Madeleine McCann Christmas appeal to air on TV

It is likely the appeal will be fronted by a celebrity - who has yet to be named - and concentrate solely on Madeleine for a change and not her parents Kate and Gerry, who face their second Christmas without their daughter.

The appeal is also likely to feature previously unseen footage of Madeleine - which they didn't think important enough to release as soon as she was 'abducted' by a swarthy paedophile - who was nearly four when she vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal 19 months ago. The Find Madeleine Fund, donated to by the gullible or unsuspecting public who don't know the truth because it's not published in the UK press, is to foot the cost of the new appeal.

The McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed that discussions were underway over the fresh appeal.

"It is likely there will be a Christmas message with the focus on Madeleine for a change," he said.

Mr Mitchell would not comment on who had been approached to narrate the film, but it is believed to be a sporting hero or some other celebrity.

The message will be done in video format so it can be used by broadcasters and the Find Madeline Fund website.

It is believed the McCanns do not want to appear themselves, as they're poohing themselves because Gonçalo Amaral's book is due to be published in the UK, but are keen to spark renewed interest in the search, even though they've never actually looked for her themselves.

Last month the McCanns admitted they faced a new blow in their hunt for their daughter.

They said there was less information in the released Portuguese police files than they had hoped.

Among the files was a prosecutor's report that said the investigation had uncovered "very little" evidence about Madeleine's fate, irrespective of the blood and cadavar odour that the two British sniffer dogs detected in their apartment and hire car.

The McCanns also confessed to being "low" as the 18th month milestone of Madeleine's disappearance passed, but have expanded their support team to try and find their daughter and understand what has - and has not - been done by the Portuguese police, despite trawling through all the threads on The 3 Arguidos forum.

The McCanns have already spent more than £1m paying off their mortgage trying to find Madeleine, who disappeared on May 3, 2007 from the resort of Praia da Luz, in the Algarve region of Portugal, just days short of her fourth birthday.

The McCanns have previously accused the Poli­cia Judiciaria (PJ) - the Portuguese criminal investigation police - of exaggerating DNA evidence to name them as suspects after Madeleine vanished.

The police inquiry into the girl's disappearance was shelved in July pending further evidence.

The McCanns and a third British national, Robert Murat - who have always strongly denied having had any involvement in what happened to Madeleine - were then declared to no longer be formal suspects.

The McCanns have vowed to "leave no stone unturned", despite not turning a single one so far, in their hunt for Madeleine - who they firmly believe is still alive, despite being with paedophiles, because otherwise their fund would dry up - and also say they may change the way they keep people updated about the hunt for their daughter. (text messages perhaps?)

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Underground, Overground, Wombling Free,
The McCanns of Rothley Common are we.
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Things that the everyday folks leave behind.

Uncle Brian Kennedy,
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With his map of Praia da Luz.
Pick up a bible and take it to The Vatican!

McCanns are organized, work as a Team.
McCanns are tidy and McCanns are clean (especially when they need to clean up an apartment).
Underground, Overground, wombling free,
The McCanns of Rothley Common are we!

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Under their noses a Maddie may be.
We womble by night and we womble by day,
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Is what we do!

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