Martin Brunt: Accounting for Madeleine

Martin Brunt
January 29, 2009 8:11 AM

The Find Madeleine Fund accounts have just been published on the internet and make intriguing reading.

They reveal income up to March last year of £1,846,178 and, after deductions of spending, a surplus of £1,052,027.

The details show the fund spent £81,904 on "awareness."

And £26,113 on "media monitoring"...a tiny sum, I suppose, because such scrutiny led to libel payouts of £925,000 to Kate and Gerry McCann and their Tapas 7 friends.

All of that will appear in the next set of accounts.

I wonder if they will show any donation from Robert Murat who collected more than £600,000 himself from the High Court?
Source: Sky News (this is where the original blog post was, but it's now been deleted)
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