NHS Doctors McCann and the CEOP

Kate and Gerry McCann work closely with CEOP according to their website Find Madeleine

Who is the CEO?

The following is taken from the CEOP website:

Jim Gamble is Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and brings with him over 25 years in UK policing - from leading the fight against terrorism as the head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast to most recently tackling organised crime as the Deputy Director of the National Crime Squad.

During his time in Northern Ireland he covered both uniform and detective roles in a rapidly changing and often volatile environment before leading anti-terrorist responses in both the UK and abroad. With the National Crime Squad he oversaw a complex and highly intricate portfolio ranging from firearm deployment to hi-tech crime and overall intelligence, professional standards and security as a central figure in the UK's fight against organised crime.

Jim's specialist achievements have most recently centred on the fight against child sex abuse. He led the work to set up the National Crime Squad's specialist response cell - the Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT) - and was instrumental in forming the first international law enforcement partnership to combat child abuse online - the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT).

Both POLIT and the VGT have acted as key forerunners to the creation of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and today the VGT acts as the main focus for CEOP's international partnerships and global response.

"Every child matters everywhere. We all agree with that. Yet there are people out there who will prey on children and young people, who will look to exploit them for personal pleasure and who will distribute and publish images for their own illegal gain.

The CEOP Centre is saying enough is enough. We will link with partners on a national and international stage to deliver a cohesive and co-ordinated response with a very clear emphasis - protecting children whether they are online or the in the more real day to day environments of their everyday lives. The internet is after all an excellent and exciting place to be, so we will work to stay that vital one step ahead of the criminal mind, be holistic in our approach, bringing perpetrators to account and safeguarding and protecting vulnerable children from abuse wherever they may be."
Jim Gamble

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