The Cracked Mirror: Reflections on the McCann affair

Matthew Oldfield: “It’s just we are sort of fairly similar...we’re sort of from the same background, we have similar issues about child rearing, which is why we sort of get on.”

(Would you really want this doctor to give you any kind of diagnosis? "I'm sort of familiar with the disease you've got... it's erm a sort of a cold sore... it's sort of fairly similar to herpes but much worse which is erm sort of why you're going to die")

Moving on... this is an article from a new website posted on The McCann Gallery

Matthew Oldfield, despite the anger that could overtake him at their collective fate, was one of the more laid-back members of the group. Not querulous, like Russell O’Brien, who typically spent some hours of his UK police interview making nit-picking and sometimes self-serving corrections to his statement, Oldfield described himself as “somewhere between” the fumbling David Payne and the thoroughly driven motormouth Glaswegian Gerry McCann. Tall and fit, greying, conventionally good looking, the granite face, without a sensual feature to it, speaks of a certain decency, strength and determination in the eyes and mouth as well as a sense of modesty. The latter might well have contributed to the swelling discomfort manifest on the High Court steps: Matthew Oldfield, in contrast to his wife, doesn’t like being the centre of attention.

The full article can be read here on: Madeleine McCann Affair