Is Dr Gerry McCann fit to continue to practice working as a doctor?

"I cannot think about anything else at the moment other than finding Madeleine. I do not know if I would be safe to go back and practise as a doctor at the moment." Gerry McCann, 11 June 2007

Written by 'TTW4' on The 3 Arguidos forum.

We all trust our doctors (well most of us) to tell us the truth.
'Do no harm' this is one on the tennents of the medical profession. Someone is ill, the doctor establishes the cause of the illness, tells the patient, and then uses his or her best skill and judgement to diagnose a remedy for the condition.
Doctors are trained to do this and we inherently rely upon their judgement.
They spend 7 long years honing their skills for just such an event. The GPs surgery is a daily battleground against disease and illness of one sort or another. When in hospital we again rely on yet more skilled and trained physicians to carry out even more tests and further diagnosis.
We are entirely reliant for our well being upon the ability of such highly trained and professional staff. The decisions they make in the course of their daily lives can concern real life or death situations. One wrong move one careless prognosis and it's all over. The doctors decision making process has to be of the highest calibre that is why we as patients in the NHS naturally demand such high standards. Our taxes have paid for their training and we have endowed our doctors with our trust. That trust demands they employ all of their talents both, learnt and acquired to fulfil their professional obligations under licence within society.
Should things go awry then there is a structure in place to question the competence of the professional involved. I make no case either for or against such arbitration and or it's effectiveness, I only propose that society acknowledges that administering lethal medication or process demands some sort of regulation. Someone could get hurt.
The Doctors McCann and Healy are both registered with the necessary authorities to practice in accordance with the current guidelines, therefore it can be said they have accepted societys bargain and seek in their professional lives to make the very best of decisions concerning their patients care.

30 April 2008 Kate Healy says she sees Madeleine in 'visions', she later revealed in her visions she sees Maddy as, "like a little buddy to me."(*1 Source)
For the time being Dr. Kate Healy is not practicing as a GP. This is a well thought our and carefully considered strategy on the part of her and her familys. The trauma she has suffered during the course of the last 2 years with the loss of her daughter and under such tragic circumstances demands nothing less. Healys decision making process must be impaired, and it is a well known fact, and understood amongst professionals and those in the social services community, that psychiatric scarring can become apparent in subjects, if not immediately then sometimes years after such an horrific event.
The consequence of this is, and Kate Healy knows I am sure, that it is extremely unlikely that she will ever sit inside a GPs surgery again as a practicing doctor. In making this decision she has no doubt consulted with professional councillors and psychologists who will have offered the very best and most considered of opinions as to whether or not Kate Healys state of mind is truly fit to practice medicine again. On balance Kate Healy is to be applauded for her consideration of her patients well being.

On the other hand Dr. Gerald McCann sees his decision making process as unimpaired. I say this because despite having suffered the exact same trauma and psychological upset as his wife he returned to work some 6 months after the loss of his daughter apparently suffering no ill after effects.
Having been made a suspect in the disappearance of his daughter did not appear to present any kind of psychological upset to him in the slightest. A remarkable feat by anyones reckoning, if you can really call that sort of mental remoteness and isolation remarkable at all for a normal human being.
As a consultant in his field (Cardiovascular Medicine) I understand his patient contact is limited, and that surely comes as some relief, but he is still making decisions concerning patients who are referred to him. He still has to determine and interpret data, scans and propose a course or assess a course od treatment. This requires an unimpaired decision making process, something Dr. Gerald McCann claims to have, and has seemingly demonstrated in spades.

01.11.07 The ability to walk through the door to your place of work and receive a pat on the back from a colleague, does not of it's own accord, I am sorry to say, automatically mean that you are a fit and proper person to practice medicine.
Was Gerald McCann totally unaffected? Psychologically Dr.Gerald McCann was affected and he admitted some of his darkest thoughts here:
"You're in the middle of a horror movie really, a nightmare".
"Pressure such as I've never felt before".
"You're under attack in one way or another".
"The speculation takes you to the worst places and the worst place would have been being charged, potentially being put in jail, certainly being detained to face charges that could have taken years to materialise, being separated from Sean and Amelie."
It seems he was affected and in much the same way as his wife.

Leaving Portugal Dr. Gerald McCann considers his future in the UK, and how his actions so shortly before, on the 30 of July 2007 belied his confused and irrational thinking. Amongst other things it was noted that:
'Gerald McCann insisted on constantly delivering to Ricardo Paiva, letters and e-mails that he received and selected. Most of them from psychics and mediums, and that in general held no credible information about the whereabouts of Madeleine and of her alleged abductor'.(* Note 1)
To put selected communications from psychics and internet mediums in front of the Portuguese investigating authorities is plainly neither empirical, deductive, or rational thinking. Just 90 days later and Dr. Gearld McCann would start employing his 'logic' with real people in real situations.

30.04.08 Seen in the McCann house at Rothley. This is the mail sorting box system the doctors Kate and Gerald have instituted to cope with their incoming mail. The doctors for the best part of a year have been on the receiving end of numerous death threats, poison pen letters and bile of the most unimaginable kind. The sorting boxes mean they can at least try to compartmentalise these 'mental' assaults into some sort of manageable psychological onslaught.
The hope is, no doubt, they will by these actions then be able to mentally deal with the outpouring of hate they have stirred up in the hearts and minds of the British public. To be on the receiving end of such vitriol and abuse must pay a heavy price, and none more so than on the minds of the Doctors Kate and Gerald McCann.
Perhaps because Kate McCann is a woman she more readily and easily seems to demonstrate a more complete understanding of her abilities and state of mind. Gerald McCann, as a man, seems more ready to suffer denial and exclusion as his mental remedy, for his discomfort. The fact that a doctor is walking through the doors of a hospital in this country to administer advice and opinion, of the most sensitive kind, to patients under his care, when he himself is the subject of so much trauma, uncertainty and abuse must surely call into question that doctors ability to perform.
UHL as Dr. Gerald McCanns employer will have to look long and hard to see whether or not Dr. Gerald McCanns true state of mind is an enhancement to cardiovascular patient care in Glenfield Hospital, or as some might think a hinderance.

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