University Hospitals Leicester: Pathway Project and the need for fundraising?

Pathway Project
Press Release 413, 10/05/2006

Peter Reading, Chief Executive of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, announced the latest progress on the project to create new 21st century hospitals in Leicester.

“Earlier this year the Department of Health announced a national review of Private Finance Initiative, (PFI) schemes. That review has now taken place and the initial feedback is looking pretty positive.”

“We want to invest in our two emergency hospitals, the Royal Infirmary and the Glenfield; create a new innovative planned care and rehabilitation hospital at the General and develop a one site solution to maternity services and integrate children’s services at the Royal. Though this is work in progress, it is what we are pitching to the Department of Health, (DH) and the Treasury.”

“However, the shape of the whole NHS is changing at an astounding rate and the Treasury are concerned that Trusts are locking themselves into big PFI financial commitments over many years. In the uncertain world of payment by results, and a White Paper which encourages more activity to move into community hospitals we have to be sure that the plans we make now are right for this generation the next and the next.”

“So, in common with other new hospital schemes in the UK the DH has instructed us to cut some of the planned investment in our scheme. This means our available cash is likely to be in the region of £600m.”

Source: University Hospitals Leicester website: Pathway Progress
Ministers approve £1.5bn hospital building proposal


Hospital chief resigns from post

The chief executive of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has announced his retirement from the role.

Peter Reading is stepping down just two months after a £700m plan to rebuild Leicester's NHS hospitals was scrapped.

A spokesman has said they were "entering a new chapter in the history of these hospitals" and that is was "the right time for a change".

The decision to abandon the rebuilding plan drew some criticism as more than £20m had already been spent on it.

Earlier in the year the trust said it was looking to cut hundreds of posts to make budget savings.

(Does that include cancelling operations and denying life saving treatment to make budget savings?) Link
NHS should not save patients' lives if it costs too much, says watchdog

Source: BBC News

Peter Reading, Leicester Royal Infirmary's scapegoat
McCanns millionnaire backer, Richard Branson, steps into new role in NHS
Bailiffs called in to Leicester Hospitals
Leicester City Health UNISON slammed plans to axe up to 900 jobs and close 200 beds at Leicester’s three city hospitals.
Taken from British Democracy forum
One close friend of the McCanns living nearby in Praia da Luz was Mr Brian Geraghty, also a Roman Catholic, who was seen on camera emerging from the Roman Catholic Church with the McCanns the Sunday immediately after Madeleine 'disappeared'. He was also seen on subsequent occasions in close contact with the McCanns (including on subsequent TV broadcasts) and is known to have helped the McCanns out during the aftermath of Madeleine McCann 'going missing'.

In addition, it is clear from researches undertaken by others that Brian Geraghty was very closely involved in the failed PFI bid that was made by a consortium at Leicester University Hospital - that included the Doctors McCann and at least one other of their 'Tapas 9' doctor friends. The McCanns and Geraghty had been hoping to pull off a bid for some £700 million PFI funding, but Patricia Hewitt, right at the last, refused the application in one of her last acts as Health Secretary (in January 2007).

A quite possible reason for the McCanns' 'holiday' in Praia da Luz was to discuss with Geraghty and his contacts how to revive their failed PFI bid, from which both the McCanns and John Geraghty stood to gain from potentially highly lucrative contracts.

(It is John Geraghty not Brian)

How convenient, then, that their holiday produced the need for such a huge fundraising campaign, and that UHL link directly to the McCanns Fund from their hospital noticeboard.

How convenient that Gerry's boss, Doug Skehan, is adept at fundraising and is also a director of the fraudulent Fund and that UHL refuse to comment on this.

As the abduction was staged, I wonder what else was staged.

Would you know anything about that, Kate and Gerry?

Who's who in Team McCann