More children failed by health workers, social services, police and Human Rights

A 'monster' who kept his two daughters as sex slaves for three decades and fathered nine children with them was finally brought to justice today.

The 56-year-old man was given 25 life sentences and will serve at least 19 and a half years for the horrific catalogue of rapes and abuse he inflicted on his children.

The judge in the case said the horrifying abuse was compounded by the failure of social services, health workers and police to rescue the women despite being in contact with the family.

The sisters who spent much of their childhood and their entire adult lives in fear of their father watched from the public gallery at Sheffield Crown Court as the judge passed sentence.

But their evil father refused to sit in court to face them and hear his fate.

Judge Alan Goldsack, QC, said: 'As a result of this case questions will inevitably be asked about what social workers and medical workers have been doing for the past 20 years, but that is not a matter for the court.

'But if any fault should be placed on their shoulders it does not detract from the fact that this accused alone committed these offences.

'What he did was the grossest possible breach of trust when he should have been protecting his daughters.

'He has not shown any remorse and has clearly not begun to appreciate the psychological harm he has caused.

'In nearly 40 years of dealing with criminal cases and 14 as a family judge the combination of aggravated circumstances is the worst I have come across.'
Source: Mail Online

"Can't be named for legal reasons" is a phrase that has popped up frequently of late. The reason most often quoted for this is that it relates to the Human Rights Act.

Today saw reports of the trial of a man described as the British Fritzl. The man is said to have fathered seven children by his two daughters: yet weirdly he cannot be named for legal reasons.

I say weirdly, because Austria is a signatory to the same Human Rights Act and yet we know Fritzl's name, the name of his daughter, his children, the children he fathered with his daughter, his wife, and the names of large sections of the extended family.

So how can the same legislation be used entirely differently by two countries effectively under the jurisdiction of the same court, namely the European Court of Human Rights?

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