Letter to Laura Sugrue, General Medical Council regarding Mr Siddiq

Dear Ms Sugrue

I hope you are well.

I have another query please regarding another doctor.

This query refers to Dr Muhammad Siddiq, The head of the Islamic Medical Association (IMA), who has recently been banned for a year by the GMC for writing a 'spoof' letter to a GP's magazine whilst suffering from intense stress.

I found the details on the BBC News site

Not wishing to condone any inappropriate behaviour by doctors which could undermine public confidence in the GMC or NHS or, indeed, put patients' lives at risk, I wonder if you could please clarify a point in your email to me dated 28 October whereby you stated that the GMC defends doctors Right to Work, particularly when they are suspected of serial child neglect, which led to the disappearance of one of their own children for 18 months (so far) and also the inappropriate and lewd behaviour towards their own children as reported to the police by two doctors and a social worker?

Please can you confirm that writing a 'spoof' letter to a GP's magazine which, presumably, only doctors can read, is considered more worthy of suspension from the medical profession by the GMC than, say, child neglect, staging an abduction, perverting the course of justice, framing an innocent man, or creating a fraudulent fund after British sniffer dogs detected death scent in the childs parent's own apartment and car?

In your email you stated: "Dr McCann’s actions following the disappearance of his daughter are not a matter which is related to his professional capability and fitness to practise. We are therefore unable to take action on your concerns."

In comparison, please can you explain how Mr Siddiq's professional capability, in performing circumcisions and other minor surgery, was affected by the writing of a 'spoof' letter to a GP's magazine, to such an extent that he was banned from his profession without due regard for his Right to Work?

I understand from the BBC News website that Mr Siddiq claimed he could not get a fair hearing, whereas the GMC seem wholly determined not to allow Drs McCann and Payne any hearing at all to establish their fitness to practise or to prevent the GMC/NHS from suffering disrepute regardless of how the public's confidence is affected by their inappropriate behaviour.

I also understand that Mr Andrew Popat chaired that meeting and I wonder if you could now refer my complaint to him as it would seem that neither you, nor the Leicestershire Police, seem willing to answer my very valid concerns.

I believe I have mentioned before that I am publishing all our correspondence on my website and I can inform you that I am contacted by many members of the public including, doctors and nurses, who are outraged at the lack of performance, and discrimination, by the GMC and NHS in this matter.

It does rather seem that the GMC has failed to take Alan Milburn's advice, eight years' ago, where he said he wanted the GMC to carry out a shake-up of its disciplinary procedures to regain the public confidence that was shattered by the disclosures in the Shipman case."

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jill Havern

My letters of complaint to University Hospitals Leicester and GMC