A frustrated journalist speaks out on McCann media blackout

Email to Tony Bennett from a journalist:

"Thank you for the book. Which I have read with great interest. It is now in the hands of my colleagues who will all be reading it. We have been discussing your book this morning - it has certainly 'opened a few eyes and minds'!

I would like to ask you a few further questions about the book at some point - hope that will be in order?

What is clear about this whole sorry mess is that a lot of the general public and a the majority of the 'bread and butter' journalists have very little, or no idea, of the further details of this case.

The McCann/Mitchell spin has done its job and produced a mass of misinformation and resulted in a whiter than white image for the McCanns. In fact, sad as it may be, it has almost been the perfect spin campaign - would not be surprised if in years to come it is not studied by Marketing and PR students!

At the end of July 08 I had a conversation with a major news organisation Editor about the case and was told in no uncertain terms that:-

They are in the clear.

With regard to Snr Amaral I was told:-

We've not made specific references to his allegations and will continue to take that approach.

Your new book would certainly open the eyes of a good many people - if it becomes possible to get it into the wider domain. The question is how to do that?

Are the McCanns getting twitchy with you over the book or are they just keeping tight-lipped because they know they have, they think, every press outlet tied down and under their control?

I presume both you and Snr Amaral are wanting the McCanns to take the bait and go through with legal action?

Only when they stand up in Court will the Press then have to report in a fair and balanced way. My belief is that one organisation or one journalist with clout will break ranks. What you are doing will hopefully show the way and speed up the process."

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