McCanns: A report from Rothley

By Tony Bennett of The Madeleine Foundation

"I have received an initial report from our supporter who lives not far from Rothley and he reports as follows.

The distribution of '60 Reasons' in Mountsorrel (adjacent village to Rothley) and Rothley has already begun.

Initial reports suggest that the vast majority in the two villages do not believe the Doctors re Madeleine - and that the Doctors are not at all popular in the area, beleiving the Doctors have given Rothley a bad name. They laugh when the TV reports that the villagers are 'solidly behind the McCanns'.

However, people are reluctant to voice their views except in private. The businesses in the village are publicly with the McCanns, apparently they cannot say anything other than 'we hope Madeleine is found' and 'we sympathise with the McCanns'. When the media descend on Rothely (increasingly rarely these days of course), those who do not accept the Doctor's abduction claim simply avoid the cameras and refuse to talk, as they don't want to go public with their views.

There is a feeling that the Doctors will move out of Rothley wthin the year.

The two main churches in the area, Church of England and Roman Catholic, both continue from time to time to remember Madeleine in their prayers, and most worshippers within those two circles will support and defend the McCanns.

Those who have now read the booklet in the area say: "It's what we thought all along, but it's good to see the detail".

Another distribution of the booklet is planned shortly."

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