Laura Sugrue, Fitness to Practise Directorate, General Medical Council, decides to take no action about Drs McCann and Payne

Dear Ms Havern,

In my first email I said that we cannot investigate criminal matters, not that we cannot take action while there is a police investigation ongoing. In the matter of your complaint, we have considered the information you have provided and have decided not to take any further action. We have forwarded your complaint to Leicestershire Constabulary as they are the relevant agency to consider your information.

We have explained our position in previous correspondence and that position has not changed. We will therefore not engage in further correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Laura Sugrue
Investigation Officer
Fitness to Practise Directorate
Direct Dial: 0161 923 6577
Fax No: 0161 923 6578
Email: lsugrue@gmc-uk.org

Dear Ms Sugrue

Thank you for the information.

I have another query please. You stated in your first email that the GMC could not take any action when a doctor is the subject of a police investigation. However, I found an article in The Independent dating back to 27 February 2000, which stated "Mr Milburn has told the GMC it has the power to suspend GPs when they are under police investigation, but the GMC is prevaricating."

I quote: "Alan Milburn, the Health Secretary, has privately made plain he wants the GMC to carry out a shake-up of its disciplinary procedures to regain the public confidence that was shattered by the disclosures in the Shipman case."

The article is here: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-wellbeing/health-news/scandal-link-to-masons-in-nhs-724599.html and it would seem the information you gave me is incorrect.

Could you please tell me why you are not acting on Mr Milburns authority in that you refuse to suspend two doctors who are, at least, guilty of serial child neglect which has led to the disappearance of one of the children for a period of 19 months, and that both doctors were witnessed by two other doctors and a social worker, as making inappropriate and lewd comments and actions towards their own children. Please can you explain why the GMC is 'prevaricating' in the matter of Doctors McCann and Payne?

Please can you confirm that the GMC is aware of the seriousness of the McCann case and the information from Portugal that the McCanns have instructed their private investigators, Metodo 3, to pay a lawyer representing an already convicted child murderer in an entirely separate court case, to bring down the former police investigator who was removed from Madeleine's case by Gordon Brown. The lawyer has admitted that he was instructed to do this.

Please can you confirm that the GMC condone this type of behaviour from two doctors and is satisfied that they meet the criteria to remain in employment within the NHS?

Could you also please confirm if these doctors are masons?

Could you also please comment on the recent case of Jonathan Ross who was suspended by the BBC Trust for inappropriate behaviour which, in comparison to the inappropriate behaviour of at least two of your doctors, is considerably less serious.

You will find any information you need on my website that will help you answer my questions:

Jill Havern