Gonçalo Amaral: Do the English continue to see Portugal as a banana republic where we always say 'yes'?

by Gonçalo Amaral*

The United Kingdom,‭ ‬a country that finds it difficult to respond to cooperation requests,‭ ‬has asked for access to our prime minister’s bank accounts.

It seems that said request is imperious due to mere hypotheses and few or no indicia of illegal practices in the Freeport case. In the 'Maddie case' we only requested the registries of the parents' and the friends' credit cards.

The reply was hilarious: "Bank accounts and credit cards are not known." Those doctors had mortgages and used credit cards to travel and to acquire goods and services, yet the information was denied, not even a rogatory letter managed to obtain something that was considered essential for the investigation, which was based on strong indicia and not on mere speculation.

If at the moment, for political reasons, the death of that child is considered, in England, a matter of national security, what can be said about the British attack against the prime minister of an independent, democratic country? Do the English continue to see Portugal as a banana republic where we always say 'yes'? It's about time to say 'no'.

What we expect is a reply that complies with the principle of reciprocity: bank accounts or credit cards belonging to our prime minister are not known...

source: Correio da Manhã, 31.01.2009
* former PJ inspector
Translated by astro
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