizen on 3As: "Let them come, if they think they are going to be welcome they'd better think twice.They are hated in the Algarve. People can't stand to hear about them anymore and they consider them murderers."


Review into allegations that British nurse killed patients ten years ago

Jersey Police said it will review an investigation into allegations that a former nurse killed more than a dozen severely ill patients.

Allegations were first made against the staff nurse, who cannot be named for legal reasons, at Jersey General Hospital a decade ago and a police investigation was triggered, but it was later dropped on legal advice.

Today, States of Jersey Police said the case files will be reviewed and key people involved will be interviewed.

The allegations include evidence from a colleague who believed the nurse was determined to end the lives of severely ill patients by adjusting their drug intake.

According to the leaked report, the average death rate between 1998 and 1999 on the ward concerned was 4.5 deaths per month.

But in February 1999 there were eight deaths in four nights when the nurse was on duty, and a further five deaths in March also when the nurse was on shift.

The nurse is no longer employed at the hospital.

Source: Belfast Telegraph
BBC News: Nurse 'gave patient suicide tip'
More details here: Senator Stuart Syvret
More government cover-ups:
Haut de la Garenne
The attempted cover-up of Baby P

If mass murder can be covered up in the NHS, what's the chance of justice for Maddie?

The conduct of Stephen Dorrell regarding Maddie McCann is completely unacceptable

By 'Goodforyou' on the 3 arguidos

Stephen Dorrell is the MP for Madeleine McCann. He is the one MP we would expect to stand up for Madeleine. The one MP we would expect to be asking the right questions. The one MP we should expect to demand an inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is what he had to say about the letter asking for an inquest and the 60 Reasons book:

"I think this is a matter for the mccann family and that the book potentially libels them. That's something that must be taken up between the family and the publishers.

"The book makes a series of assertions that shouldn't be made about anyone without proof.

"I think it would have been a lot better if this had not been done."

What we learn from these quotes.

Stephen Dorrell has tried to dismiss and discredit everything that is in both the letter and the booklet sent by Tony Bennett


He will not consider one single reason to doubt the McCann story.

He will not entertain the idea of the British government interference.

He will not entertain the idea that there should be an inquest to inquire about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine

He has dismissed the book as potentially libellous - without giving a single example of anything in it he disagrees with and he has obviously decided an inquiry is not required.

Remember this is the very man who demanded an inquiry into leaks about the statement that suggested Madeleine had asked why her parents did not come home when she was crying.

He decided to imply to the media that the Portuguese were responsible for the leaks.

Stephen Dorrell spoke direct to the media and demanded that an "investigation of the Portuguese government" takes place.

"I think this is an official investigation of the Portuguese Government and this is a very sensitive case. I think clearly these are official records that have been leaked.

"It's an issue that should be taken up with the Portuguese authorities by the Foreign Office.

"I intend to take it to the Foreign Office myself."

This is Leicestershire (12th April 2008)

The PJ subsequently released a statement saying that the suggestion they leaked the statement was "completely false."

His statements to the media were just part of an orchestrated stategy by the McCanns to smear the Portuguese investigation

The alleged leaks themselves were dismissed by the McCann spin machine as "smears." It would be the first time in history that somebody has been smeared by having their own words repeated. All Stephen Dorrell was concerned about was smearing the Portuguese in public and protecting the McCanns.

Stephen Dorrell is the very man who should represent Madeleine McCann.

He wanted an inquiry about the Portuguese Government.

But discredits the idea that there should be an inquiry for Madeleine.


His priorities are clear

He will protect the McCanns. He will do so in the media. He will smear the PJ and the Portuguese government in the media. He will attempt to discredit Mr Bennett's book.

But what will he do about allegations about the British government?


But what will he do for Madeleine?

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Why we must take action against Stephen Dorrell
MPs who have received '60 Reasons'
Stephen Dorrell: What a Plonker!
Questions for Stephen Dorrell

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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