NHS doctors Kate and Gerry McCann and their abuse of the media

“They are incredibly well plugged into the media, and have a campaign organiser, a media adviser who is the godparent of one of their children and a former lecturer in new media and a roster of loyal friends who give their time, energy and expertise. They all think laterally about how to produce a new angle on the story. In that way they remind me of the producers on Newsnight, and it’s been that way from the beginning.” said Kirsty Wark.

The following post is a snippet from an extraordinary post on the 3 arguidos:
The Mccanns and their abuse of the media

"Kirsty Wark made this startling admission concerning her observations about the McCanns and the media in Ariel, the BBC’s in-house magazine. It flew in the face of Clarence Mitchells attempts to somehow deny that the Mccanns had orchestrated anything other than simply to publicise the loss of their daughter.

The PR industry annual get together of the bad, the truely bad, and the desperate, occurred about a month ago in central London. I played the video on the opening page and found it hard to watch. The PR industry probably has fewer friends than your local estate agent. They are just about as popular it seems. These people are professional liars and regrettably their services are more in need today than at any other time."


Comment from retired solicitor, Tony Bennett, from The Madeleine Foundation website :

"Extraordinary post, thentherewere4, well done. It illustrates without a doubt that the truth about Madeleine and all the doubts about the abduction theory are never going to be discussed by our mainstream mass media - not without huge pressure being applied against them, anyway.

Our strategy therefore must be to use other, direct means to communicate the weakness of the McCanns' claim of abduction to a public practically brainwashed into thinking: "Well, they made a silly mistake, but you've got to have every sympathy with them knowing Madeleine was abducted by an evil paedophile"."

I hope this thread will develop to discuss practical ways of circumventing the mass media to get our message across.