Madeleine McCann: To be found or not to be found? That is the question.

NHS doctors Kate and Gerry McCann continue to appeal to the public to help find missing Madeleine McCann, as can be seen from the official banner on their website.

Indeed, University Hospitals Leicester and Leicestershire Constabulary also link directly to the McCanns website where members of the public are invited to donate and help find this missing child.

People have been gripped by the tragic plight of Maddie from the beginning and have been discussing, in various forums and blogs, ways to help find this little girl. People are determined to help find Maddie, together with the McCanns own stirling efforts to co-operate with the police by refusing to answer 48 questions, refusing to take part in the reconstruction or providing conflicting stories and innacurate statements that simply don't add up.

People have sent money to the McCanns - yeah, we know they used some of it to pay their mortgage but hey, the credit crunch affects us all, including doctors with millionaire backers, and it's unfortunate that some of the people who donated were pensioners who will now struggle to pay their winter fuel bills, or possibly even die of hypothermia which can only help the NHS reduce hospital waiting lists and help the government meet more targets. But, that aside, we are still being urged by the McCanns to help find Maddie - and that's what we are trying to do.

It would be nice, of course, if Kate and Gerry would give us some indication of how their own search is coming along with their private investigators, Metodo 3. It was appreciated that, much as the McCanns wanted to talk about the investigation, they were prevented from doing so by the Portuguese Judicial secrecy laws and their arguido status.

But it's been 108 days since they were freed of those ludicrous and unhelpful restrictions and still we hear nothing, despite their pleas on their website to help find missing Madeleine. Indeed, people are still receiving chain e-mails from Philomena McCann urging them to carry on looking.

So, it is curious that we now have the situation where forums are being shut down and bloggers are being threatened with law suits from their lawyers, Carter-Ruck, telling some bloggers, like Paulo Reis, to stop reporting about this case. Yet, still the McCanns appeal for help in finding Madeleine.

So, Kate and Gerry, what exactly is the current situation? Do you want us to help you find Madeleine or not? How can we help when our forums are being shut down and our blogs are being threatened? In fact, why do you threaten and punish those who have tried to help seek the truth of what happened to your daughter?

Surely it's not because you don't want Madeliene found? You've admitted you haven't actually looked for her yourselves. So if you're not looking for her, and the police aren't looking for her, and your private investigators aren't looking for her because they're busy stitching up Gonçalo Amaral for you - then who, exactly, is looking for Maddie?

I know you must be busy looking for more people to sue, to keep the Fund topped up, and I appreciate it must be easier to simply shut us down rather than go to the trouble of getting us all into court, but that's simply ludicrous and unhelpful because, even though you may not want our help any more, other people might if they happen to lose one of their children while they're at the pub.

So, if you've finished with the search then why not issue an official notice to the newspapers so that we can all get on with our own lives, as you seem to have already done yourselves. I mean, while you've been busy jogging, sucking lollipops and having your highlights done, many people have been trawling through police files and DVD's trying to find clues about what happened to your daughter because, as you've already suggested, Eddie and Keela weren't much help were they? But there again, after the wonderful news yesterday that there has been a DNA breakthrough, maybe the world-famous Forensic Science Service, here in Birmingham, will have better luck after their two failed attempts to analyse the material found in your apartment and car.

Or would it simply be more helpful to you if we just put our money in an envelope marked "Kate and Gerry in Rothley", sure in the knowledge that it will get to you, as Clarence Mitchell advised?

A few interesting comments left on Joana Morais' blog about the closure of the Sun forum here

Anonymous said...
Too many members of the general public were challenging the British official version of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, so The Sun closes the discussion facility. If we can't brainwash them that Maddie has been abducted (!!!) then we shut their mouth - this seems to be the logic! Anything but the truth, isn't it, The Sun?
06/11/08 09:48


Anonymous said...
" Sadly the investigation into Madeline's disappearance is still unsolved."And may I ask, who's fault is that? Why have her parents, their friends and apparently the political powers in Britain made sure the investigation would come to nothing and turn out in a fiasco?Who's made their best effort to hinder the work of the portuguese police?Who refused to anwers the questions presented by the P.J.?Why haven't any of the personal information, medical records, credit card details,phone records, etc.,been made available to the P.J. when requested?Why, to this day, have they not requested for an oficial enquiry from the british police, why leave that "stone unturned"?Who's spending a fortune in private detectives with no result whatsoever?Who's been involved in devious manouevers such as paying for "sightings", pressure on witnesses, the silencing of the british media with threats of sueing? Who's shamelessely and openly ( and desperately) making everything to ensure the discrediting and character assassination of Gonçalo Amaral?
06/11/08 10:28


2345 said...
speak your mind,As history shows, conspiracy and censorship never wins ....Truth and freedom of speech will always prevail; man's basic right is to seek and speak the truth in the midst of evil and corruption.Oppression reinforces resolve and strengthens the spirit. Nelson Mandella's message to Obama -"Your victory has demonstrated that no person .. should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place".Nulabor Gestapo cannot oppress or control US hard copy publications and distribution of truths behind the 'political' facade.
06/11/08 10:28