Common Purpose and Madeleine McCann

This was written on The British Democracy forum by retired solicitor, Tony Bennett (who is one of the thorns in the McCanns' side) from the Madeleine Foundation.

"Don't see the connections?

Let's make a start.

Let's look at the charity called Common Purpose and then let's look at the private trust (pretendig to be a charity), the Find Madeleine Fund Trust, which seems to have spent most of its money so far (given by a generous if gullible public) on a dodgy Spanish private detective agency, Metodo 3, which has links to major drug-running and money laundering operations.

OK, so the connections?

1. Both Common Purpose and the Find Madeleine Fund Trust use Haysmacintyre as their auditors.

2. Both Common Purpose and the Find Madeleine Fund Trust claim to operate by a code of practice known as the 'Guide to Good Governance'.

3. Neither Common Purpose nor the Find Madeleine Fund Trust follow this policy document (the 'Guide to Good Governance') in practice but they both claim to adhere to it.

More about the Common Purpose links of the McCanns and their advisers and supporters on another occasion..."

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More to come...
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