CrimeshareTV: Kids have no hidden agenda but to protect each other from paedophiles

Kids don't know who to trust these days but Crimeshare Kids all over the world certainly trust Commander Crimeshare and would like him to explore his theory to find Madeleine.

CrimeshareTV is operated by kids for kids and from their point of view they need to feel safe even on holiday. CSTV Co-founder Terry Armstrong reports the website has been inundated with offers of help from kids from all around the world. The general feeling CSTV gets from the kids is 'enough is enough' and Terry says kids are not political and they have no hidden agenda but to protect each other from paedophiles and the growing crime of child abduction.

Its obvious to him that Crimeshare Kids from every nationality will put all their energy into finding little Madeleine, and their energy knows no bounds!
Ex Flying Squad Commander John O’Connor took control of operations at the student driven on-line crime prevention initiative CSTV over a year ago and there’s much excitement among the hundreds of young volunteers at CrimeshareTV at his enquiring into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal as reported on TV

John’s career with the Metropolitan Police Force spanned 30 years, operating in the Murder, Counterfeit Currency and Fraud Squads. Most of his service was spent in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). John ran the Flying Squad at New Scotland Yard dealing with all armed robberies in London until retiring with the rank of Commander.

CSTV is proud to report that the Commander has been to Portugal investigating Madeleine's disappearance and you can catch his daily media reports on GMTV, Sky News and the BBC. You can be assured Crimeshare Kids are kept fully informed and given sound advice to keep them safe from predators. The kids are 'well chuffed' and keener than ever to join in the fight against crime for a safer future with John who they nicknamed ‘Commander Crimeshare’.

Source: CrimeshareTV
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