Tapas 7: Capacity to deceive

Medical practitioner Dr David Payne: there are a number of questions around his movements on the afternoon and evening of 3rd May 2007, specifically:

* was he playing in a 'social tennis event' from around 5.30pm to 7pm as he first claimed, through a spokesman, on Day 144 after Madeleine 'disappeared', i.e. in September 2007?

* if so, who did he play with?

* did he visit Apartment 5A in the late afternoon/early evening of 3rd May?

* if so, why did he go there? - we have different versions

* if so, what time did he go there? - again, we have different versions

* if so, how long did he stay there? - once more, we have different versions

* did he see Dr Kate McCann dressed only in a towel, or not?

* if so, what did he do there?

* did he see Madeleine?

* did he see the twins, and did he see them 'dressed in white, looking like angels'?

* did he see them being 'got ready for bed' at between 6.30pm and 7.00pm as one version claims?

All that, of course, is leaving aside whether he and Dr Gerald McCann made paedophilic references in front of other Doctors whilst on a previous holiday

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