Martin Narey, Head of Barnado's: "Baby P would have grown up to be a feral, parasitic yob"

If Baby P had lived he is likely to have become a 'feral, parasitic yob' by his early teens, a senior child campaigner has claimed.

In one of a series of public lectures, Martin Narey, head of the children's charity Barnardo's, deplored the life of 'deprivation' that he said would have transformed the infant into a young criminal.

His remarks infuriated friends and family of Baby P who called the comments an 'insult to his memory'.

At the Duke of Wellington Hall in Whitehall, Central London, Mr Narey said: 'It saddens me that the probability is that had Baby P survived, given his own deprivation, he might have been unruly by the time he had reached the age of 13 or 14.

'At which point he'd have become feral, a parasite, a yob, helping to infest our streets. The response to his criminal behaviour would have been to lock him up – but we believe these children deserve better.'
And you, Sir, grew up to be an ignorant arsehole if you don't mind me saying so. Baby P had a broken back and was paralysed - how unruly could he be in that condition? We will never know how he may have turned out if people had done their jobs and removed him and placed him with a loving family. He may well have turned out to be a fine young man - albeit in a wheelchair with unimaginable mental trauma to cope with.

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