Maddie shows us the true farce of Christmas hope

So the McCanns have made their Christmas appeal for help and information, despite already having a team of private investigators who obviously haven't found anything or why else would the McCanns still be asking for help?

They've already spent over £1million on a fruitless search so why are they asking the public to donate more money?

The McCanns also don't seem to have made a formal request to the British police, as Goncalo advised them to do - which could provide them with the information they ask for.

They also failed to request, by the September 20 deadline, that the PJ keep the investigation open to find their lovely daughter.

They have failed to answer police questions, they have refused to take part in a police reconstruction, failed to tell the truth in statements and admitted they've not even physically searched for their own daughter themselves.

Instead they release footage of Maddie where we are able to hear her voice and see the way she behaves - but why wait 19 months to release this footage when it would have been more useful as soon as Maddie (cough) 'disappeared'?

So, if they won't enlist the help of the police who have invaluable resources, and the private investigators haven't found anything in 19 months at a cost of £1million... who are they actually appealing to for help?

Joe Public? What makes them think Joe Public can find their daughter any better than the police or private investigators could?

The McCanns are well aware of the many forums and bloggers who are painstakingly sieving through all the police DVD files, which includes translating them from Portuguese. Those people are leaving no stone unturned in the search for the truth about what happened to their daughter. And they're doing it for free.

The McCanns ask for help, and help is what we're giving them.

But it's the wrong kind of help though, isn't it, because they're not in the least bit grateful for all the hard work. In fact they seem to hate us for it! Funnily enough, they also seem to hate Gonçalo Amaral, too.

Why are the McCanns so ungrateful to those who CAN help and DO help?

Obviously it's because they don't want our kind of help, which can only mean they don't want Maddie found. And if they don't want Maddie found, then why do they keep asking for help, particularly from people who can't give the kind of help that the police can?

Gonçalo Amaral registered an account on The 3 Arguidos forum to personally thank members for their excellent work. Why can't the McCanns personally thank those same people for their excellent work in helping to look for their daughter? People have spent hundreds of hours, in the past 19 months, trying to find out what happened to their daughter and not once have they said thank you.

So what do the McCanns really want? It can only be money, can't it? Money for what? Their private investigation has already proved worthless. The British and Portuguese police would investigate the case at the taxpayer's expense, so why not ask them?

Even though the McCanns have already received millions of pounds from the public, and Brian Kennedy has pledged his personal fortune to them for however long it takes, it's still not enough for them is it? They have used some of the public donations to pay their mortgage and still they want more.

That's because they are insatiable, lying, thieving bastards without a conscience who are doing everything possible to deny their daughter the justice she deserves whilst trying to save their own necks.

Let's hope 2009 pricks their consciences into taking postive action for Maddie.
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