Kate and Gerry McCanns 2008 Christmas Appeal: Maddie is for life, not just for Christmas

"Don't you forget about me"

Many people around the world are disgusted by Kate and Gerry McCann who have admitted they did not physically search for their three year old daughter who they say has been snatched by a paedophile ring.

They have, instead, focussed on a fundraising campaign which has collected millions of pounds from the public, despite having financial backing from millionaires such as Brian Kennedy, JK Rowling, Richard Branson etc.

They have used this public money to make mortgage payments on their home in Rothley, despite Gerry working in the NHS at Glenfield Hospital, and private sector at Spire Hospital. They have also used the money to pay for a defence lawyer for a woman already convicted of murdering her own daughter in an attempt to collect evidence against the police officer who was removed from Maddie's investigation by Gordon Brown.

The McCanns made a heartfelt appeal last Christmas, even though two British sniffer dogs had searched their holiday apartment and hire car and detected blood and the scent of death which forced the Portuguese police to make them official suspects in their own daughters' disappearance.

The British media refuse to print any facts from the investigation, despite the Portuguese having made the files public after they shelved the case pending further evidence.

Kate and Gerry, it has been 144 days so far since your 'arguido' status was lifted and yet you still refuse to publicly speak about the investigation despite continuing to appeal for money.

So here is an appeal to you, Kate and Gerry McCann, for this Christmas 2008:

1. Please may you find the strength to go back to Portugal and request the investigation is re-opened because you have publicly stated that you will leave no stone unturned.

2. I pray that you will find it in your hearts to answer the 48 questions that Kate refused to answer when she was made 'arguida', especially question 41.

3. Please take part in the reconstruction which, when invited to do so, you all refused to participate.

4. Please stop taking the piss out of the general public because squillions of us are not fooled by your calculated hoax and fraudulent fund and it might prevent others, like Karen Matthews, from trying to copy you thus enforcing abuse on other children for the sake of money. You're also not doing much for the image of the NHS either with this ongoing scandal.

Many of us have read "The truth of the lie" and "Sixty reasons to suggest Madeleine McCann was not abducted" and we know that you have too.



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