NHS operates zero tolerance policy (except when it comes to doctors who blow up airports and allow babies to die)

VIOLENT patients have attacked nearly 400 NHS staff in the past 12 months - sparking fears for employee safety.

(Would that be the same 400 NHS staff who abused patients, including the one who raped a patient when she was in a coma which should spark fears for patient safety?) Link

"The trust uses a yellow and red card system with violent patients. We have a zero tolerance policy, and have the power to withhold treatment in extreme circumstances.

(But the NHS withholds treatment anyway, even in non-extreme circumstances - it's called the Postcode Lottery - and do you also operate a yellow and red card system for violent doctors who blow up airports or rape patients in a coma?) Link

"Our staff should be able to work in an environment which is free from the threat of violence, abuse and harassment.

(Aw bless... don't you think our babies should be able to live in an environment which is free from the threat of violence, abuse and harassment - remember how you allowed Baby P to die because he was too miserable and cranky to be examined - erm... because he had a broken back and broken ribs? Your zero tolerance policy hasn't worked with Dr Zayyat has it, because she continues to work in the NHS, albeit it under supervision.) Link

A NELHMT spokesman said it has a local security management team which works to promote a safe and secure environment, adding there is a robust reporting process and all staff are encouraged to report all violent and abusive incidents immediately.

(And Drs Gerry and Kate McCann has a government backed management team and your zero tolerance policy hasn't worked with them either despite their child being dead due, at least, to neglect and abandonment. And also when complaints are made about doctors you dismiss them anyway, so what is actually 'robust' about your reporting process other than it only works to protect NHS staff?) Link

The NHS has a job to do, and it is paid from taxpayer's money, yet the compensation bill for negligence of £30million suggests you ain't doing it very well.


Source: Ilford Recorder


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