McCann's millionaire backer, Richard Branson, steps into new role as vice-president of Patients Association

Sir Richard Branson has revealed how he paid for his father to undergo a hip operation privately after being unable to find a single NHS hospital free from the infections MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Speaking as he steps into his new role as vice-president of the Patients Association, the entrepreneur said the state of the health service, as he had encountered it, was "terrifying".

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You don't say. Welcome to the real world, Mr Branson. Terrifying indeed, too, when we have doctors like the McMafia's and Tapas 7 who commit crime after crime and get away with it because they have backers such as yourself in the NHS. Now I understand the stance from the NHS and GMC.

It certainly is a crock of C.Diff.

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