More than 400 NHS staff in Wales sacked for abuse, theft and fraud

More than 400 NHS staff in Wales have been sacked or suspended in the past two years, according to figures obtained by an assembly member.

The alleged offences involved included abuse of patients, sexual harassment, drug thefts and fraud.

Chris Franks AM warned suspensions for a year or more in some cases put extra pressure on others working in the NHS.

Trusts stressed suspension was a "neutral act" often taken to protect the staff member involved.

The figures, obtained using the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), showed the costs of paying staff while they were suspended was more than £850,000 over two years.

They indicated 78 staff were suspended in 2006/07 and 121 in 2007/08 - a total of 199.
Over the same period there were 87 dismissals in the first year and 115 in the second - 202 altogether.


Child protection

Cwm Taff NHS Trust response to Mr Franks is understood to broadly reflect the position of trusts as a whole on suspensions.

The trust said: "We would also like to point out that suspension is a neutral act which is often undertaken to protect the individual, it is not an indication of guilt.

"Suspension is not an action that the trust takes lightly and is undertaken in accordance with the Trust Investigation Policy where the decision is based on patient care, other staff or even the individual themselves.

"Suspension also occurs if there is any indication that an investigation could be compromised by the individual remaining in the workplace.

"Redeployment to another area is always considered as the first option.

"Suspension by a manager is always undertaken in conjunction with advice from the Human Resources Department.

"Sometimes suspensions are as a result of a Protection of Children Act or Protection of Vulnerable Adult issue where there may be a police investigation into an allegation.

"This is out of the hands of the trust".

Source: BBC News
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My letters of complaint to University Hospitals Leicester and GMC

FRAUD against the NHS is paid for by all of us. This is the message being delivered as part of a local drive to raise awareness of how to report a fraud you suspect is taking place against the NHS.

Millions of pounds of NHS cash is lost each year because people wrongly claim help with costs for prescriptions, dental treatment, sight tests and glasses or contact lenses.

Source: Chronicle Live

But it's ok for the NHS to steal from taxpayers for what reason? Pay their mortgages in comparison to people wanting life-saving drugs?

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