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8 Jan 2009

Gonçalo Amaral runs for president in Olhão

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The ex-inspector of the Judicial Police Gonçalo Amaral is a great "letter-surprise" of the orange cards for the 2009 elections. Amaral confirms everything the Center of the Algarve, and explains why.

"While police did not fully exercise my rights, in terms of party limited me to vote, to go to vote because I believe that was not compatible with political activity that the activity performed. From the moment I left the police, have the fullness of my rights. There was an invitation and I accepted this invitation. It is a way to intervene in public life, "admits Gonçalo Amaral, PSD candidate for the municipality of Olhão.

Although at an early stage, Amaral shows that one of its main concerns is the social factor: "What is lacking Olhão? There is much poverty in Olhão, Olhão living fisheries and agriculture, not only cement or tar is happening in Olhão. We will develop a political program, there is much that is well made, there are others that are missing do, we do a survey of all contact with all organizations that exist in Olhão and try to evolve in the social, "says.

The ex-inspector of the Judicial Police admits that its public visibility may help to address the "history" of the PS, Francisco Leal, but will not be enough: "It was not necessary so much publicity, so much public image - that is more nationally - because I have family traveling from Fuzeta am not unknown in the municipality of Olhão, "he says.

"In addition, people can not be thinking that just because they have advertising earn a camera, can not be there. You must be a very Interventive, these months will be for that, we see the final result, but it will be important and will be interesting, let's see, "he adds.

As for political inexperience, Amaral does not hide that face Francisco Leal, president since 1993 (but in power since 1989, as councilman to replace the president) will not be easy, but recalls that in politics there is not impossible: "Politically, it is very more experience than me, but it is not a negative factor because people who are with me are people with much experience in politics and know very well the municipal and political life of Olhão, "concludes, it is militant since 2002.

For now, however, the team is not yet defined.

Application came from above

The Center of the Algarve know that the name of Amaral was suggested by the leader of the district, Mendes Bota, and was welcomed at a policy committee meeting county, held last night.

The district has already Gonçalo Amaral had in mind for other counties, but some already had applications or commitments. "When Dr. Mendes Bota knew that Dr. Gonçalo Amaral had family in Olhão, and there was no commitments, Olhão emerged as a natural choice," admitted the source of OA county.

Contacted by the Center of the Algarve, Mendes Bota not want to dwell on comments, justifying that the application has not yet been officially approved by the District of PSD. Bota admits, however, that all choices of concelhias are "followed closely" by the party district.

Already the chairman of the municipality of Olhão, Daniel Santana, confirmed the decision and believes that the profile of Amaral is the most appropriate, among other choices that appeared: "He's willing to do the fighting and work for the opposition to embodies the PSD in Olhão, "he says.

"In addition, he was inspector of the Judicial Police and that brings us credibility, on the other hand if Maddie was wronged and I think that people realize that when he tried to do the real justice withdrew from the process," concludes.
Text to be updated if/when Joana Morais translates :)

Source: Expresso
The 3 Arguidos: 7/1: Amaral Running For Political Office
Amaral for president - translated from Duarte Levy's blog

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