Not only the NHS and GMC dismiss concerns about McCanns - but also Jacqui Smith of the Home Office

In recognition of those who are systematically failing
Madeleine McCann

The letter below was sent by a member of the 3 Arguidos forum to Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2008 9:58 AM
Subject: FAO Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary: Madeleine McCann Enquiry

Dear Madam

I am a British national living abroad who has concerns regarding some serious allegations made public in Dr Gonçalo Amaral's book " A Verdade da Mentira". These allegations bring into question the role and intentions of British police force and justice authorities during the course of the recent investigation into the case of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared on 3rd May 2007 from Praia da Luz, Algarve.

These allegations are, according to the author of the book, contained in the investigation files of the inquiry now archived by the Portuguese authorities and will be available for consultation by interested parties from mid August.

The allegations include:

a. That British police forces held back for 6 months a witness statement given in UK regarding Dr David Payne and which appears relevant to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann led by the Portuguese Policia Judicaria.

b. That the Forensic Science Service, Birmingham has produced contradictory interpretations of test results carried out on vestiges found in the apartment and rental car used by the McCann family whilst in the Algarve, and also refused to return some forensic material so that it could be sent for analyses by other international laboratories. Said evidential vestiges were found as a result of searches made by the two specialist South Yorkshire police dogs, Eddie and Keela.

c. That British authorities refused to provide the Portuguese authorities with the medical records of Madeleine McCann as requested within the remit of the rogatory letters.

d. That British authorities
i) did not provide to the Portuguese authorities when requested background information concerning the financial situation of Drs Gerald and Kate McCann
ii) reported that Drs Gerald and Kate McCann did not possess credit or debit cards when asked for the bank records of same.

You may not be aware of the groundswell of opinion which believes that the Drs McCann have received unprecendented assistance from government and business sources. This despite being named by the Policia Judicaria as suspects in their daughter's disappearance. Dr Amaral's allegations would seem to support this view and I am writing to ask for reassurance that the British Authorities are assisting (have assisted) the Policia Judicaria in every way possible to solve this case.

Might I request an acknowledgement of receipt and a response to the above request for information, and also ask that such acknowledgement and response be communicated and delivered to my electronic mail address in the first instance or, failing that, to my postal address given below?

Thanking you for your kind attention

Yours faithfully


New Zealand

Letters to Home Office posted on the 3 arguidos here



Thank you for your email of 4 October to the Foreign Secretary about the case of Madeleine McCann. I have been asked to reply as desk officer responsible for this case at the Foreign and Commonweath Office (FCO).

The British Government remains concerned about the fate of Madeleine. As Madeleine went missing in Portugal, the investigation into her disappearance is being lead by the Portuguese police. UK police forces have provided and are continuing to provide assistance to the Portuguese police.

The British government takes a strong interest in making sure that British nationals in distress abroad can get the right help. I would like to assure you that our consular officials continue to follow Madeleine's case closely and provide assistance to her family as we would for any British national in these circumstances.

Best regards,
xxxx xxxxxxx

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