Regarding Kate and Gerry McCann's 'Secret' Accounts: "The UK authorities are lying to their subjects"

The British authorities received two requests to provide financial information about the parents of Madeleine but the answers never arrived to the PJ

The Judiciary Police never had access to the bank account details of Gerry and Kate McCann. This is because the British authorities have never responded positively to both requests made by Portuguese investigators.

At the beginning of the process, a first request was made regarding Madeleine parents and the friends who spent holidays with them at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. The intention was to obtain more information about who were those nine people.

If about the seven friends data emerged as to the place where they have bank accounts and credit cards, regarding Kate and Gerry the UK authorities have said very little.

"No record of a current bank account is held," said the English about Madeleine's father, adding that "there is no record of credit cards or loans." And the same for the mother of the girl disappeared on May 3, 2007 at the Ocean Club apartment in Praia da Luz. The only information is about the bank where the mortgage of the McCann's house is. They also refer that there no arrears or defaults registered.

In the letter rogatory sent in November 2007 to England, various diligences [legal investigative actions] were asked to the British police, there once again it was requested information on the McCanns bank accounts. And once again nothing arrived to Portugal.

The British authorities refused the request and simply said that as a justification that they would not provide financial information on the couple. And the information never arrived.

"Ongoing investigation"

"The Home Office [Ministry of Foreign Affairs ] can not confirm or deny" that the McCanns have had bank accounts between the 25 of April 2007 and 12 September 2008.

This is the reply given, in January of this year, to British journalists who tried to clarify this situation. Even stranger are the arguments used to justify the answer. The British say that "the investigation is ongoing" and this information could "jeopardize the investigation, the international relations and endanger the health and safety" of Madeleine. This when the case was officially archived in July last year.

"Given this [answers], the UK authorities are lying to their subjects," said Gonçalo Amaral to the CM . "The Attorney General said that case is archived," added the former coordinator of the PJ.

Sources: Correio da Manhã and image via SOS Maddie

Translated by Joana Morais
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