The Peoples' Child Neglectors, Kate and Gerry McCann, set to launch a new Charm Offensive campaign

McCann: The charm operation by Duarte Levy

"Ano Novo, Vida Nova" *

by Duarte Levy

In Portugal, at the beginning of each new calendar year, the Portuguese, the eternal sardine munchers - as they were described by some xenophobic British commentators - are used to say amongst the best wishes a typical expression “Ano novo, vida nova”, which in English[1] can be translated as “New Year, New Life(*)”. An expression that probably the McCanns have learned throughout the contact with their Portuguese lawyers, as well as with their social-democrat friends.

Furthermore, the recent visit of the father of Madeleine McCann to Portugal is the epitome of an unparalleled charming operation that allowed the couple to open the “hostilities”: after assenting with their seven British friends not to participate in the reconstruction of events and actions of the night of the 3rd of May, the couple has now found the will to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities, affirming that they are convinced that there are still steps that can be made in investigating the disappearance of their daughter.

Reassuring to the Portuguese media that there would be no court cases against them, while in London he was able to once again ‘bend’ a British news daily – forcing it to a “contribution” over to the Madeleine fund - Gerry McCann announced, preparing the next visit by Kate, that this was the be the first of several visits.

A “surprise” visit, previously announced in several British and Portuguese media, that the year 2009, in terms of communication and image, would bring some surprises.

Action - Reaction

Among the new resolutions adopted by the McCanns, who are always very attentive to what is said on the internet (blogs and forums) and in the media, we find the motto “action-reaction”, palpable in the recent “disclosure” of the fund accounts created after the disappearance of Madeleine’s corpse.

Source: SOS Maddie

Translated by Joana Morais
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