Gerry McCann: The McCircus rolls back into town

Return: One and a half year later

by: Tânia Laranjo/Sónia Trigueirão

Almost one and a half year after leaving Portugal in a hurry – 48 hours after having been made an arguido – Gerry McCann returned. He was at the English embassy yesterday, in the Estrela area, in Lisbon, to ask for help to restart the searches for his daughter.

Nevertheless, Gerry McCann didn’t contest the archiving of the process. He could have requested the opening of the instruction phase – given the fact he had a legitimate interest – which he didn’t do within the legal deadline. The result: in terms of the process, it’s practically impossible for the authorities to restart the searches into the little girl’s whereabouts, unless Maddie’s parents supply a new solid element concerning what really happened to the child.

“Gerry wanted to know about the possibilities to continue to search for his daughter. His purpose is for the search not to stop, no matter what the process issues are. He asked the ambassador for help in the sense of understanding what mechanisms are at his disposal to continue to search for his daughter”, Rogério Alves told CM – the lawyer who accompanied Madeleine’s father to the embassy yesterday.

Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, also confirmed that the McCanns’ intention is to find the child. “Gerry and Kate continue to search for Madeleine and they don’t intend to give up. This visit to Portugal is part of the strategy that we have to continue that search. I assert that during this visit, Gerry had no encounter with policemen, the Attorney General or members of the government. He just went to meet his lawyer.”


Events in Portugal – The McCanns are preparing a series of events for the media, mainly the Portuguese, not to forget about Madeleine. Clarence Mitchell didn’t explain exactly what initiatives are foreseen.

Fund with money – Clarence Mitchell asserts that the fund to search the child continues to have money. “We have 800 thousand pounds, which is 880.170,36 euros. We don’t have money problems. People continue to help us”, he stated.

“It’s painful to return to Praia da Luz”: Gerald Patrick McCann, Madeleine’s father

Correio da Manhã – What did you come to do in Portugal?

Gerry McCann – I came exclusively to speak with my lawyers to define strategies and to analyse other possibilities to continue to search for Madeleine.

- Is this a short visit? Did you come alone?

- It’s a short visit, but I’m counting on making others. I arrived this morning [yesterday] and I leave tomorrow morning [today]. I didn’t come alone. I came with an English lawyer who has been working with Rogério Alves in the process.

- Do you plan to visit the Algarve, Praia da Luz?

- Maybe. I don’t know, it’s painful to think about that.

- Are you preparing anything for Madeleine’s birthday, in May, which coincides with the two years of her disappearance?

- We are preparing many things, but I hope to find my daughter before that date arrives.

- Have you read the process yet?

- No. It’s too long. There are approximately ten thousand pages. We are finishing the translation. I hope to read everything until February. Kate has also been helping with that analysis and she reads as it gets translated.

- What exactly are you looking for?

- We are going to analyse if in fact everything was done to find Madeleine. If the authorities acted correctly. And, more importantly, to find out if there is any lead that we can explore.

Book in England before summer

The book by Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ coordinator who directed the investigations into the little girl’s disappearance, should be launched in the English market before the summer. “We already have a reliable translation of the book into English. We are negotiating with several editors, whose lawyers are analysing the book. The couple’s spokesman has been threatening with lawsuits since the beginning, but they’ve had plenty of time to read ‘The Truth of the Lie’. If there was anything that would give them a motive to sue us, I believe they would have done that by now”, CM was told by Mário Sena Lopes, who guaranteed that the English version will be identical to the one that was sold in our country. “The book reaches the same conclusions that the investigators did. Are they going to sue the investigators over that? The book is based on an investigation. We are not going to authorise any change that alters the fundamental contents of the book.”


Threat: English book. Clarence Mitchell threatens to sue Gonçalo Amaral. “if he publishes the book in England he’d better be aware that the British legislation is different from the Portuguese”, he says.

Hotel: D. Pedro Palace. Gerry McCann was lodged at the D. Pedro Palace, in Amoreiras, a hotel that is relatively close to lawyer Rogério Alves’ office.

Kate: Stayed with the children. Gerry guarantees that Kate stayed with their children Sean and Amelie, and therefore didn’t accompany him in the return to Portugal. “She’s trying to deal with all of this”, he stated.
source: Correio da Manhã, 14.01.09
Translated by Joana Morais
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