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04/11/2008 22:16:51 Missing Madeleine discussion closing -->
Missing Madeleine discussion closing
Dear Posters,
Please be aware that users will no longer be able to post to the ‘Missing Madeleine’ discussion thread after 3pm on Friday, 7th November 2008. At this time, the thread will be changed to ’read only’ and removed on Friday, 14th November 2008.
Since her disappearance in May 2007, the MY Sun community have debated and shown support in record numbers. During this time, many of you have developed online relationships and a community in itself. The sheer number of postings has shown how much the story has touched our readers.
Sadly, the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance is still unsolved.
Though we appreciate that there is still ongoing interest and concern, the debate can at times get very heated and we feel it is time wind down the discussion thread.
We’re sure the MY Sun community will join everyone at The Sun in their continuing hope for Madeleine’s safe return.
Source: The Sun
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