C.C.T.V pictures of Tapas 7 (minus Kate and Gerry McCann) at Paraiso restaurant on 3 May 2007 before the staged abduction began

Comment by Tony Bennett of The Madeleine Foundation

Very good, some basic unarguable raw material to work on - so let the analysis begin.

1. The McCanns are not there. The 'cover story' is that Dr Kate McCann was having 'high tea' with all three kids and the nanny, although (a) the nanny's stories have changed and (b) the nanny could not even name where she had 'high tea' - just said it was 'somewhere near the Tapas bar' I think

2. All the claims that Madeleine was seen alive with the McCanns at the 'Paraiso' restaurant have been well and truly laid to rest some time ago

3. The three male Doctors are standing around on the video shot taken at 6.13pm; the next video shot we see is not until 6.36pm - and by this time the four females (minus Dr Kate McCann) are all in the shot, but the Doctors have vanished

4. The question arises as to where the three male Doctors went

5. The picture showing Dr Payne standing up in the restaurant with the other two Doctors does not necessarily conflict with the claims of Dr Gerald McCann and Dr David Payne that Dr Payne walked by the tennis court when Dr Gerald McCann was playing, at around 6.30pm, and then went up to see how Kate was (though there are other reasons for doubting that story)

6. Did the 'Tapas' men go off to play 'social tennis' as was claimed late that afternoon (i.e. before these CCV images were taken) or afterwards? Or not at all?


Source and full collection of CCTV images at gerrymccannblogs
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