Kate and Gerry McCann: Old chestnuts and unfinished business

Some useful information has been posted on The 3 Arguidos:

"Alan Rawley QC and Professor Brian Caddy have both accepted the Home Secretary’s invitation to carry out the Independent Review of forensic work carried out by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) during the police investigation into the death of Damilola Taylor."

Wouldn't it be a good idea for the McCanns to call in a few more of those favours and request an Independent Review of the evidence carried out by the FSS?

After all what parents of a missing child, especially one who has been taken by a paedophile, wouldn't want an independent review of all the evidence in their quest to leave no stone unturned? What innocent parents wouldn't want to know where all that blood, hair and cadaver odour came from? What innocent, responsible, parents wouldn't want to clear their names and remove that cloud of suspicion that will, otherwise, hang over them for the rest of their lives? What mother of a missing child wouldn't want to be able to walk round Marks and Spencer in Loughborough without people whispering about her in the aisles? What parents wouldn't want to prove us all wrong so that we can all whoosh cluck our blogs and forums and hang our heads in shame for having doubted them? What innocent parents wouldn't relish the opportunity to sue some more people, like Gonçalo Amaral for instance who quite openly says "The parents did it." Or how about retired solicitor Tony Bennett who's written a book suggesting sixty reasons why Maddie hasn't even been abducted, let alone by a paedophile?

And, of course, what doctors wouldn't like to know that their colleagues and patients don't think they've got away with moider, even if the Government set ridiculous budget-busting targets which encourages some doctors to tell patients they can't be saved from an 'inoperable' condition when, in fact, they really can.

Ok, so Kate and Gerry have probably conned enough money out of the general public by now to retire but what about their friends, the Tapas 7? Dilemma.

Ok, so Kate's memory wasn't too great when it came to answering the 48 questions put to her by the Polícia Judiciária, and it wasn't convenient for them or their mates to take part in a reconstruction at that time and they had to send their apologies to DS Stuart "hope you are well" Prior, and they even, sadly, missed the deadline to request that the investigation remained open to find their three year old daughter, presumably because they were sidetracked translating the PJ files. It must be so frustrating for Kate and Gerry to know that no one is looking for Maddie, despite having conned raised millions of pounds from the general public to pay their mortgage pay dodgy detectives to frame a policemen to search for her.

As Gerry said in his last blog entry "We just have to find her!"

Of course you do, Gerry, so here's your chance. And I hope you find this information useful. Go for it.

Before Tony Bennett does.

Kate and Gerry 'go for it' in Portugal

Independent Review of the Forensic Science Service
23 August 2006

Terms of Reference of the Independent Review of the Forensic Science Service

To conduct a review of the forensic examination of evidence carried out by the FSS following the death of Damilola Taylor.
To establish an agreed set of facts and time-line of the FSS’ examination of this evidence.
In the light of its findings above, to make recommendations to the Home Secretary on the need or otherwise to re-examine forensic evidence in other comparable cases.
To make recommendations to the Home Secretary and the Board of the FSS on the need or otherwise to make changes in its examination procedures and the recruitment, training and management of forensic scientists by the FSS.
To make recommendations, as necessary, to the Home Secretary on the future role of the Forensic Regulator in the oversight of standards applicable to all suppliers providing forensic services to the Criminal Justice System within the UK.

Notes to Editors:

On Wednesday 9 August 06 two brothers (Ricky and Danny Preddie) were found guilty at the Old Bailey of the manslaughter of Damilola Taylor. The Home Office issued a statement announcing an independent review into the Forensic Science Service's handling of this case.
Alan Rawley QC is an extremely experienced barrister, having been called to the Bar in 1958 and took Silk in 1977, and has acted for both prosecution and defence in criminal casework. He was Recorder of the Crown Court between 1972 and 1999 and is a member of the Criminal Bar Association. He was Head of Outer Temple Chambers between 1987 and 1996 where he is now a member. Some of his high profile cases include R v Mayhew (Guinness) and R v Brown (Blue Arrow) both concerning allegations of fraud in share dealing. He appeared in the House of Lords in the Lonhro case (Contempt of Court allegations against the company and its Directors) and in R v Derek Hatton (ex-Labour Councillor) alleged fraud.
Since 2000, Professor Brian Caddy has been Emeritus Professor of Forensic Science at Strathclyde University. He has a doctorate in Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry and is an authorised forensic scientist under section 26 of the Criminal Justices (Scotland) Act 1980. From 2001 to 2004 he was an external examiner to Centrex/Durham University Diploma on Crime Scene Investigation and from 1999 to date he is an Advisor to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Source: Home Office Press Office

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