NHS doctors Kate and Gerry McCann's dirty tactics to destroy Gonçalo Amaral

How much longer are the UK police going to allow two child neglecting NHS doctors to play at being the Mafia in order to save their own rotten necks?

And how much longer will the General Medical Council and NHS condone their disgusting behaviour?

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer proposed to help the PJ inspectors who stand accused of torture if he was given the head of Gonçalo Amaral. The news was confirmed by himself to tvmais

by Hernâni Carvalho

Gonçalo Amaral’s head against the absolution of the other inspectors – such was the proposal that was made by Leonor’s lawyer to one of the lawyers of the PJ inspectors. The information hit the newsroom at tvmais like a bombshell. “I confirm it”, tvmais was told by Carlos Anjos, the president of ASFIC, the union for the PJ’s Criminal Investigation workers. “Our colleagues’ lawyer (Pragal Colaço) has informed us about said proposal that was made by Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer (Marcos Aragão). Gonçalo Amaral’s head. Concerning the others, one would find a way to clear them.”

If we in the newsroom found this strange, any doubts were dismissed when we contacted Marcos Aragão himself. “Yes, indeed I spoke with Dr Pragal Colaço and I confirm that I proposed to help him in the defense of the other inspectors if they stated that they acted under Gonçalo Amaral’s indication. A reduction of the sentence would be achieved for them”, the lawyer told our magazine. Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer confirmed to us that he is ready to defend the inspectors who stand accused of torturing his client if in exchange an unequivocal condemnation against the PJ’s coordinating inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, was obtained.

source: Tvmais, 05.11.2008, paper edition

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