Discrimination: Why can't other negligent parents get away with crimes against their children, and other people, like Kate and Gerry McCann?

Question posed on The 3 Arguidos: Why don't the parents of other missing children have a government PR spokesman or a Fighting Fund?

Or, better still, why aren't the McCann's simply treated in the same way as everyone else and punished for their crimes which include neglecting three very young children until one 'disappeared' for almost two years so far; staging an abduction and sending the police on a wild goose chase with numerous sightings; framing an innocent man; wasting police time and millions of pounds/euros of taxpayer's money; perverting the course of justice; conning celebrities, businessmen and the Pope; obtaining millions of pounds for a fraudulent fund with which they paid their mortgage and paid detectives to discredit the former Portuguese police investigator? And that's not accounting for the fact that the Portuguese police believe Maddie died in the holiday apartment and her parents concealed her body in order to evade punishment and justice for Maddie.

What makes Kate and Gerry so special that they can continue with this outrageous public scam with the full knowledge and cooperation of the police, government and media? How much longer is this farce going to continue?

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What sort of message is this bizarre case giving out to the whole world? That you can get away with any kind of crime, and ruin other peoples' lives, as long as you have friends in high places and can call in some favours.

Detectives hired by the McCanns want to frame Amaral
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