Philomena McCann and the kicking off of the Phenomenal McScam

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As it's Saturday - The Mccanns Match of the Day

The Mccanns moved fast. The abduction was out there in record time. Renwick and Aunty Philo got the ball rolling back in the UK. The Portuguese police after some kick off argybargy had been brought onside. Hill was distinctly offside and about to be sent off and Uncle Brian Kennedy was "in goal" (his words not mine according to the BBC) for the entire family. Uncle John was kicking his heels on the sidelines about to pitch in.

Aunty Philo was to be seen cavorting and cajoling with the crowds at Celtic Park handing out posters to the good footballing folk, and Alex Salmond even put in a guest appearence. The football wagontrain was well and truely started. Up and down the land teams would compete to make the biggest fools of themselves. Shirts were worn, huge screens illuminated with Madeleines face, and balloons were lofted wherever the sport was played. This was usually followed by cummlative hours of 'minutes silences' and the wearing of rubber bands, and enough T shirts to clothe a small army.Within nine days and it seemed as if this entire football 'crazy' nation was looking out for the "wee Madeleine Mccann" who at any minute might be spotted, on a terrace, or perhaps being driven off at high speed in the back of a fans car.

May 2007 was a strange time for football in the UK. On the 14th Everton joined in the extravaganza and donned the neccessary kit to kick a football about in the north of England. So much happened and so quickly in the world of football it seemed that at one stage, offering a public prayer to the Mccanns and their abducted child was the only way to enjoy a Sunday kickabout down at the local park. We really had gone football crazy and in such a unified and orchestrated manner.

How had all this teamwork come about and why were we all presuming that Madeleine would be found at Filbert Street or Hampden Park? Because we were told to look there? Or was there perhaps something else being orchestrated here, and was that the symphony of confusion?

The football symphony as a diversion had to kick in immediately for it to be truely effective.The plan was simple it was to ensure that the Mccanns had public sympathy, this would procure for the Mccanns an unassailable position in the eyes of the public at large - that of victim. Victim of a crime, and victim of a callous and disbelieveing police force. the logisc was simple, I can almost hear TeamMccann chanting in unison at the Portuguese,"They all believe us because we told them! So must YOU!" It was pure emotion and nothing else. After all the Mccanns could not rely on the more traditional forms of persuasion such as evidence or deduction, neither of these would exonnerate the parents and allow the beautiful game to contine, well leastaways not the game the Mccanns wanted to play.

It worked, within days the last vestiges of dissent within the press were stymied and public sympatthy was offered in bucketloads. The Mccanns with their campaign adviser, whom they so proudly touted, had done it. Aunty Philo had been given the ball and she wasn't about to be tackled.

On the 16th of May 2007 John Mccann turned up at the Walkers Stadium in Leicester. This appearence was not, as you might think, to thank the footballing community for it's unforgettable and unmissable campaign to date, but rather to capitalise in the most cynical and stonehearted way. Uncle John was there to launch a campaign to raise money for the Mccanns. The publics shock and grief at their loss wasn't enough for the Mccanns, they wanted money, lots of it, and they wanted it now.

The Mccanns cashing in on the publics gullibility in this way, I find quite distressing. The Mccanns hard nosed financial acumen and double dealing might go down well in the boardroom of some of the more shady local bussinesses, but it had no place on parade, in public, at the centre of the emotional maelstrom of parents perceived to be in a dire emotional strait. Two plus two makes four, and that at the end of the day was the true extent of the Mccanns concern for Madeleine.

The stonehearted Uncle John pulled no punches. He expected to be taken seriously and he expected the football community to take him seriously as well.

19th May 2007 and the football world was all abuzz with all things Mccann. The money was flooding in and the Mccanns now had their unassailable public grief from which they could blackmail the Protuguese Police.This picture was taken at Glasgow, the Mccanns home town. The Football Protocol was going down a storm, and this was to be seen nowhere less so than in Leicester, the Mccanns adopted home town.

25th May 2007 Martin Allen the then new and impressionable manager of Leicester City FC wearing that all important rubber band. The rubber band demonstrates his alliegence to the Mccanns and their mantra that's quite apparent, but what of that strange arm gesture, what does that signify or say about the man or his beliefs?

The arm gesture is called the Lions Paw and I suppose you've guessed it by now but I'll have to tell you anyway I've come this far, yes it's another of those crazy Masonic signs.

This sign is used to identify the bearer as a follower of the 'Craft' and there are indications that it might have spiritulistic overtones. I haven't gone there as a mans personnal spiritual belief is his own affair and not something I care not to investigate. The Craft is a different matter altogether. That affects us all. It is well known that the clandestine goings on behind the closed doors of the Lodges has it's root set firmly in the establishement that governs our counrty (one way or another).

The rest of this fascinating and well researched post can be read here: As it's Saturday - The Mccanns Match of the Day

But he ends with this comment:

I feel that it is the responsibility of all of us, who have been in some way touched by the plight of Madeleine, to publicise and inform society of the manner in which we have all been hoodwinked and conned by the Mccanns. The BBC should be on notice their prejudical reporting and disfigurement of the news concerning the Mccanns was a disgrace and will not be tolerated by the British public. That fine tradition established with that mosty noble of aims, "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation" somehow today seems to exclude the possibility that Truth might also be a component of any negotiations. If truth is not present, that is because it really was the first casualty.
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