A letter From The Madeleine Foundation to Edward Smethurst asking him to point out errors

The following post is from retired solicitor, Tony Bennett, which is posted on The 3 Arguidos forum:

On 26 October, the 'Sunday People' ran a short piece about the establishment of the The Madeleine Foundation website that week. The McCanns and their spokesmen were once again 'furious', but the more substantial point was that they and their legal team had been 'watching' statements by me and The Madeleine Foundation which they said the lawyers considered 'libellous'.

The following day, therefore, our Chairman Debbie Butler wrote the following letter to Mr Edward Smethurst, the in-house lawyer for Mr Brian Kennedy and his 'Latium Group', and the man often referred to as 'co-ordinating' the legal help given to the McCanns. The letter challenges him to point out any statement made in our '30 Reasons' article or anywhere else on our website that is either libellous or not factual. It adds that if anything was pointed out as either libellous or incorrect and they could substantiate that, we would withdraw or correct it.

Broadly similar letters were written the same day to:

1. The McCanns in Rothley
2. Clarence Mitchell, c/o Freud International
3. Michael Caplan Q.C., and
4. Bates, Wells and Braithwaite, lawyers to the Helping to Find Madeleine Trust Fund.

To date, 10 days later, we have received neither reply nor acknowledgement. here is the letter Debbie sent:

The letter can be found on this link:
A letter to Edward Smethurst asking him to point out errors

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