31 Reasons why what Eddie alerted to was not Madeleine’s corpse

By Tony Bennett of The Madeleine Foundation

1. He confused the smell with traces of rotting meat, chicken carcasses and 'food scraps', along with smells from 'dirty nappies' being taken to the local dump [Liverpool Daily Post, 21 September 2007: "The McCanns believe that the Renault Scenic being used as a 'dumper truck' ferrying rotting meat, chicken carcasses and food scraps to nearby bins during the summer could also explain the excited reaction of specialist sniffer dogs when shown the car last month as part of a review of the case"]

2. He was trained to detect pork and confused the scent of pork with human cadaverine [see for example this comment by new member 'Poacher' on this thread: "Do cadaver dogs indicate things other than human body parts? Yes! There are issues surrounding the training of cadaver dogs in the UK...there is no legitimate way that human body parts can be obtained for police dog training...Most cadaver dogs are therefore trained on pork and human blood...In licensing trials Keela was found to indicate human blood, but discount pork products, whilst Eddie indicated both substances...Therefore a cadaver dog can only be judged on its reliability on detecting pork products. All cadaver dogs trained on pork will indicate pork-related substances – pork scratchings, fat deposits on kitchen walls"]

3. An Irish court said these cadaver dogs’ evidence is useless

4. An American court said these cadaver dogs’ evidence is useless

5. Dr Kate McCann worked on 6 corpses in the two weeks before she went to Praia da Luz; Eddie smelt the smell of those corpses

6. Dr Kate McCann sometimes took Cuddle cat to work, the smell of a corpse was on her hands and must have got transferred on to Cuddle Cat

7. Eddie may have been right 200 times in the past but there’s always a first time for being wrong

8. He was suffering from jet lag and was disorientated and not able to perform to the usual standard

9. Martin Grime misinterpreted the dog’s alerts

10. Martin Grime knew where he wanted the dogs to alert and guided and led the dogs only to bark where he wanted them to bark

11. Martin Grimes is a con-man and a cheat and the whole business of Eddie alerting here and there was a complete set-up

12. "Martin Grimes' claims about his cadaver dogs can be taken with a pinch of salt" (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread)

13. "The reason why Eddie and Keela are used so much is purely down to Martin Grime prostituting himself" (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread)

14. "The secrecy element is something that has caused significant embarrassment for Grime's previous employer in the police dog world - as we all know how the dog [Keela] was trained. Martin is no better than any other police dog trainer. In many of his colleague’s opinions he was not very highly regarded" (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread)

15. "Martin Grime Martin runs off at the mouth without knowing the implications of his statements" (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread)

16. Martin Grime was pretty useless generally (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread who said: "He had become somewhat of an embarrassment to his employers and was unpopular with both his peers and his students. His continual and relentless prostitution of his services as a cadaver search handler to all and sundry meant his position in the dog training department had to be filled by his colleagues and in some cases he neglected to honour his obligations to courses. This caused some of his students considerable distress and resulted in some of his courses having to be rescued by other instructors. This, other irregularities and the American trip resulted in a management decision being made not to offer him an extension to his contract")

17. There might well have been 'cross-contamination' (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread, who said: "It would be entirely possible for a cadaver dog to indicate clothing or other objects that had previously been in contact with human cadavers even after washing. If that clothing had itself come into contact with other items then cross-contamination would have occurred. Could Dr. McCann’s clothing have caused sufficient cross-contamination for a cadaver dog to indicate the child’s teddy bear? In my opinion, yes. Could Dr. McCann’s clothing have caused sufficient cross-contamination for a cadaver dog to indicate the hire car boot? In my opinion, yes. Could Dr. McCann’s clothing have caused sufficient cross-contamination for a cadaver dog to indicate items or areas in the apartment? In my opinion, yes)

18. The FBI wasn't impressed with Eddie and Keela (according to new poster 'Poacher' on this thread, who said: "Martin Grime has never worked for the FBI. A few years ago he arranged a junket in order to show off Keela to the Americans. I have seen the report of the trip. The FBI was less then enthusiastic about their abilities and the value of the trial.

19. A woman might have been menstruating in the hired car or a man cut himself shaving (according to new member 'Poacher' on this thread, who said: "Also, let us not forget that the apartment and hire car are unknown quantities. Who can say whether any previous contamination by blood or had occurred? Children are prone to cuts and grazes. Women menstruate. Men cut themselves shaving. There is a good chance that innocent depositions had previously occurred at some stage")

20. Goncalo Amaral and Martin Grimes and the Leicestershire Police were in collusion to frame the McCanns [Gerry McCann made this allegation specifically when talking to U.S. citizen Ed Smart, whose daughter (much older than Madeleine) had been abducted and recovered - abducted by the way by someone known to the family: "Ed, I would not be surprised if they, you know, don't plant evidence in the car, you know, to have them think that there's DNA in this car that I rented after the fact is just outrageous, and what could they possibly have? There's no chance in the world"].

21. Goncalo Amaral secretly placed another corpse in proximity to the various locations and objects at which Eddie alerted - to smear the McCanns [Chinagirl on this very forum wrote: "So now - back to the dogs - and this is the heresy part. Eddie DID alert to a cadaver, but it was one placed there deliberately. Who by? My guess is Amaral and/or his team. I think he was desperate to obtain something for which he could make K&G arguidos because he was quite genuinely (though mistakenly) convinced that they had killed their child and concealed her corpse, and he needed something with which to frighten, or shock them into confessing. The cadaver needn't have been an adult which would have been difficult to transport. Could have been a dead newborn and carried in a bag"].

22. Goncalo Amaral secretly smeared some substance at the various locations and objects at which Eddie alerted - to smear the McCanns

23. It was another dead person that Edie was alerting to. Someone else might have died in Apartment 5A and in the Renault Scenic

24. It could have been the scent of someone who died centuries ago

25. The abductor might have brought cadaver scent with him to spread around

26. Eddie could have confused traces of the type of cadaverine found in vaginal fluid with the scent of a corpse

27. Delay in sending out the dogs: Philomena McCann said on 'This Morning' QUOTE: "...for some unknown reason there’s something about a sniffer dog sniffing Kate. Suddenly a dog can talk and says he smelled a death. How can that be when a British sniffer dog came out months after Madeline’s case".

28. "Cross-contamination": someone called 'Millige' has tonight joined another forum I belong to and written this: "Mr Bennett, do you know anything about cross contamination? I am assuming you do not or you would have questioned why materials allegedly carrying cadaver deposit and kept in the same container with no cadaver deposit; did not contaminate said container and remaining items with cadaverine. Viewing the video I noted the receptacle was cardboard an excellent material for absorption; yet the dog does not alert".

29. [In effect a variation of (2) above]: Eddie can't tell the difference between a dead pig and a dead human: Millige has come back with this today: "Mr. Bennett, for the animal to be right it has to find a body. Did the animal find a body? - no. I take it you are aware Mr. Grimes has stated his dog cannot tell the difference between a dead pig and a dead body despite the animal being trained with cadavers? I suggest you acquaint yourself with the above details before making wild statements as to who or what maybe right/

30. Eddie can't tell the difference between the smell of a corpse and the smell of urine [BASILDON BOY on British Democracy Forum today, 31 December: "As I have already pointed out to Mr Bennett - cadavarine is also produced in urine and certain types of vaginal infections. They are the same chemical and identical".]

31. A so-called 'expert army dog handler' was wheeled out in one newspaper to say that he "wouldn't expect the scent to last more than four weeks once the remains have gone". This however was promptly contadicted by scientific evidence that the scent of human cadaverine could linger for at least 14 months after remains were removed, if a 'highly trained' cadaver dog were used

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for additional suggestions:

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BASILDON BOY from over on British Democracy Forum
Poacher on 1.1.09

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