Gonçalo Amaral's wife, Sofia Leal: "He who is right is never silent"

Sofia is seen on the SIC In-depth video viewing various blogs

Is it true that you exchanged international correspondence on the "Maddie Case"? With whom? For what purpose?

Yes, it is true. There are numerous websites on the Internet where people from the four corners of the world are interested in this case and try to find the truth. I normally correspond with Nigel Moore of, with Tony Bennett of the, with the3arguidos, with Joana Morais blog. These people frequently forward messages of support to Gonçalo, and that was one of the reasons that prompted him to write the book. It was assumed that friends, the family, would support Gonçalo, but people that he has never seen and probably will never know, they had supported him, and it really affected him and showed him that "he who is right is never silent," as the confessor of our family says.

Did Gonçalo Amaral do well in applying for early retirement from the PJ?

Gonçalo had no alternative. To defend his dignity and to speak openly he had to leave the PJ. But I can say that it is a bitter retirement. He is accustomed to saying that the Maddie case was interrupted, so was his career. He would have been a policeman until his death. Inside he will always be a policeman ...

Source: SIC In-depth report: Maddie and Joana strange connections

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Thanks to Kate and Gerry McCann for exposing the depth of corruption in the UK


Discussions at the 3 arguidos:
SOFIA Speaks (in O Crime)-& thanks 3A, Joana, Tony & Nigel
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"At the end of May, Sofia, my wife, comes to the Department of Criminal Investigation, in Portimão, with a beautiful basket with flowers. Orchids, roses, gerberas, lilacs, ornated with butterflies and birds, a whole bunch on green and yellow, the colors that symbolized the search for Madeleine.

A note from my daughters was with the flowers: "Father! We love you very much, don’t forget us, but find Madeleine." (Amaral, 2008:147)


How the McCanns prefer to use green and yellow

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