Abuse of Power: What's been happening?

What's been happening?

Is Haringey Borough Council, of Social Services Baby P murder fame, lying over Common Purpose?
Latest News 18/11/2008

London Borough of Haringey Social Services, as implicated in the disgusting murder of Baby P, facilitated by a catalogue of SS incompetence, lies, cover-ups, as well as the vicious bullying of an innocent whistleblower, has been penetrated by Common Purpose. More than one staff member has been Common Purpose trained. Assistant Director of Community Health and Social Services Carole Wilson attended the 1995 1996 MATRIX Common Purpose Course. Miss Wilson is not known to be involved in the Baby P case, but are there other Haringey Common Purpose trained staff within Social Services who are? Certainly the Common Purpose Chatham House rule of secrecy would facilitate the extensive lies and cover-ups. The Common Purpose techniques for dealing with those that challenge the elite organisational leaders would also help to explain the vicious psychological bullying of brave whistleblower Nevres Kemal. Nothing must stand in the way of the Common Purpose CHANGE agenda, which ultimately seeks to train young children to be the New Leaders. Common Purpose is also occupying office space in prisons to train criminals to be leaders of the NEW society. Is Haringey's Head of Child Services Sharon Shoesmith Common Purpose?

Jersey police Common Purpose graduate Deputy Chief Officer D Warcup attacks Mr Harper over paedophile investigation
Latest News 13/11/2008

UK newspapers, including the Daily Mail November 13 2008, have carried major stories concerning the attack by Jersey Police Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup on Lenny Harper, his predecessor in the Jersey force, over possible child murders at Haut de la Garenne. According to the Daily Mail article, David Warcup launched a devastating attack on Mr Harper, saying that he had now 'ripped up' much of the evidence presented by his predecessor. Events seem to suggest that the new investigation team are keen to play down events at the Jersey care home.

Common Purpose links with European Youth Parliament
Readers Comments 05/11/2008

I've just followed the link from the UK Column site to the NEA homepage, and then the link to the "Competition time for young politicians" item. This is a dangerous treacherous movement, grooming youngsters for fascist Euro politics, of course. I then followed the EYPUK link to their own page, which is now actually here: http://www.eypuk.org/ Their literature reads like that of CP, as one might expect. All using our money. Thanks for the story, Fraud, Deception and Treason, Brian and your team. Richard

British troops are deployed overseas to keep them out of the UK whilst country is dismantled.
Readers Comments 05/11/2008

As the lady in red has commented it is becoming increasingly apparent that British regular Army and Royal Marine units are being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep them out of UK whilst the country is dismantled from within and handed over to the European Union. Similar degradation to Royal Navy and now nlp in nuclear submarines. See archives Military. The commitment of reserve forces overseas is designed to ensure that UK troops will not be available to help contain violence on the streets, which is the next phase of the EU subversion plan.

Unable to cope on their own, and with the UK Army overseas, the UK police forces will be supplemented by armed European police (operating under military law), and above the law. Once here they will never leave. Penetration by common purpose into Ministry of Defence and operational higher staff, human resource and procurement staffs will ensure that common sense decision making will be blurred and obfuscated to promote the new socio political common purpose. Is government backed Common Purpose nlp training really helping to diffuse Muslim militancy? Look in the mirror. Does diversity training divide?

The betrayal of troops wounded and seriously injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and the dismantlement of quality military medical treatment facilities in UK has been designed to help destroy morale of those injured and those fighting. Are treatment clinics safe? Is nlp part of therapy? Which private firms and individuals have been given responsibility for helping these vulnerable individuals? Is the rank kernel of the matter a voice to push some over the edge? Some informed would say so.

Evidence for Public Sector breaches of Data Protection Act to protect Common Purpose grows
Latest News 02/11/2008

Documentary evidence for collusion between Public Authorities and Common Purpose to deny the general public information (via the Freedom of Information Act) concerning the activities of Common Purpose is growing. Letters and emails now show that Local Councils and other Authorities have breached Data Protection Act rules in their haste to cover-up their involvement with Common Purpose, and especially the huge sums of taxpayers money spent on courses that have quote no tangible benefit unquote. Public sector employees have demonstrated in emails, documents and phone calls that they are prepared to lie and / or obfuscate the truth in their haste to cover their personal and organisational involvement with Common Purpose. So desperate is Common Purpose to conceal the truth concerning their activities that they have been sending senior staff to \"coach\" Local Authorities in replying to Freedom of Information requests addressed to the Local Authority by taxpayers. Evidence to expose this tangled web will be released shortly.

Common Purpose Trustees try to challenge criticism by the general public.
Latest News 27/09/2008

Three Common Purpose Trustees Jude kelly, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose Charitable Trust, (Sir) David Bell, Director of People, Pearson plc and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose International, and Chris Mathias, Impetus Trust and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose UK attempt to challenge criticism of Common Purpose

They fail to explain why Common Purpose:

Recruits using public officers in public time and using public facilities
Takes money directly from the public purse e.g. via education budgets
Holds secret meetings under Chatham House rules
Uses Common Purpose Advisory Board Members as the "Eyes and Ears" of Common Purpose."
Actively blocks and obfuscates Freedom of Information requests asking about Public Authority expenditure on Common Purpose
Uses public sector facilities and office space for which it has made no payment nor signed any formal agreements. Tax avoidance?
Uses an elitest selection procedure which dismisses good people as "too Ipswich" for example
Claims to be apolitical when in fact it is extremely pro European Union and promotes the EU political model.
Promotes insolvent bankers such as Lehman Brothers as "leadership models" to schoolchildren and others
Redacts, strikes out and witholds documentation giving details of Common Purpose activities within the public sector such as police, Local Authorities, Government Agencies and the Military
Uses the Common Purpose "graduate network" to gain inside information, financial gain and details of the names and addresses of members of the general public challenging the legitimacy of Common Purpose

Uses adverse psychological training techniques such as Behavioural Learning to influence and manipulate "graduates".
The list of legitimate questions of concern regarding Common Purpose's (political) activities goes on and on.......

Common Purpose chooses bankrupt Lehman Brothers to advise young people on leadership
Latest News 22/09/2008

Unbelievably, Julia Middleton CEO of Common Purpose has chosen Lehman brothers to teach young people about “leadership to effect CHANGE”. By their greed and incompetence Lehman Brothers have caused untold suffering and financial misery to their customers – they must be the best possible example of how not to lead.

The glowing but misguided report on the Common Purpose event stated:

”Run by leadership development Common Purpose, participants on the free Frontrunner programme explored their different leadership styles and visited a diverse range of organizations where they examined the issues they are facing with the people who are managing them. This included Oxfam, the London Borough of Islington, and Lehman Brothers. It was a chance for young people who have already demonstrated leadership to explore what is required to lead effectively with those already in management positions and leading change in society

Common Purpose believes it is crucial to encourage the leadership spark in Generation Y so that it is not lost when they enter full time work. Julia Middleton, Chief Executive of Common Purpose says: “All too often, work pressures erode the passion and capacity of young people to lead and effect change on the issues they care about, so it is vital that they take time at the beginning of their careers to consider how they continue to grow as leaders”.

We leave you to make up your own mind on Mrs Middleton's suitability to "lead our children" in effecting CHANGE. The CHANGE she desires, of course, is a new society run by chosen Common Purpose leaders.

The financial system is collapsing yet Common Purpose praises banks
Latest News 19/09/2008

It is remarkable that Common Purpose Chief Executive praises the work of bankers and these are the people that she is keen to have finance Common Purpose and CP courses for school children. Yet more and more people are understanding the fraud of "money = debt" - the financial bubble that is now bursting to destroy savings, businesses and lives. Why would a charity want to promote these greedy criminal bankers and their ideology? Their political objective is to create a new society where the elite control the many. That is that the common purpose - CHANGE. Why not write or email Julia Middleton and ask her why her banker friends are collapsing the financial system.

For full details click here

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